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Video chief green screen edition review
At least in my case, they go hand in hand. The list drives traffic to the blog because, a lot of the times, I’ll send blog posts to my Video chief green screen edition review . Actually, I don’t send the whole post, but I’ll send them a teaser and then they’ll have to click to go with it. In return, the blog is building the list for you, so it’s like a circle.
Why Email Your Blog Posts It’s traffic for me, which is awesome and it might get them to click on some things. But another thing it does – and I hate to use this word because it sounds almost insulting – is train the list to click on things. This is important, because then when you send them something else, they’re used to actually acting on your emails. If they’re used to just consuming your emails and moving on, then when you send them a promotion or webinar later, they might not click on it because they’re used to just having the one-way flow. For me, it’s almost about just completing a cycle. I say something and then I want them to say something. Their saying something is going to come in the form of clicking and hopefully commenting on the blog. I don’t want it to be just a one-way lecture.
Automatic Broadcast With one site, I have an alerts list which is completely automatic. It’s using AWeber. It just sends them links to the post. I think I’ve got it set so that once three new posts have been entered into the 
Video chief green screen edition review , it will trigger another email. That one’s called PC Mech Alert. There’s no human component to it.With, it’s all written by hand. There’s no automatic broadcast. If people know it’s written by a computer, I don’t think they’ll look at it as much. Plus, you can get them to click through and actually read the post if you actually have teaser in the email rather than just a regurgitation of the post.
SELLING WITH EMAIL MARKETING Sometimes it’s as simple as sending them an email with a link to a sales letter. But I’ve found that – especially if they don’t have any prior knowledge of the product – if I just send them blindly to this thing, it’s not going to convert very well. There needs to be some set up. More often, I’m not simply sending them to a sales letter. I’m sending them through some form of content into the sales piece. The reason is to get them interested and pre-qualified to a certain degree. Sometimes I’ll include a link to the product in the email, but then I’ll also provide a link to an article on my blog where I also promote it. So it will be like a double-whammy.
Always Selling Generally, if I have any interaction with my 
Video chief green screen edition review  at all, somewhere in that sequence there is going to be something that is monetized. If there’s not an affiliate link in the post or in the email, then at the bare minimum there’s going to be a call to action at the end of the blog post that gets them into something. It’s not like it’s going to convert a heck of a lot, but at least there’s something there. I don’t want to have an interaction where there’s not at least some form of continuing action that a person can take if they want. It’s business. That’s how I make my living.
Identifying Affiliate Links Sometimes I’ll mention that a link is an affiliate link. I have a disclosure policy on my blog and so I figure that they know what business I’m in. I disclose it. I also make it very clear that I’m never going to do anything that I don’t think is good for them. It’s not just about the money. I don’t want to abuse their subscription.

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It comes down to the fact that we as human beings connect with other human beings. We can connect with a brand, but it’s a little bit more anonymous. When you have a connection with another human being, I think you can get everything. They feel like they’re getting an email from a friend, if you do it right. It’snot like getting an email from Walmart, where you’re like, “Okay, it’s just a big corporate promo.”
How to Foster a Personal Connection I keep it real. I write like I would naturally write. There’s nothing fake about it. I also introduce some personal aspects. Sometimes I’ll mention something I’m doing with my kids. It’s a mix of myself and whatever business reason I have for sending the email. I’m not doing that all the time. It’s not like I have my obligatory child notification at the top of the email. But when it seems natural or when it's something I want to say, then I’ll include it. Last week, I had to go to my child’s day care for a little birthday party they were doing over there for her. I had to cancel something that I was doing for one of my membership programs, because I realized that they conflicted. I just told them why and I received all kinds of emails coming back saying how awesome it was that I was putting Daddy stuff first. So, people are cool about easy estore builder review .
Writing Readable Emails Most of my emails are not very long. I keep the lines short, probably around the 80 to 90 character count. I will line-wrap it so it doesn’t get too long. It just makes it easier to read and makes it fit onto mobile devices pretty well. If it’s a longer email, then I would break it up kind of like I would a typical blog post with sub headers and stuff like that.
Including Links Whatever link I want them to click on, I’ll usually include in there at least a couple of 
easy estore builder review : one toward the top somewhere and one toward the end. If you want to do a third time, you could put it in a PS.
Emails with Graphic Templates I tend to keep 
easy estore builder review  more text-based. I’ve experimented with some html ones. I did one that was a little bit fancy. Then I did one that was just an image header with everything south of that was just text. I foundthat it really didn’t have a heck of a lot of effect one way or the other, so I tend to just keep it text. For one, text is easier to do. You’re also going to have less compatibility issues with email clients. If you put images in there, you have to worry about some web-based email systems blocking images by default. The other thing: if you get an email from a friend, it usually doesn’t have a bunch of fancy stuff in it. It’s just a text email, so let’s have yours look the same way.

