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Backlink Rhino Review – Establishing Profitable Amazon-based Stores

Backlink Rhino Review – Establishing Profitable Amazon-based Stores

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For example, my own blog right now, backlink rhino review , is a page rank five site. Every time I have a new YouTube video, I embed that video on my site. Then, it automatically creates a page rank five back-link back to my YouTube video, which immediately gives YouTube and Google the signal that this video is important.
Optimizing Video Blog Posts Often I have the exact same keyword phrase on my title for my video blog post as the title on YouTube. It seems to help make both your video on your video blog and your video on YouTube (the same video) rank better in Google. So I have cases where I’ll have two video thumbnail results on the first page of Google. Another thing that I do for each video is I have a very small, very brief two or three paragraph little introduction that’s unique content about the video. After the video, I always list the full transcript of the video as well.
Captions The obvious reason to have captions is for people who have a hearing disability, so they can follow along by reading what I’m saying. Also, people who might be at the office and want to turn down the sound can still follow along. Some people just like reading the text in any case while listening to and watching the video as well. It just reinforces the content. So, all those things are pretty cool. But there’s another reason that I use it for on top of all of those reasons, and that’s for search engine optimization.
Automatic Captions YouTube creates captions in any case. They have a voice recognition algorithm that tries to figure out what you’re saying. Now, if you’re American, that’s fine. But if you’re a South-African-Kiwi-Australian like me with a weird accent, the automatic captioning doesn’t really work. It comes up with some really strange 
backlink rhino review.
Upload Your Own Captions It’s really simple: YouTube gives you that option just to upload a text file of your transcript. They then figure out where the text needs to go and when. It’s pretty clever. But what’s really awesome about uploading your own text file is that the text file that you upload gets indexed by YouTube and Google. So, all of that text becomes searchable by YouTube and Google. So there are some pretty cool SEO benefits,
especially for the long term. My gut feeling is that manually created caption files will become more and more important as time goes by, so you might as well do it. Apparently, the automated captions don’t get indexed.
THE VIDEO ADVANTAGE I’ve been involved in a number of promotions now where I’ve competed with other promoters who had email lists far greater than I had. I’ve out-performed them with my much smaller audience. I think the reason for that is because I have a high level of engagement with my audience.
Engagement The main advantage for me with 
backlink rhino review is the connection it helps me make with my audience. I just went out to Los Angeles about a month ago and spoke at a BlogWorld Expo event. There were about like 4,000 people there. Just amazing. A ton of people came up to me and said, “Gideon, you know, I’ve been watching your videos for two years and I just really feel like I know you. You’re like my friend.” I hadn’t met these people. I’d never seen these people, never talked to them, but they felt like they knew me because they had watched my videos. That results in a very high level of engagement from my audience.
Preference People seem to be more keen to watch videos than read text. For something like 70% of people, their first learning mode is visual. That means that 70% of people, potentially, would be more interested in watching a video than reading the text on your blog. So, you’ve got access to a really wide audience. Especially if you have engaging content, people would much rather watch a movie than read a book.
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At the moment, I don’t do too many collaborations on YouTube. That’s simply because I have a pretty nice following right now. But partnerships played a big role when I was developing a project in the magic niche, selling magic tricks. To kick start the process we started leaving comments on the videos of the key players in the niche on YouTube. Eventually, we asked them for an interview. There’s this one guy who had maybe 10,000 YouTube subscribers. On top of his 10,000 YouTube subscribers, he had 30,000 email subscribers, which is pretty cool. So we thought, “Ok, let’s see if we can interview this guy.” So we asked him for an interview and immediately he replied to us, “I would love to do an interview. You’re the first person to ever ask me.” That person later became one of our key promotion partners for our pitch by dropmock review . We just rinsed and repeated that process for a number of other big players on YouTube. Some people didn’t have an email list, but they had 30,000 YouTube subscribers. This one guy we interviewed really loved the interview and he posted it to his own channel. So instantly we got audience with 30,000 of his subscribers. It gave us an instant spike in views and subscribers on YouTube – and hence traffic and leads, because of the way that we set up the system. So, joint venture partnerships are very, very powerful and developing them is probably the most effective strategy that you can apply.
VIDEO SEO It all starts with a bit of keyword research. Try to find keywords that people are already searching for, so that you know there’s demand for that keyword or that keyword phrase. I ask myself the question, “What would people type in naturally to find the kind of content in my video?” So, I would type in whatever comes naturally into the search box on YouTube and see what comes up for the suggestions. That gives me just 
pitch by dropmock review  of what people are already searching for.Next, I go to the YouTube search keyword tool. It’s different than the Google Keyword search tool, because people search differently on YouTube than they do on Google.
On-Page Optimization Once I have my main keyword phrase decided on, I throw that in at the beginning of my title. I throw it in the description area as well, among other nice, organic content. Then inside your tags, you will have that as your first keyword phrase as well, alongside other keyword phrases. But put your main one right at the 
pitch by dropmock review. That’s really simple, basic stuff, but a lot of people don’t do it. So, if you do it, you’re going to be the hit of the crowd already.
Off-Page Optimization The key word here is backlinking. Create high quality backlinks to your videos on YouTube for the keyword phrases that you want to rank for. I’ll give you an example. Recently, someone approached me who was running a very, very successful blog who had a page rank of seven. You don’t see that too often. That means the site gets a ton of traffic and is very authoritative. They said, “Gideon, can you create some videos for us we want to throw on our site?” I haven’t gone through that yet, but if they were to embed one of my videos on their site it essentially creates a PR7 backlink to my video. In turn, YouTube and Google will then notice and they will say, “There’s something happening here. There’s this big, authority site that’s giving this video a vote of confidence. So therefore it must be valuable.” I’m not an SEO expert, so I don’t know all the details about that, but I do know that if a high-page ranking website embeds your video, your chance of getting ranked in higher in Google and in YouTube is very good.
Backlinks through Your Own Blog Backlinking comes part and parcel with a strategy that I teach. When you build your own authority video blog and you embed your YouTube video on your video blog, you can create a high-quality backlink to your own video on YouTube.
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WP Tag Machine Review – Unlimited SEO Rankings without backlinks

