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Viddictive 2.0 Review – How to Create Video Ads in Minutes

Viddictive 2.0 Review – How to Create Video Ads in Minutes

Official Site:
If you are selling video testimonials or holding a sign or other gigs of this
nature, I highly recommend you create a gig or gig extra where Fiverr users
can tip you. You would be surprised on the generosity of most users. They
know $5 is not a lot and most of the time, if they’re really pleased with your
service, they will leave you a viddictive 2.0 review. I good gig title would be something like “I
will graciously accept your tip for $5”. The great thing about this is you can
even include gig extras in your tip gig to allow Fiverr buyers to give you
even more money. Good titles for the gig extras for example would be:
“I will thank you for a free lunch for $10”
“I will be jumping for joy for $20”
“I will be able to get some gas for $40”
Things like this. They can be as cutesy or contain as much of your
personality as you like. It will encourage Fiverr users to give more.
IF THIS THEN THAT...At the time of the writing of this viddictive 2.0 review, has newly
implemented Fiverr into their website. or If This Then That is a
website that allows you to arrange “recipes” on the internet where if one
action on the internet happens then something will occur for you. This
allows you to automate things on the internet. Some sample recipes to give
you an idea of how this all works are “If the forecast says it will rain
tomorrow then send me a text message” or “If I like a photo on Instagram
then send the photo to my DropBox”.
Some sample recipes relevant to Fiverr are “If a buyer buys one of my
gigs then add it to an excel file” or “If a buyer posts a positive review then
post it to my Twitter”.
It’s still something new but definitely worth checking out. You may find
something really useful here for yourself.
IFTTT’s Fiverr integration is still very new and the features are very
limited. However, this opens up the possibility and potential to automate
more actions on Fiverr, including perhaps one day being able to
automatically deliver gigs to buyers. It’s still early but maybe this will be
possible one day and your Fiverr gigs can truly be on auto-pilot. For more
about this as it comes out, be sure to subscribe to my mailing list on
viddictive 2.0 review where I keep all my members up to date on Fiverr
changes and new ways to make money on Fiverr.

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Traffic Trigger 2.0 Review – How To Become King Of SEO Traffic In The Nick Of Time

Traffic Trigger 2.0 Review – How To Become King Of SEO Traffic In The Nick Of Time
Official Site:
I will tell you first that most Top Rated Sellers make more than me. I will
tell you that many of them don’t need or even have more than 1 Fiverr
account to achieve this kind of income. But what do they have that I don’t?
Well, they’ve been on Fiverr a lot longer, they’ve been featured or written
about, they offer something very unique or different that most people can’t
offer and, let’s face it, they have more sex appeal than me (half of the Top
Rated Sellers on Fiverr look like models). But these are excuses. What truly
separates them from me is how they sell their gigs.
I will first tell you that I do not charge a lot for most of my traffic trigger 2.0 review . If
you have a gig that encourages people to buy your expensive gig extras,
your average price per order will shoot up. How do you do this? You offer
something, then you strip away features and services, then you piece meal it
to the buyer. Let’s say you’re an amazing cartoonist who offers a caricature
for $5. You don’t offer the whole shebang for five bucks. You offer every
detail of your drawing separately so that you’re not actually offering a
caricature for $5 but actually a caricature for $40 or however much. You
make the color a traffic trigger 2.0 review, you make drawing the body a gig extra, you
make shading or detail a gig extra, etc. Nobody will want to pay $5 for a
simple line drawing. They want the whole thing which could wind up
costing however much you charge and the brilliant thing is you can do this
with any kind of service on Fiverr. I make my money through volume, of
30-40 orders a day, but you could easily make as much or more with just 5-
10 orders if your money was made through gig extras. You just need to get
creative on how you do this. Offer something amazing for $5 and then strip
away the services and features. I don’t emphasize this in this book because
you need to be at least a Level 2 seller for this to work as you can’t provide
gig extras with a new 
traffic trigger 2.0 review 

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Buddy Check Review – Make Facebook Engagement Rate Skyrocket

