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Commission HiJack Review – $2,500 From Free Traffic with No Effort

Commission HiJack Review – $2,500 From Free Traffic with No Effort

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But the truth is, you can. What do all popular blogs need? High quality content and lots
of it.
When searching for blogs you can tell if they get a lot of traffic by the number of
comments their posts get and the amount of social shares they get. If they are getting a
lot of comments and shares you can almost guarantee that they are getting a lot of
traffic because only the die hards will be making comments and sharing. Meaning that
their are a ton of other people reading that site that aren't commenting and sharing.
After looking at comments and shares see if they have a write for us page or guest
posting commission hijack review etc. Also, look to see if they already have guest bloggers on their site.
Look for author bios with links or introductions that says so and so is from…..
Come up with a small list of blogs you want to try to land a post on.
How to land a guest blogging spotNow you need to reach out to these bloggers. If they do have a write for us page or
similar follow their guidelines for submitting guest posts. If not, you are best to approach
them via email with a pitch. This could be a simple email that goes something like this.
Hi [Name],
I am an avid reader of [blog name] and absolutely loved your [recent commission hijack review ]…….[explain
I have a couple of ideas that I think your audience would enjoy. Do you mind if I send
you my commission hijack review over?
Here are a few articles on my blog that are relevant to your audience.
Blog post 1
Blog post 2
Thanks so much for your time.
[Your Name]


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