WP Tag Machine Review – Unlimited SEO Rankings without backlinks
Offical site:
Smart Passive Income Most of the income from comes from affiliate marketing. For those of you that don’t know, affiliate marketing is when you recommend someone else’s product to your audience and when people click on that link and make a purchase, you get a commission off of it. Now, you could recommend any product that you want. A lot of products have an affiliate program. If you want to sell stuff that’s on Amazon, you can sign up for the Amazon Associate program and make a commission off of any sale that people make on Amazon after clicking through your links to get there. But I have a strict rule that I use on wp tag machine review and that is that I don’t promote or recommend any products that I haven’t use before and that I’m not familiar with. If I’m recommending a product to my audience, that means they’re trusting me that the product is going to help them. A lot of people contact me and say, “I have this amazing product. It’s awesome. I promise. You can make $100 bucks every time you sell it. 50% commission.” It’s tempting, but I don’t do it. I have no idea what that product is about. I wouldn’t risk losing trust with my audience over making money. So, I really want to make sure that the products that I recommend are great products that help them. That increases my authority and the trust that I have with them. So it’s a win-win. If I help them by recommending these products, they’re reaching the next level in their business and at the same time I’m getting paid for it. The nice thing about affiliate products is that you don’t have to create that product yourself. It’s already been made by somebody else and you just send people through your link to purchase that product. So that’s your only task.
Be Transparent In the beginning, I revealed all of my affiliate links just because I wanted to be honest with people. But I actually found that when I do that, the link is clicked on more. Since people see that I am getting money in return for helping them. So, I always reveal it now.
Be Familiar with the Product If I’m recommending a product as 
wp tag machine review, I make sure that I know everything about that product. I’ll give really detailed video tutorials about how to do certain things onthose different products. That way, I also make sure that when people purchase that product, that they’re already familiar with it.
LOOKING FORWARD There are some new trends happening that I think we should all be aware of.
Authenticity One is the trend of being authentic and transparent. This is something that I’ve always been in tune with, but I think more and more people are doing it now. People are becoming less dumb online. When the internet first came out, there were ads saying, “Congratulations! You’re the one-millionth visitor. Click here to get your prize.” That ad got clicked on all the time back at the beginning, because people didn’t understand how the Internet worked or what they’re doing. But people are way smarter now. Everybody’s online. Everybody understands that there are a lot of people out there trying to make money by scamming people or feeding off of people’s hopes and dreams. But you can’t refute honesty and truth. So, the more transparent you are, the more likely that people are going to trust you. One of the things that people like about me is that I don’t just share everything that’s good that happens in my business. I share all the bad things too. Good or bad it helps them either way, so that’s why I share 
wp tag machine review.
Multimedia Content Getting into video and multimedia content is another trend. If you just stick with blogging, you’re going to get lost in the crowd. You really need to expand onto different types of content. I know that it’s difficult. The nice thing about blogging is that you can edit your posts and you can kind of hide behind the text and on your blog. In order to do videos and audio, you’re going to have to step out of your comfort zone a little bit.