Buddy Check Review – Make Facebook Engagement Rate Skyrocket

Official Site:
Whatever you do, don’t fall into this user’s pit of buddy check review . They will ask
you tons and tons of questions. Everything from “what do the Twitter
followers look like?” to “Why is the sky blue?”. After you go out of your way
like a madman/madwoman to answer every single question at lightning fast
response time, they will either not buy from you or ask you to
modify/redeliver the gig. They are very hard to please and are also huge
time eaters. I would also suggest avoiding these kinds of people.
BEWARE OF: EXTREMELY LARGE ORDERSSo, you get a large order. Somebody just ordered every gig extra you
offer on your gig and the maximum amount of multiples. This person just
paid you over a hundred bucks for your buddy check review and you’re over the moon
because it was your largest order ever on Fiverr! Here’s the thing, generally,
from my personal experience, I found about half of these would wind up in
a cancellation or dispute.
I have almost never been able to retain the income from a very large
order. What would either happen is the buyer would ask for a cancellation
after the order is delivered or the order would be delivered and a week or so
later, I get an email from Fiverr telling me this buyer has opened a dispute
on PayPal and all the funds have automatically been sent back to the buyer.
The good news is Fiverr always bans/deletes the users who open
disputes on PayPal. The bad news is Fiverr never ever fights these and
always automatically closes the dispute and give the buyer their money
This is troublesome as Fiverr users can potentially leave a negative
review on your gig then dispute the buddy check review on PayPal to get their
money back but still have that negative review on your gig. Fortunately, you
can contact Fiverr support to remove this negative review if this happens.

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Uduala eCom Review – Discovering Winning Products, Audience, and DFY Facebook Ads

Uduala eCom Review – Discovering Winning Products, Audience, and DFY Facebook Ads

Official Site:
If you have an iPhone or Android (who doesn’t?), I highly recommend
downloading the Fiverr app, it’s free. I wouldn’t recommend trying to
deliver gigs or anything like that with it but only to use it as a tool for your
efficiency on Fiverr. I like to enable the notifications on the app so I can
quickly receive notifications of new reviews (positive or negative) and
quickly read them, even follow up if I need to. It’s also good to respond to
inbox messages with. When it comes to checking which orders are due and
such, it’s not very well laid out and I wouldn’t recommend it unless the
Fiverr app has been significantly improved by the time you are reading this.
However, at the time of updating this uduala ecom review, Fiverr has announced a new
app coming soon for Fiverr sellers, allowing people to deliver gigs simply
through their phone, so be on the lookout for that if that app is out by the
time you read this.
I also highly recommend going into the App’s settings and putting
yourself in “Online mode” every time you log into the app. This will allow
potential buyers to see that you’re online and make you appear more active
I started on Fiverr about a year ago not really knowing what to sell. It
wasn’t until I found I could outsource SEO work and Social Signals to
suppliers for $1 that I knew exactly what I would sell. I always wondered
how people did it. I actually started out on Fiverr buying Twitter followers
and SEO services before I found sites like
SEO Clerks. For the first few
months on Fiverr I didn’t make any sales. Two things quickly changed it
around. The first was I joined a review exchange group I found on the
internet. This is how I got my first 1 or 2 reviews for each of my gigs. I then
hired someone to make a video for me for my uduala ecom review .
At this point I saw a large spike in sales. I went from 0-2 sales a day (if
that) to 10-20 sales a day. This is where I saw the true earning potential on
I made a second Fiverr account (to get past the 20 gig limit from my first
account) where I only sold SEO gigs. I sold backlinks, link pyramids,
directory submissions, and everything else I could get for a dollar on SEO
Clerks to resell. I was doing zero uduala ecom review. Every order I got on either account I
simply copy and pasted to my supplier on SEO Clerks.
Since I couldn’t use myself for the videos on my second account (I
already used myself for my first), I got the idea to hire someone to make my
gig videos. I joined a “models looking for work” group on Facebook and
posted an ad. I got an attractive girl to do all my SEO videos, speaking in
the first-person as if she was selling my gigs. This account, with the girl,
was outselling my first account with me in my videos.
I quickly earned my level 1 and level 2 on both accounts. The first thing I
began to realize though was that on my first account, I would never become
a Top Rated Seller. Selling Twitter followers or Facebook likes is frowned
upon by Fiverr. There is no Top Rated Seller on Fiverr that sells either.
However, there are Top Rated Sellers that sell SEO services like I was on
my second account.

