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Affiliate Genie Review – 6-figure Affiliate Campaigns Creator Ever

Affiliate Genie Review – 6-figure Affiliate Campaigns Creator Ever

Official Site:
Many spam filters will now pick up ‘click here’ and put your email
into your subscriber’s spam folder.
Instead, use command words within a sentence e.g. ‘
click to
download eBook
’ or ‘download PDF here’.)Selling the click techniqueA mistake a lot of marketers make is to try and sell their affiliate genie review
right inside the email message. But this is asking a lot from one
This one email needs to be enticing enough to be opened and read
through, do all the selling for you, AND overcome any objections.
Long emails do not convert as well as short emails.
If you're selling affiliate genie review, don't sell it in the email. Instead, ‘sell’
the click i.e. get your email opened and links clicked on.
Leave the selling to your sales page.
Also, do not offer more than one thing in each email.
I’ve received emails from marketers who seem so hell-bent on me
taking action, they ask me to do 2-3 different things in one email!
It is distracting. Confusion does not make people click your links.
Each email should have the goal of getting your subscribers to do
one thing and ONE affiliate genie review only.
Now please note, this does NOT mean you should never have more
than one link in your promotional email. For example…

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