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Pixamattic Review – 100% Honest Review From GlennReview

Pixamattic Review – 100% Honest Review From GlennReview

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You have a new subscriber – well done! However, in a world of
never ending advertising, opinions and noise, you need to capitalise
on this interest.
People buy from people they likeWhy do so many brands seek out film, TV, sports and music
personalities to be the face or voice of their brand?
After all, if a product is good and does a specific job well, logic says
it should sell itself.
Advertisers know we like to deal with people we like. Therefore, we
like to buy from people we like.
So how do you get your pixamattic review to like you?
Rapport email techniqueMost marketers have a ‘welcome’ email in their autoresponder, but
it does very little apart from simply sending a free report or bonus.
Instead, one marketer uses this email to show his new subscriber
that he understands their fears, frustrations, problems and desires.
How does he do this? The email has a link to his ‘about me’ blog
 He loves how this tactic weeds out all the timewasters.
This marketer also adds his first product into the P.S. section of his
first email.
You don’t have to do this, by the way, and other marketers choose
not to sell straightaway.
But this marketer isn’t really selling; the product is just added onto
the P.S section of his first pixamattic review.
And he admits he is always surprised at how many subscribers buy
straight away – that’s how powerful a good rapport email is!
Feedback techniqueAnother marketer uses the ‘feedback technique’ by asking her
subscribers to engage with her pixamattic review .
In her very first email, she welcomes her new subscribers and
makes it clear she wants to hear from them.
In this email she gives them a link to where they can comment, and
she personally replies to each response. Here’s why she does this:

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