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LetMailBox Review – All-In-One ToolBox for Rapid Returns on Any Email Broadcasts

LetMailBox Review – All-In-One ToolBox for Rapid Returns on Any Email Broadcasts

Official Site:
It’s not just about the money either. Yes, slaving your time away for a
measly four bucks can start to suck the life out of you, especially when you
start getting buyers who demand revisions or are unsatisfied with your
 work. But there’s another way sellers are seen to be “selling their soul” on
Fiverr. I’m talking about video testimonial gigs, sign holding gigs and other
similar gigs.
You’ve all seen it and you’ve seen how popular these gigs are and for
good reason. They sell really well. No, they sell like crazy. Especially video
testimonial and video spokesperson gigs. So what’s the big deal? The
controversy is that you’re being paid $4 to give a spiel on a product or
service you’ve never even tried or heard of. You’re essentially selling your
face and voice on camera to help give somebody’s business or product some
sort of credibility and letmailbox review it otherwise wouldn’t have. I’m not going
to go into the ethics of this or anything like that but I will admit that doing
this gig after a while must really drain the seller.
Still, there are sellers making a killing on Fiverr doing it.
How do we fix this? How do we stop the soul sucking? There are a few
Be expensive: Stop selling yourself short and charge more per gig.
Meaning, instead of writing an entire article for 500 words, charge $5 for
every 100 words or even 50 words. Guarantee your buyers that the’re going
to get quality work and the letmailbox review  they’re paying more is because it will
encourage more quality out of you by giving their gig the amount of time
and attention it deserves. The competition doesn’t care how much you
charge and there will always be someone who will be able to do it cheaper

than you. That’s just how business is. Position yourself as the
quality/premium seller. You will still get sales and you’ll actually be doing
work worthwhile. You will increase your hourly rate like this.
Be selective: Don’t take on every order you get. It’s okay to cancel. If
you do video testimonials, list the kinds of letmailbox review/businesses you will not
make videos for and be firm. Sure you will lose a few orders here and there
but if you think you’re selling your soul, it’ll keep you on Fiverr longer.

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Auto Affiliate Machine Review – Automatic PDF Generator for Affiliate Campaigns

Auto Affiliate Machine Review – Automatic PDF Generator for Affiliate Campaigns
Official Site:
Because I know a lot of you will ask me anyway and will want to, I
decided to add this to the book. Here’s the best ways to promote your gigs
outside of Fiverr.
1. Join niche forumsGetting active on forums is a strong strategy to help you drive traffic to
your page. However, just as you wouldn’t want someone to go onto your
website only to leave a link and never return, you need to show respect to
those active in the forums. Answer their auto affiliate machine review , show your expertise and
avoid giving a sales pitch with every post. Be subtle about it such as putting
a link in your signature. Be picky about which forums you choose. Keep it to
three to four so that you’ll be able to be an active member of it.
CrorkService, one of the biggest sellers on Fiverr, started out promoting his
SEO services on SEO and internet marketing forums.
2. Create a website/blogBuilding a website or blog around your Fiverr account shows that you’re
credible. Don’t cheap out with an auto affiliate machine review that looks like it was made in the
90s. You can choose solid templates from Theme Forest for about $20-$50.
Since you’ll have full control over the site you can promote your Fiverr
account right on the front page. The more effort you put into building an
audience, the more money that’ll flow in.
3. Social MediaWhether you promote your gigs to your Facebook fans or your large
following on Twitter, social media is a sure way to increase the traffic to
your gigs. Since Facebook has been cutting out how many fans see
Facebook pages they’ve liked, creating a Facebook page may not be
worthwhile. Twitter has a lot of potential. You can do routine searches to
see who’s looking for a service like yours. Determine the keywords people
use to search for your Fiverr gig and then use those same auto affiliate machine review to
determine what Twitter users are searching for. Another great social
platform to drive traffic to your Fiverr page is Pinterest. You’ll need to post
pictures of things that relate to gig such as an infographic, cool product you
make, etc