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Those are the types of things that people will pay for – especially fears and problems. People want to solve those issues and are most likely willing to pay for it.
Example: Green Exam Academy With the LEED Exam site, the problem people had was not understanding the content needed to pass this exam. People were willing to pay money to get that information that would help them get from point A to point B a faster.
Research If you come up with an idea, see what other sites are out there already talking about that same subject. See what they are doing to monetize or if they’re having problems monetizing. If they are, then maybe that’s not the best thing to get into.
Benefiting from the Competition On the other hand, maybe they’re crushing it and there’s room in the market for you. I wouldn’t let other sites out there scare you. I would actually take that as a good sign because that means there’s a market out there for what you want to talk about. You can go to those competitors and see what’s missing. See what their audience is asking for and use that when you build your own brand. Fill in the instantazon pro review . That way you will really stand out from the crowd.
Keywords Keyword research plays a huge role, probably more so for niche sites. Use a free tool like the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to type in some potential ideas and see how many people are searching for those ideas as well. That way, you can get an idea of what topics are popular by understanding what topics people are searching for in Google.
Another Method If you go to Google and just type in your keyword, obviously, you’ll find stuff that way. But you can get a little bit more ninja with it. You can type in “blog:” and then you’re niche and then find a list of all the blogs that talk about that subject. You can also type in “forum:” and then you’re list and then you’ll find a whole list of forums that talk about your specific niche. The nice thing about forums is that people are in there every day looking for advice. So when you go to forums in the same niche that you might be interested in blogging about, you can see what people need help with. Find the critical questions that you can answer in blog posts.
Post Ideas There’s no such thing as posting a wrong blog post. If you’re just starting out now, you can look at forums or Twitter. If you know about your subject, you’re going to have an idea of what people are going to want to read about. Another trick you can use is to go to and look up books that are related to your subject. Some of the books allow you to look inside the cover and see the table of contents. That’s a great way to understand the different topics in your niche that people are actually interested in reading about. A lot of these authors will spend millions of dollars trying to figure out what the best kind of things are to put in their book and you can kind of feed off of that. Obviously, you don’t want to copy these things verbatim, but use it as inspiration as far as what can be used on your blog. That’s a great tip that I like to use if I’m stuck for what instantazon pro review to write about.
Pat’s Post Ideas Because I have a big audience, it’s really easy for me to determine what they want to read about. I simply ask them, “What do you need help with?” For example, one of my emails in my email newsletter asks my audience what they want me to write about. That gives me a lot of good ideas about what I should write about, because honestly a lot of the content that I put out now is an answer to specific question.
The Parts of a Post
Headline People aren’t going to read your posts if your headline isn’t attention-grabbing or magnetic. This is especially true if your post gets shared on Facebook and Twitter. The headline is what they’re going to see first. If that’s not interesting, people are not going to read your content. Your content can be the best content in the world, but if your headline sucks, then no one is going to read the content.
There are a lot of tricks that you can do to make the headline stand out. Ask a question in the headline, for instance. Also include some keywords in there as well, because Google looks at the title of the posts when deciding where to rank a page.
Body You want to make the lead paragraph very interesting. You want to really entice them to read further. If you start out with something boring, then people are going to leave. I like to start out my posts with a quote, a story, or just some interesting facts. You’ll also want to divide your posts into sections. A lot of people just write huge blocks of text. It looks like an essay. But people aren’t going to read that. When you read online, you scan the information. You look at bolded text. You look at the various headlines within the posts to see what’s interesting. To be honest, I don’t read every single word of every single post that I come across. I look for the parts that stand out. So I would use different headlines within your 
instantazon pro review to break sections down. This is a tip I got from Derek Halpern from write your paragraphs to be a maximum of two or three sentences. Blogging is different than writing an essay. You’re actually talking to people through your text. When you talk to someone, you give them breaks to consume the sentences that you give them. If you look at, you’ll see that most of the paragraphs are just one or two sentences. That helps the reader get through the content a little faster and it’s just easier on the eye. It also it helps them get further down in the post. This is a little mind trick: the further down you can get someone in a post, the more likely they are to continue reading. That way, they’ll be more invested in the post. They’ll think, “I’m already this far through, so I might as well keep reading.” So actually another trick is to use images in your post. If you embed an image in the upper right hand corner of your post, that squishes some of the text that you have in the left hand side so that actually gets them further down the page quicker

