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Linkedtify Review – Target A Forgotten Niche

Linkedtify Review – Target A Forgotten Niche

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Question two. Is there a market for my product and how do I reach
them? An important question, because quite simply, if there isn't a
market for your stuff, you're not going to make any sales. The quickest
method is to head over to google, and search for your product. If
someone’s done it already, it's almost guaranteed that a market already
exists for your linkedtify review.
Question three. How much money and time will this take to create to
make it the best it can be? This is where you can judge whether or not
creating such a product is within your grasp right now. If so great, if not,
keep it for when your linkedtify review .
Question four, if you've had all yes answers so far, the next question
to ask yourself is how can I package and present. When you look at this
question, you'll often find your ideas multiply into multiple products.
Here's an example. Lets take this course, and ask yourself if you were
sat here like me, how many different ways could you package and
present? How about a monthly linkedtify review and at a later date turn
it into the intensive course as it is now. What if we did an audio and
video version and sold different levels of membership at different

prices? How about giving away re-sale rights when you're done making
profit with it? How about expanding, releasing a second or a pro version
that includes more features, such as long personal consultation

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