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If you want a free tool and you want to start split-testing now, Google Website
Optimizer is easy to set up. It’s incredibly robust and it won’t cost you a cent. The only downside with it being a Google product is that there’s no support. If you need some help setting up and implementing your testing, there are a few other platforms out there that are really low cost. There’s and We’ve got a huge list of them, actually. We’ve got a comparison website for split-testing tools that lists them in terms of all the different meme traffic monster review they have and it has customer reviews. So, if you’re interested in which split-testing tool is best for you, visit, for a comparison of the different testing tools. It’s totally unbiased. We don’t make a dollar from it. We created it internally for our consulting team and clients and then realized that it would be valuable if we released it to the public.
Set Up Process The first thing you’ll need to do is copy and paste the tags onto your website, as you would with any such tool. For those of you who use WordPress, there are various WordPress plugins for tools like Visual Website Optimizer. The next thing you need to do is create an element that you would like to test. There are two different types of test. There’s a split-test, where you show one version of a page versus another version of a page. You can do an A / B test, an A / B / C test, or an A / B / C / D test (and so on). Or you can do what they call a multivariate test. A multivariate test allows you to test different elements within the 
meme traffic monster review , rather than the page itself. So, if you wanted to test two different versions of a headline, two different versions of a call to action, and two different versions of a product picture… instead of creating all the different pages that you would need to show those different combinations, you can do a multivariate test, which would show all of those combinations to visitors at the same time.
Statistically Significant Data Some people say it takes two weeks to run a test; some people say 1,000 visitors. They‘re wrong. The only correct time to end a test is when you’ve reached statistical significance. If you want to estimate how long it will take a test to reach statistical significance, use one of the statistical significance calculators provided by the software vendors. Search
for “Website Optimizer Statistical Significance Calculator,” and you’ll find pages where you can input your meme traffic monster review , the conversion increase you’re looking to detect, and the calculator will tell you how long the test will take. Really put an emphasis on testing big, bold, changes that will have a significant impact. When you just tweak page elements, it takes so long to collect the data that you’re missing opportunities by not testing other things. We call it meek tweaking versus bold-targeted tests. There’s a huge advantage to carrying out bold-targeted tests.
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Vidizi Review – The Key Factor to Profit-Pulling Promotional Videos

Vidizi Review – The Key Factor to Profit-Pulling Promotional Videos

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Long Copy Websites The issue that you have with the website is that you have to overcome a lot of your vidizi review , whereas when you’re selling over the phone you only need to overcome the objections of one prospect. That’s why long-copy websites tend to work, because you’re able to overcome lots of different objections from different visitor types. It’s often tempting to try to use less text on websites because you think, “My visitors don’t want loads of information. They don’t want to be bombarded with text.” But if you think about your website as a real salesperson, you tend to have a very different approach.
If You’re Just Starting Out If you haven’t already, get out there and try selling to real people. How can you expect a website to sell a product successfully if the copywriter has never sold the product successfully? Especially if you don’t get very many visitors and you don’t have any customers, your first attempt has to be based on something real. It has to be based on the customer, not just ideas that you’re randomly plucking out of your mind. Nobody wants to hear the answer to their problem is a ton of work. But in this case, the answer is to get away from the 
vidizi review , get out of the office, and go speak to real people. Nobody wants that to be the answer, which is maybe why there are so many poorly converting websites. A lot of people think they’re too busy and important to do that. They think that the answer lies in some kind of trick, hack, technique or algorithmBut ultimately, your website’s a robot-salesperson – and what better role model for your website to have than a real, effective salesperson? I recommend getting out there and hanging out with the prospects because it’s cheap, it’s fast, and it’s very rich in terms of the level of feedback that you get.
SPLIT-TESTING Split-testing is showing different visitors different content and then measuring which content has the highest conversion rate.
Before-and-After Testing The mistake that a lot of people make when they are testing different versions of their website is that they just throw up their new content and then they look at the data before and after the new content went live. Then they make a decision on whether the new version is better or worse based on that. The problem with before and after data is that it’s not an accurate way to measure the impact that particular content had. Every website’s conversion rate goes up and down day-by-day, week-by-week, season-by-season, and your conversion rate is sensitive to many things. It’s sensitive to the 
vidizi review that you get, any positive or negative PR your company receives, and outside influences in your marketplace or the economy. Because your conversion rate is sensitive to so many different things, you can never be 100% certain if it was the change you made to your website that made the difference rather than just some other random factor. So, before and after testing is not an accurate way to know if the changes you’re making are actually working or not. For example, if you put up a new sales letter and then for the next three days you get loads of high-quality, qualified traffic, you’ll have more sales and a better conversion rate. But it may be that if you had used your old content, you might have had an even higher conversion rate. You would never know. Split-testing shows different content to visitors during the same time period. So every visitor in your test has been exposed to the same outside influences. It’s really the only scientific way to measure if one element is better than another.
Split-Testing Tools There are a lot of testing tools in the market, but the great news is they’re all pretty similar. Obviously, there are enterprise tools and there are free tools