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Forums Create Community The forum has been huge. It adds a community element to the membership site. People get in there and they get to know each other. They ask questions. They find out that, “I asked this question and somebody responded within an hour. This is awesome. I love this forum.” That’s been huge for keeping people around.
Point System I added a game element to my membership site. Basically, it gives members points for watching videos, commenting on videos, commenting in the forum, referring a friend, and even just for logging in. The members can actually go through, be really active in the site, and then turn around and use these points to pay for plugins and pay for themes. There’s also a leader board on the site now, so you can actually see who the most active people are by how many points they have. People want to see their name up there on the leaderboard on the sidebar of the membership site. That has actually been a really huge factor. But I haven’t actually seen anybody else implement it yet. The funny thing is nobody ever turns around and redeems their points for the plugins or themes. They just want to build up the points and see themselves get higher and higher on the leaderboard.
Game Software I use a free plugin called local seo ninja review . That actually manages the whole point system. You go in there and say, “I want to earn this many points for commenting. I want to earn this many points for logging in.”
Stay in Contact Just keeping them engaged is huge. I do a weekly newsletter. Every single Wednesday, all of my members get a newsletter that says, “Hey, here are some tips. Here’s the latest video on the site. Here’s what’s going on inside the forum.”
If you’re just adding new videos every week, but people aren’t logging in every week, then they don’t know about the new value and they won’t stay around.
Give the People What They Want Get to the forum. Keep an eye on the things they are talking about. Respond to them in the forum every once and a while and make content based around the questions that they’re asking. If they see that they’re asking questions and next week, all of a sudden, there’s a training video on the exact question they just asked, that kind of stuff keeps them around. That’s huge.
Changing Business Models One 
local seo ninja review that I think we’re going to start to see is actually what Josh and I are doing with our Beyond The Hype membership site. You’re going to start seeing more and more people creating membership sites that are based around products. With Beyond The Hype, for example, we have a membership site, but every little piece of the membership site is being sold on its own as well. Every little piece of that membership site is an individual product with its own sales page. Think of Groupon where every day there’s a new product in there, there’s a new deal for you. Well, imagine if Groupon said that for $37 a month, you could have access to every new product that comes up. People would go crazy. Everybody would pay that $37 a month to be part of that membership site and to get every single deal that goes through there. That’s kind of the concept that we’re working on with Beyond The Hype. There’s a new deal constantly in there, but if you pay this membership fee, you get every single new deal that comes through the local seo ninja review. We think it’s going to be really big. We’ve actually talked to other people who have had similar ideas. It’s weird how the market moves together. You see a lot of people having similar ideas without actually talking to each other.