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IM Coaching Series 2018 Review – An Incredible Training Course That You Will Regret Missing

IM Coaching Series 2018 Review – An Incredible Training Course That You Will Regret Missing
Official Site:
I wouldn’t spend too much time on the Buyer Requests section. This
section is mostly hit or miss. Most of the requests ask for A LOT for only $5.
They are looking for desperate people. Don’t be one of them. In the next
chapter I talk about how I incorporate this section into my daily Fiverr
routine, but I never spend more than 5 minutes on this section. It will not
make or break your success on Fiverr or even help it all that much.
You’re much better off going under the “im coaching series 2018 review” tab and using this
section to make a request. You could always make a gig request like
“Promote my Fiverr gig for $5” and see what kind of offers you get and even
entertain some of them. From my personal experience, the best offer I got
was to promote my gig to all their Twitter followers. I didn’t do it, but it’s a
decent option worth experimenting with if you want!
GETTING REPEAT CUSTOMERSNow, you’ve sold quite a few orders and you have many happy customers
who left you im coaching series 2018 review . What now? Try to get repeat business, of
We do this by following up with happy customers 1-2 weeks later. In the
beginning of your Fiverr career, this is a great way to squeeze out more
sales and get more reviews. Later on though, you may be too busy or this
may be too much work than it’s worth. When you’re just starting out or are
trying to become a Level 1 or Level 2 seller, im coaching series 2018 review works great.

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Real Specific Review – How to Boost Traffic and Engagement

Real Specific Review – How to Boost Traffic and Engagement
Official Site:
Ideas for gig extras:
Express gig extra: 1 day rush for $5 works best.
I will buy your app/book for up to ...: You could also use the gig extras
to cover the costs to buy the buyer’s app or real specific review that needs reviewing.
So a $5 gig extra would cover up to a $4 book/app, a $10 gig extra
would cover up to an $8 book/app etc.
I will vote up every other positive real specific review : Good for sites like Amazon.
Charge $5.
I will include an additional 2 reviews: 2 more reviews for the price of
one. This is good if you know how to create multiple accounts and use
proxies. Charge $5.
3D BOOK COVERSI have a bonus video you can watch where I walk through how you
can easily generate a 3D e-book cover (really popular with Kindle
authors!) to create a mockup of a book for $5.
There are gigs that I do know are in high demand and a lot of users come
to Fiverr looking for them but I am personally not familiar with them since
I’ve never sold them or tried to. The reason is that these gigs take some sort
of specific talent and some more time than the real specific review above. If you have the

talent for the following gigs, I highly recommend you do them. I can’t be as
detailed on how to set these gigs up but a good way to start a new gig is to
search for the gig you want to create, sort by highest rating, and imitate and
copy the gig titles, descriptions and tags the bestselling gigs use.
Remember, a lot of these gigs also allow you to up sell and crosspromote other services or offer expensive gig extras for larger work or

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Viddyoze 3.0 Review – Leverage the Power of 3D Animated Videos

Viddyoze 3.0 Review – Leverage the Power of 3D Animated Videos

Official Site:
You don’t even need to be an SEO expert or really even know what you’re
doing. All you need is the keyword or niche your buyer wants you to
research, enter it into the viddyoze 3.0 review , and it will give you all the data you need
to send to your buyer. If you haven’t noticed by now, you will see a lot of the
methods I offer in this e-book cater to small viddyoze 3.0 review. This isn’t a
coincidence; this is where the demand comes from: small business and
website owners looking to outsource work for cheap.
I and many sellers use
Long Tail Pro. It’s very easy to use and not only is
it powerful and great for personal use, it’s a great way to make some money
on Fiverr.
All you need to do is log into your Google account, that has AdSense
setup, into the program’s settings. Once viddyoze 3.0 review is done, you’re pretty much
set. Type in a keyword (preferably a long tail keyword) and click “Add”.
The software will do its thing and output a list of similar keywords that
get searches as well as show the number of searches per month, the “Cost
per Click” for websites that use this keyword will earn from AdSense, the
number of results, the difficulty to rank for this keyword and the availability
of the domains for this keyword.

