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PushPrime Review – Leads are the key to success

PushPrime Review – Leads are the key to success
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The first email in this chain will be our presell email. And the idea behind this email is to
educate your subscribers of the product and let them know that it is coming soon. You
also want to take this time to build some excitement for the product and tap into some of
the pain points that this product will be solving.
These emails can be great because it can make your list warm meaning that you are
giving them some content to go along with your promotion. So when you do send out
your promotion they're going to be more receptive to it as its not going to seem like a
spammy promotion.
To really get a lot out of this you can even send them to a blog post on your website
where you give them some more content on the method involved in the product for them
to consume. This will not only give them some great content but build up even more
excitement for the upcoming pushprime review .
The next email in our sequence will be a link to our review. Now there are two ways that
I do this. If I am able to get access to the product before it is live and can do my review
before then. I will send out an email promoting my product review an hour before it is
With this method I let them know that the product will be launching in an hour and they
can check out my review before it goes live.
If you are not able to access the pushprime review before it is live then you can do your review
after the product is live and you have purchased it. Then you can send what I call a
hybrid email. This is where you will introduce the product tell him that they can go here
to get pushprime review or they can go to your website to get your full review before purchasing it


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