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However, many of these features (and the other useful features on Amazon product pages) were added without SEO in mind. Amazon added most of these things to make the prospectrr review useful — SEO was an afterthought. Reviews, for instance, certainly do add keywords to the page, but they also help buyers make a decision (and can dramatically increase conversion rates — that is, converting shoppers to buyers). So creating a useful site often serves two urposes: It generates traffic through non–search engine channels, and it helps your site rank well in search engines. Consider this: The more useful your site is, the greater the chance of success. The more useful or interesting your site, the more people will talk and blog about it, the more they are likely to link to it from social-networking sites (see Chapter 19), the more likely journalists are to write about it, the more likely it is to be mentioned on radio or TV, the more people will link to it from
their Web sites, and so on. Search engine marketing and non–search engine marketing are both important because both forms of Web site promotion can lead to more links pointing to, and more traffic arriving at, your site.And, as you find out in Chapter 16, links to your site are critical to search engine success. With all these byproducts of having a useful Web site in mind, this chapter focuses on the basics about what you need to do to create a successful Web site.
Here’s a simple rule to success on the Web: Make your site useful and then tell people about it. That’s not so complicated, really. Figure out how your site can be useful and then find as many ways as possible to let people know about it. You’ll
use search engines, of course, but you should be using other methods, too. Remember, search engines are not the only way to get people to your site. In fact, many Web sites have succeeded without using search engines as their primary method of attracting visitors.
Many successful companies have done little or nothing to promote themselves through search engines, yet they still turn up at the top when you search for their products or services. Why? Because their other promotions have helped
push them higher in the search engines by creating thousands (even tens or hundreds of thousands) of links to them around the Internet.
The evolving, incorrect “secret”
Over the last couple of decades, a number of popular ideas about what makes a successful 
prospectrr review have been bandied around, and all are wrong to some degree. Here are some of those dated secrets to successful
Web sites:
Links: When the Web began booming in 1994, it was all about links. You would hear in the press that the secret to a successful Web site was linking to other sites.
Cool: Then people started saying that the secret of success was to make your site cool. Cool sites were more entertaining and more likely to attract repeat visitors.
Community: Then people started talking about community; yeah, that’s the ticket! The secret to a successful Web site was creating a community where people could meet and chat with each other.
Content: Then around 2000, people discovered that the secret was content. By putting more stuff, particularly textual information, on your site, you could be more successful.
Blogging: At some point, it was decided that the real secret was having a blog on your site.
MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter: Later, the secret became having associated MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. (Remember
Specific, one-size-fits-all secrets to success never make sense. The most harmful of the preceding ideas was that your site had to be cool. This silly idea led to the expenditure of billions of dollars on useless but pretty Web sites, most of which (thankfully!) have since disappeared. Unfortunately, some of the it’s-all-about-cool crowd is still in the 
prospectrr review and still convincing companies to spend money on ridiculous, wasteful things, such as Flash intros for their Web sites.Details:
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You’ve got a problem. You want people to visit your wp video profits review; that’s thepurpose, after all — to bring people to your site to buy your product, or find out about your service, or hear about the cause you support, or for whatever other purpose you’ve built the site. So you’ve decided you need to get traffic from the search engines — not an unreasonable conclusion, as you find out in this chapter. But there are so many search engines! You have the obvious ones — Google, AOL, Yahoo!, and Bing (formerly MSN) — but you’ve probably also heard of others: HotBot, Dogpile,, Netscape, and EarthLink. There’s also Lycos, InfoSpace,, WebCrawler, and many more. To top it all off, you’ve seen advertising asserting that for only $49.95 (or $19.95, or $99.95, or whatever sum seems to make sense to the advertiser), you, too, can have your wp video profits review listed in hundreds, nay, thousands of search engines. You may have even used some of these services, only to discover that the flood of traffic you were promised turns up missing. Well, I’ve got some good news. You can forget almost all the names I just listed — well, at least you can after you read this chapter. The point of this chapter is to take a complicated landscape of thousands of search sites and whittle it down into the small group of search systems that really matter. (Search sites? Search systems? Don’t worry; I explain the distinction in
a moment.) If you really want to, you can jump to the “Where Do People Search?” section (near the end of the chapter) to see the list of search systems you need to
The term search engine has become the predominant term for search system or search site, but before reading any further, you need to understand the different types of search, um, thingies that you’re going to run across. Although out on the Interwebs you will hear the term search engine a lot, perhaps almost exclusively, I like to sometimes use the term search site. Why? Because there are many search sites that either don’t use search engines (they have directories instead, as I explain below) or get their search results from somewhere else.