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Make it look professional. Get a nice, large image for your profile image for your fan page. If you look at mine, it’s really tall. Facebook gives you a lot of real estate to work with and you can use that image to direct people. Put a little arrow there that says, “Click ‘Like’ above,” or “Click the links down below.” You can use that to tell people what to do. The profile images (little thumbnails up at the top) are also important. If you go to my page, you can see what I’m talking about. Getting a couple of those made, just to round out your fan page so it doesn’t look like you just threw it up. People can tell when you just threw it up.
Promote a Product The next thing I would do is find ecoverlab review to promote – either an affiliate product or your own. Your fan page isn’t really going to do a lot for you unless you’re selling something online to make money. I think that’s where we all want to be. You’re not just making a site to blog for free.
Get Fans for Free We go over all this stuff in a lot of our training. But one of the best ways to do it is called @ Tagging. It’s kind of like on Twitter. You can post a status update on your fan page and you can use the @ symbol and tag any other object on Facebook. You can tag people, pages, or groups. If you tag that person or page in your new status update or your post, that gets shown on that other page. So if that page has a bunch of fans, you’re going to get free exposure to all of those people. It’s kind of like guest blogging, but you never ask their permission.
Hopefully you’re saying ecoverlab review productive and they’re not going to delete your post. Be careful with @ Tagging, because if you just start tagging people all over the place and you’re not really adding to their page or complimenting them, you’re going to get banned from their page. It’s not a good way to start a relationship by any means. So make sure that you’re being productive. @ Tagging requires time and patience. You’re not just going to get 10,000 fans overnight.
Buy Facebook Ads Facebook Ads are the best way to get going fast. You can turn up Facebook Ads as high as you want. You can get 100 clicks a day or 5,000 clicks a day. It’s just a matter of knowing what you’re doing. When I start my new businesses now, I make sure that my product is ready so that I have something to sell on the backend that can pay for the ads. Then I can just run the ad all day long.
Minimum Budget? You can spend as little as you want. You can spend a dollar a day or five dollars a day. Facebook doesn’t care how much you’re spending as long as you’re going to pay them. If you don’t have a product to promote, you can still create an ad campaign, keep it polished, and play around with the different settings. See how it works. As soon as you get a product to promote or a product to sell, probably the best place to start is $25-$50 a day, just to test out your funnel. Just send a little bit of traffic through your fan page and start to see, “Hey, I spent $100… Did I make any of it back?”
Fine-Tune If you didn’t, then stop the campaign as fast as possible. Go back and tweak your funnel. Most likely, people didn’t buy because your message is wrong or something’s broken in some way. Tweak, improve, and then go back and restart your 
ecoverlab review. Spend hopefully another $50 bucks and then maybe make a sale. Now you’re getting closer to breaking even and off-setting the cost. The more you tweak things, eventually you’ll get to the point where you’re actually making money. Sometimes you can get to that point right off the bat. If you reallyknow what you’re doing, you go off and you spend $50 bucks and you earn $75 bucks. Then the next day you have $75 bucks to spend and it just kind of snowballs. I used to spend $15 bucks a day and now I’m spending $1,000 bucks a day. It makes me $1500 bucks. So, it just pays for itself.

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SimplyViral Review – Create viral content on Facebook on autopilot

