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VideoSumo Review - Build Your Own Instant Traffic Hubs In Minutes

VideoSumo Review - Build Your Own Instant Traffic Hubs In Minutes

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Perhaps you have spent several months building a relationship with
your subscribers and they now see you as a trusted advisor.
Could you then offer a higher priced product and achieve success?
Yes you can!
However, this is a risky strategy.
Up until this point, your videosumo review as just that, subscribers.
They are not proven buyers.Until you ‘test’ a list to see if they will buy, you simply don’t know.
Which is why our marketers suggest not waiting months and
months to promote, but instead doing it within a few weeks.
Some of our marketers even promote something within a few days
(perhaps after an ‘about me’ daily autoresponder series – we
covered this in Module 1).
However, when your relationship with your videosumo review is only a few days /
weeks old, asking them to pay hundreds of dollars will scare them.
Create a product that you can sell for around $50 or less.Using affiliate products as a first productAnother option you have is to find quality affiliate products.
There is nothing wrong with promoting affiliate products, although
the real long-term money comes from selling your own products.
But finding an affiliate product does cut down the time it takes for
you to make an offer to your videosumo review .
After all, it’s already created for you!

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