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SociTrafficJet Review – An Automatic Real Unlimited Traffic Generator

SociTrafficJet Review – An Automatic Real Unlimited Traffic Generator
Official site:
Complex or Simple? I like simplicity but in some cases, complexity may suit what they’re trying to convey. As long as the user can navigate easily, quickly, and find the information they need, then that’s the website working.
The Role of Personal Design Style Most designers, whether they know it not, have a way of working and a “look or style” to their work. As an example, some designers may have a very illustrative style and they’ll like working in that socitrafficjet review and that will directly influence the end result in some way or another. Personally, I design strategically, with strong ideas and a clear concept. That’s how I try to work with my process. I guess that may influence how my designs look. I like clean, clear, and simple designs. I guess that could be my style but I don’t “try” to enforce this on my projects, because every project is different and requires a different solution. For example, at work I’m working on a brand, which is very grungy, so I need to work in that style. But I could be working on another website where it’s extremely corporate. So you need to adapt yourself to the different needs of the clients.
DESIGNING TO CONVERT Designing to convert can be done through hierarchy, placement and calls to actions. As an example, if you wanted people to follow you on Twitter or could have a subtle CTA (Call to Action) saying “Click here to follow me on Twitter.” You can have that in different places, where it isn’t going to scream over the top of the content – just a subtle reminder to follow you on Twitter. If you do that in a tasteful way, then you will achieve your goal.
Call to Action Design CTA design comes down to hierarchy, space, contrast and color. CTA’s can large or small. As an example, a CTA could be below an article, just after they finish reading. That would be a good place to put a “subscribe now” button. It just depends on what you’re trying to achieve
On my site, I have it in the left sidebar, in the socitrafficjet review, at the end of the articles, and also in the footer of the website. It’s not screaming at you, but it’s always there as a subtle reminder. If you’re at the top of the website, if you’re at the side, and even if you scroll down all the way to the bottom of the page, you’ll still have that subtle little reminder that you can connect with me.
COLOR SCHEMES If the brand already exists, then generally they already have style guide to build from. If you’re creating the brand style guide for them, then that should be done before designing the website.
Branding with Color Branding is something that I work with more on the personal side of my business, through Just Creative Design, rather than at the agency. At the agency, I do mostly interactive design. For branding, I have a questionnaire online that I have the client fill out, so I get a rough idea of what they’re after. Then I can either talk to them on the phone or meet them in person, if they’re here in New York. That’s how I get to know about their business, their goals, and what they’re trying to achieve. Then I work through my branding process. I do research into the industry and their competitors. I do sketching, conceptualizing, and brainstorming. Then, I’ll start working on the computer and create logos, experiment with type, and how the colors work together. I’ll create a color palette that can be used on the 
socitrafficjet review and print. Websites generally have more colors than brand style guides outline, because you need interactive effects. As an example, if you’re using blue for links, you may have a rollover color and an active color, so you’ll probably have three blues.
Color Psychology Every color’s going to have a different meaning to each different person so you really need to hone down your target audience and choose the best color based on what you’re trying to achieve.

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Instant Product Lab Review – Creating digital products in a minute