SimplyViral Review – Create viral content on Facebook on autopilot

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The very first thing that I would do is reevaluate my domain. Your domain name has to be catchy, but it also has to be consistent throughout all social networks. Let’s say that you’re able to get this phenomenal domain name, but you don’t have the Twitter or Facebook profile. That will hurt you over the long run. People want to find you by just typing whatever your brand name is throughout. So first thing I always make sure whenever I’m registering a domain name is to check if all the social profiles are available. In the case of List25, it was not available. But I knew the right people, so I was able to get the Twitter name and the YouTube name back to us. So sometimes you have to compromise and other times you can leverage your network.
Get to Know the Competition The next thing I would do is research all of my simplyviral review . Sometimes you’re getting into a niche where you don’t have competitors. Other times, you have a lot of competitors. Either way, target a few of the big name sites and see what their strategy is. What are they doing to get traffic? There are amazing tools out there for this. SEOmoz has tons of tools. You can see which sites are back-linking to your competitors. It’s not as accurate as you would want it to be, but you can see where they’re getting all of the traffic.
Friend or Foe? You may think that your competitors are your competitors and you’re not supposed to mingle with them. But in a lot of cases – and especially in blogging – you want to become friends with your competitors. This is crucial for your success, to have an arch-rival. Basically, you pretend like you’re rivals but you’re really friends. You will still look like rivals on the front end, but you are good friends on the back end. Take John Chow and Shoemoney for example. They look like they’re arch rivals and they each trash each other, try to compete with each other. But they’re really good friends and they share their technology and strategies with one another.
The idea is that there’s enough money and traffic to go around. In List25’s case, when we looked at our competition (e.g. Cracked, CollegeHumor) we saw that they were sharing each other’s content on Twitter and Facebook! They even share each other’s content on their own sites.
Fair Trade When you try to reach out to a competitor or relative site, you want to make sure that you can offer them as much as they can offer 
simplyviral review. So, at the beginning, we probably would not be able to reach out to a site as big as like Cracked and say, “Would you be interested in doing a traffic exchange with me?” We didn’t have anything to offer to them. Cracked is doing hundreds of millions of page views and we were just starting out. We can’t go and work out a deal with Cracked. We could have sent them an email, but most likely we wouldn’t have heard back. So, the strategy I used was to find smaller bloggers who were doing the same thing as us. Most importantly, I was tracking their Google Analytics to the dot. So, if a small blog linked to us, I went back to them and I said, “Hey, thank you for linking to us. Would you be interested in working on this partnership?” The idea was just to establish a relationship. It’s the same thing if someone tweets you, then you establish a relationship. Thank them. They will remember you once you thank them. That’s the way we grew as a new blog: networking.
The Benefits of Building Relationships Let’s say that I work out a relationship with you. I say, “Hey, can you retweet my stuff and I’ll retweet your stuff?” (Obviously, we only do this if we like you and your stuff). Then, maybe once a week or every few days, you can suggest a link for them to retweet (if you don’t see them retweeting it already). Obviously, when they retweet it, their followers are going to see it. If they like it, then they’re going to become your 
simplyviral review.
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Backlink Rhino Review – Establishing Profitable Amazon-based Stores

Backlink Rhino Review – Establishing Profitable Amazon-based Stores

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For example, my own blog right now, backlink rhino review , is a page rank five site. Every time I have a new YouTube video, I embed that video on my site. Then, it automatically creates a page rank five back-link back to my YouTube video, which immediately gives YouTube and Google the signal that this video is important.
Optimizing Video Blog Posts Often I have the exact same keyword phrase on my title for my video blog post as the title on YouTube. It seems to help make both your video on your video blog and your video on YouTube (the same video) rank better in Google. So I have cases where I’ll have two video thumbnail results on the first page of Google. Another thing that I do for each video is I have a very small, very brief two or three paragraph little introduction that’s unique content about the video. After the video, I always list the full transcript of the video as well.
Captions The obvious reason to have captions is for people who have a hearing disability, so they can follow along by reading what I’m saying. Also, people who might be at the office and want to turn down the sound can still follow along. Some people just like reading the text in any case while listening to and watching the video as well. It just reinforces the content. So, all those things are pretty cool. But there’s another reason that I use it for on top of all of those reasons, and that’s for search engine optimization.
Automatic Captions YouTube creates captions in any case. They have a voice recognition algorithm that tries to figure out what you’re saying. Now, if you’re American, that’s fine. But if you’re a South-African-Kiwi-Australian like me with a weird accent, the automatic captioning doesn’t really work. It comes up with some really strange 
backlink rhino review.
Upload Your Own Captions It’s really simple: YouTube gives you that option just to upload a text file of your transcript. They then figure out where the text needs to go and when. It’s pretty clever. But what’s really awesome about uploading your own text file is that the text file that you upload gets indexed by YouTube and Google. So, all of that text becomes searchable by YouTube and Google. So there are some pretty cool SEO benefits,
especially for the long term. My gut feeling is that manually created caption files will become more and more important as time goes by, so you might as well do it. Apparently, the automated captions don’t get indexed.
THE VIDEO ADVANTAGE I’ve been involved in a number of promotions now where I’ve competed with other promoters who had email lists far greater than I had. I’ve out-performed them with my much smaller audience. I think the reason for that is because I have a high level of engagement with my audience.
Engagement The main advantage for me with 
backlink rhino review is the connection it helps me make with my audience. I just went out to Los Angeles about a month ago and spoke at a BlogWorld Expo event. There were about like 4,000 people there. Just amazing. A ton of people came up to me and said, “Gideon, you know, I’ve been watching your videos for two years and I just really feel like I know you. You’re like my friend.” I hadn’t met these people. I’d never seen these people, never talked to them, but they felt like they knew me because they had watched my videos. That results in a very high level of engagement from my audience.
Preference People seem to be more keen to watch videos than read text. For something like 70% of people, their first learning mode is visual. That means that 70% of people, potentially, would be more interested in watching a video than reading the text on your blog. So, you’ve got access to a really wide audience. Especially if you have engaging content, people would much rather watch a movie than read a book.
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