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SMSBot Review – Multiple 6 Figure SEO and Traffic Machine

SMSBot Review – Multiple 6 Figure SEO and Traffic Machine

Official Site:
Note: One thing that I want to point out is that you want to customize the swipe files you
get. They can give you some great ideas and you can even copy and paste some of the
content directly from smsbot review. However, you want to personalize them (make them your
own). Change them around to fit with how you talk. Also, personalize them to what
works with your list.
Also, you don’t want to use swipes as is because you don't want to send out the same
exact emails as other marketers. Personally, I find it spammy when I get the same exact
email from two marketers. So I don’t want you to fall into that trap.
In this section I want to give you a nice format for your promotional emails that you can
follow. The format of this email is like smsbot review:
1. Subject line
2. Introduce The pain Point
3. Agitate the pain point
4. Call to action 1
5. Introduce a common solution and why it doesn't work as well as the product you
are promoting
6. Call to action 2
7. Final words
8. Call to action 3
9. Sign of and smsbot review
This can be very effective.
Subject linesThere are a number of different ways to create a great subject line for your promotional
email. I'm going to tap into some of the ways that I have had the most success.
Share the main benefitThis one is nice and simple and usually gets a great response. For example if I was
going to use this method to write a subject while promoting this product I would write
something like this:

tag: smsbot bonus, smsbot upsell

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