Instant Product Lab Review – Creating digital products in a minute

Official site:
What You’ll LearnSo with all that in instant product lab review then, it’s definitely worth learning how to create an ecommercestore so that you can start maximizing your online earnings. And potentially, so that you canturn your small website into your very own global brand selling products that get you reallyexcited!That’s where this book comes in.
Here, you will learn:How to run an online store and create an effective business model ? How to set up your own online store with one of several ecommerce platforms ? How to find, create or buy products you can sell online ? How to build a website and social media presence to promote your store ? How to stock and design your store to maximize sales ? How to price your products ? How to choose products that will sell well ? How to use apps, plugins and more to get even more sales ? And much more!In short, you’ll learn how to create an ecommerce business or add ecommerce to yourexisting model in simple, easy steps.
From there, you’ll then be shown multiple ways youcan increase your profits and turn that business into a huge success.Are you ready? Let’s start selling online! Now you know why ecommerce is such a big instant product lab review and what makes it such a fantastic tool formaking money online.But the next question you need to answer is how you’re going to make this work for you.Having an ecommerce store is great in theory but it’s what you do with it that really counts!And as it happens, there’s no ‘right way’ to run an ecommerce store.This book is aimed at everyone from small business owners, to hobbyists who just want torun a store as a side project.
The way that both types of seller goes about creating andrunning their business will of course vary, so find the relevant heading here that applies toyou and see how you can fit an ecommerce store into your existing business… For High Street StoresIf you already have a highstreet store, then the good news is that you’re already in theperfect position to start taking full advantage of ecommerce. You already have inventory,you already have a niche and you probably already have a website.Adding ecommerce is simply the next logical sense.
By creating an online store, you can giveyour customers the ability to order your products online which will increase your turnoverand also give you a much bigger potential audience. What’s more is that you can use yourphysical store to promote your ecommerce store and vice versa.It’s important you do this correctly though. You’ll need an ecommerce store that willautomatically synchronize with your physical store so that the inventory is updated whenproducts are bought online or in store. Ideally, you’ll want to find a solution that lets you use your EPOS (electronic point of sale) to automatically update the stock with no work onyour part.
As a Side BusinessIf you are in work and you want to try setting up your own ecommerce store, then you’ll bestarting from scratch. The good news is that any income you add to your existing income willbe ‘extra’ meaning that this can be a very ‘small scale’ business model and you won’t needto worry about trying to run the business on a massive scale or making a fortune from dayone.With that in instant product lab review, you can identify a type of product you want to sell, create a website anda store and invest in a small amount of inventory.
Or perhaps you even want to make yourown products? Either way, you can then simply invest more money each time you sell offwhat you have while keeping a little extra for yourself.You can also use an eBay store and social media to help your sales and possibly run a blog tohandle content marketing. For Bloggers and MarketersIf you’re a blogger or marketer, then you might already have an audience and a platformfrom which to sell your products.This is simply a matter of adding a store onto your existing business in that case and thenpromoting it to your email list, your visitors and anyone else that you can influence. Thisbusiness will start with you identifying a type or product that fits into your niche and thenchoosing an ecommerce platform to suit your store.
You might decide to also removeAdSense or affiliate products from your site in order to focus more attention on your ownstore for maximum profits.

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ZooWarrior Review – Increase your sales, your leads &control

ZooWarrior Review – Increase your sales, your leads &control

Official site:
The name does not appear means, the seller might not be building his list with click banking (zoowarrior review - Google it!). We will take the retailer in if the name appears on this page as "partner." Reason? In a minute. We are looking at those sellers who build their list creating and launching their products. Because this is the "buyer" traffic.
Now, my experience as a product launcher tells me that a lot of the Click Banking-clicks come from the download page of a product. Those people are proven “buyers” and indeed came to the download page after purchasing a product. A solo seller is Click Banking, means a lot of subscribers in his database are buyers.
We want to welcome those types of clicks at our solo purchases! Hey, don't worry if you have to discard a seller for reasons discussed above. You will find hundreds and hundreds of sellers out there. It would not be difficult to pick a few among them. I say this investigation worth it. Give some time and zoowarrior review.
It's your money you are protecting! Ask questions before purchasing Now that we have selected one or two sellers after carrying out our initial investigation, we can start communicating with the seller by “private messaging” option of Facebook. In fact, this is part of the further investigation. Initially, we investigated on our own; now we are going to see what the seller has to say regarding our further investigation.
Below, I'm lining up some questions (with explanations) to ask the seller and see what the answers he comes up with are: What niche is your list in? This will ensure the incoming clicks are in the same niche you are in. How did you build the list? We are looking for product launching and click banking list. If "product launching," where can I find your products? Products that launched years back are no good for our purpose.
Where can I subscribe to your zoowarrior review? It is important to see the quality of the emails the seller generally sends. How active is your list? Have to depend on the vendor's answer on this. No other way to measure before buying. What offers do you mail your list? Take the answer, but you can see it yourself if you can subscribe to sellers list.
Do you have a sales page? This is where you have to pay for your solo purchases. You will get all the terms & conditions and order instructions.