Take, for instance, ( One might be forgiven for thinking that is a search engine; after all, it has a big search box right at the top, and if you enter a phrase and press Enter, or click
a colored SEARCH button, you get search results. However, 
wp video profits review doesn’t own a search engine, despite the fact that you can search at the AOL site. (Indeed, many people do search at AOL, around 200 million times a month). Rather, AOL gets its search results from the Google search engine. Hence my desire to differentiate between search sites (places
where you can search) and search engines (the systems that actually do all the work). It’s an important distinction, as this chapter explains later.
Search sites, indexes, & engines
Let me quickly give you a few simple definitions:
Search Site: A Web site where you can search for information
on the Web.
Search Engine: A system that collects pages from the Web, saves them
in a massive database, indexes the information, and provides a mechanism for people to search through the data.
Search Index: The index containing all the information that the engine
collected and searches.
Search Directory: A system that contains some basic information about
Web sites, rather than about collected and indexed Web pages.
Large search-index companies own thousands of computers that use software known as spiders, searchbots, or robots (or just plain bots) to grab Web
pages and read the information stored in them. These systems use complex
algorithms — calculations based on complicated formulae — to index that
information and rank it in search results when people search. Google, shown
in Figure 1-1, is the world’s most popular search site.
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In this guide, I documented everything about my business model, tactics, and
strategies to give you a complete toolkit to use custom hold messages to make
money. This wp theme ultima review is a proven business model that anyone can use to run a part-time or full time consultant business using custom hold messages as a service. Even if you have any doubts in your own skill level, this is an extremely easy method to learn and implement. It doesn’t even matter what niche you are trying to target. So long as your potential customers have a phone, then you can supply them with custom hold messages and empower them to upsell, cross-sell, and promote their services to their customers while they are on hold.
By the time you are finished with this guide, you will have everything that you need
to start helping businesses make more money.
Custom hold messages have been around for a very long time. However, they are
often done poorly, if at all, and are not designed to sell additional products or
services. Through custom hold sales messages, you are empowering local
businesses to present an additional call to action to their clients at a time when
they never thought about it before.
What’s even worse and actually scary is that many local businesses use their local
radio station as their hold music. This invites a competitor’s radio advertisement to
be presented… and if they are not paying licensing fees for each song payed
(multiplied by the number of phone lines available) they could be faced with
business crippling fines.
So why am I giving you this 
wp theme ultima review  model if it has worked well for me? I am on to different things. I now do a Business to Business version of a “done for you” product. I go into new and existing businesses and I help them set up their entire
sales organization. It’s new, it’s fun, and it’s a change from what I have been doing
for the past several years. I just don’t have time for this anymore.
In fact, I have several different business systems that I have used in the past and I
am going to be releasing all of them, except for the one that I am currently running.
I’ve got bills to pay too…
All About Custom Hold Messages
Have you ever called into a local business and were put on hold, only to be
presented with a radio station which was out of tune, unlicensed music, or even
dead air? Sadly, that is the case for most local businesses.
Imagine that you were calling into a local car dealership and trying to get an
appointment for an oil change and were put on hold. This is the time when they
could be pitching a car detailing service, to test drive the latest model, or to
consider buying some winter tires. This is most often a missed opportunity.
This is a product that you can sell again and again because promotions always
change, seasons always change, and the needs of the business always change.
Look, the first step in building a business is to find an audience that has a pain, is in
need, and has a clear and defined benefit from solving that pain.
A great on hold sales message can allow you to up sell, add on, and cross promote
your products or services to your new and existing customers by taking advantage
of time that is not used to its fullest. More importantly, it allows you to create a
unified sales image that is industry leading.
Did you know that over 94% of marketing budgets are spent trying to get the phone
to ring, while only 6% is spent on handling received calls? What may surprise you is
that 60% of those callers which are placed on hold with hang up within 45 seconds
or less if they hear dead air or music that they dislike.
A recent US West Communications survey found that a hold message program will
increase caller retention by 40%, increase inquiries by 15% and increase direct
request for products and services mentioned by 12%.
Custom sales hold messages work because they target a very specific wp theme ultima review,
a group of people who are already very interested in your products and services.
Who are these people? Your existing customers! Your callers may have worked with
you for years, or are calling you for the first time, but do they know about
everything you offer? Custom sales hold messages reach your customers when they
are very likely to buy from you. Silence on hold won’t promote your products, and
a radio on hold could be talking about the competition!
As your callers hear about what you can do for them, they’ll ask for more
information, and you’ll sell more. Whether it’s a product, a service you provide, a
special or a public service, Captive Audience will get you results.


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