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Thứ Sáu, 23 tháng 6, 2017

VidEntice Review – The First Direct Video Call-to-action Maker Ever

VidEntice Review – The First Direct Video Call-to-action Maker Ever
Official site:
On behalf of your ‘soon-to-be’ ENTHRALLED fans, thank you for yourinvestment.I know you’ll want to print this out and take it somewhere quiet, pen in handso you can really focus and make notes as fresh ideas and inspiration strikeswhile you’re reading this.And you’re absolutely right to do that because your business deserves thatkind of attention to detail.So to help you out, at the end of each module I’ve provided some handyspace for notes.
But listen I know what you’re thinking and it’s not somekind of sneaky ploy just to bulk out the number of pages in this book.Without the notes, the actual number of pages comes to at least 30 pagesof no-fluff, no-filler, 100% pure and valuable content.Ok, so now everything’s fair and upfront? Great.
Let’s get cracking… Create Raving Fans What if you could practically guarantee that not only your subscribers rush to open your emails without hesitation, but they actually look forward to them as much as they crave the next episode of their favorite TV show? As you probably know by now, list building is THE KEY to growing your digital business, but it takes a bit of time and effort to get all the pieces in the right place.
And most people aren't even aware of a fundamental element that is so important, without it, an email list can often result in failure. So what I'm going to teach you right now can be used to improve your relationship with your subscribers, turn them into raving fans and increase your open rates, which can ultimately result in more sales.
The 'Admirable Spokesperson' Today you're going to learn how to create an 'admirable spokesperson', a persona or figurehead that your email list will engage with, respond to, identify with, get to know, like, trust, admire and aspire to be like. But a disclaimer; it shouldn't be a facade. The key thing here is to match yourself with the elements that connect with your market, and if you can legitimately embody ​videntice review , then you'll create an immediate bond.
Being legitimate is key here, don't just make stuff up, people will see through that, so instead find the parts of your personality, and the parts of your journey, that align with your customers. Your 'admirable spokesperson' will become their trusted advisor, a friendly face they can rely on, and someone they know is fighting in their videntice review , supporting them and encouraging them.
It's a persona that attracts customers and lets you build a following on any kind of platform you can think of, YouTube, social media, email, it doesn't matter what kind of technology you're using, and it doesn't matter what kind of business model you use, you're creating a character who gets the same results that people in your niche want to replicate. It's the person they would rather be.
So where might you have seen this in videntice review? Well, one of the most famous examples I can point to is Jared the Subway guy. Before Subway shared Jared's story, how he lost weight by eating their sandwiches, Subway were just another run-of-the-mill fast food joints. When Jared came along, the company suddenly had an 'admirable spokesperson' that people could identify with, and aspire to be like because if he could lose weight by just eating Subway sandwiches, then maybe they could too.
Obviously this set the business apart from the competition, and demonstrates the impact that using an 'admirable spokesperson' can have. So there are three components you need to create your 'admirable spokesperson'. ? Elements ? Identity ? Storyline You need all three of these to make this work, but don't worry, it's really to do.Module One: Elements Let's go through the first component, Elements..
which are broken down into eight essential parts: ? Backstory ? Values ? Parables ? Flaws ? Polarity ? Vulnerability ? Magic Powers ? Secret Language Now let's go through each and how you can use them. Backstory The first element of creating an 'admirable spokesperson' is to give your persona a backstory. This is vitally important if you want to become relatable to your audience.
When your followers know where you've come from, to know where you started from, which just might happen to be a similar place to where they are right now, then they will relate to you and want to follow you so they can see similar results. This is a hook, so if you create a path for people to follow, they will. But your backstory has to be relevant to whatever problem you're helping your audience to solve.
So if you're selling weight loss stuff, then your backstory would focus on the period of your life before you got in shape. Now, what happens if you're in a niche that you don't have a backstory for? Maybe you have limited experience or well, you're just in that niche because the numbers look good and you're confident you can make a healthy profit? That's ok too because you don't need any experience, you don't need a background in your niche, you can just use somebody else's backstory instead. 
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