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Viddyoze 3.0 Review – Leverage the Power of 3D Animated Videos

Viddyoze 3.0 Review – Leverage the Power of 3D Animated Videos

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Traffic Victory Review – Ultimate Approaches to Generate Free Traffic

Traffic Victory Review – Ultimate Approaches to Generate Free Traffic
Official Site:
Gig Gallery: Don’t steal an image that your supplier uses. Create your
own, something simple, in Photoshop if you’re competent, if not pay
someone on Fiverr to make you one. This is not that important
though. The video is much more important. You could also put
screenshots showing samples of your traffic victory review. So, if you’re selling
Twitter followers, take screenshots of sample accounts that you sent
followers to showing Fiverr buyers what the followers look like.
Gig Video: Your video should contain a logo in the corner of the
screen of the logo of the social media site you’re providing a service
for. So whether it’s a video of yourself or a video of a female
spokesperson you paid, it’s important to have so that when Fiverr
users see the thumbnail of your gig, they will see either a Twitter logo
or YouTube logo next to you in your thumbnail, catching their eye.
Other than this, follow instructions and tips in the previous chapter to
ensure your video is optimized for conversions.
Duration: If your supplier has an average delivery date of 3 days, you
should use 4. This provides a nice buffer. This will give you 5 days to
complete the order since traffic victory review gives you an additional 24 hours
when your gig is late.
Tags: Remember to include the complete tag. So, if your gig is
YouTube views, the keyword should be “YouTube views” not
“YouTube”, “Views”. Also include other keywords many users search
for when looking for social media services and social signals: real,
quality, fast, followers, safe, SEO, etc. Remember to include relevant
keywords to catch people who are making relevant searches. So, if
you’re selling YouTube views, also include the keywords “Likes”
“Subscribers” even if you’re not providing those as gig extras.
Instructions to buyers: Whatever your supplier asks from you, you
should ask the same thing from Fiverr users. Use the template from
the last chapter. Include multiple instructions if your traffic victory review
require different information.Ideas for gig extras:
Express gig extra: It depends how fast your supplier can deliver the
gig or if your supplier offers an extra to have the order processed
Followers/Likes: If you sell Twitter followers, use Retweets or
Favorites as a gig extra. If you sell Instagram Likes, use Instagram
followers. If you sell YouTube views, sell subscribers as a gig extra


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Local SEO Pro Review – What You Need to Boost Ranking

Official Site:
Even if your gig is running late, Fiverr allows you an additional 24 hours
to deliver the gig before the seller is able to cancel. So, you technically have
2 days to deliver a gig even when you set it to 1 day. If you’re running really
late, always notify your buyer or ask your buyer to “please not cancel the
This is key. If you’ve already outsourced the gig and paid someone
else and your buyer cancels, you will lose that money. On top of that,
negative feedback is left whenever a buyer cancels a late order!So be careful.INSTRUCTIONS TO BUYERSIf you don’t have this part set-up right, expect to get a lot of orders that
will end up being a headache. The key here is to ask for every single thing
you need, no matter how obvious you think it is. You’d be surprised, people
will order a gig like Twitter followers and then assume you’re a psychic and
know what their Twitter account is. So, don’t leave anything out. Here’s
a good template to start from:
“HEY! Thanks for your business :)
Please provide me with __________
Also include
- __________
- __________
Please no requests after ordering. Everything I provide is as per my
gig description!
If you like _________ you should check out my other gig”
Your “Instructions to buyers” also allow you to cross-promote other
of yours. I go into this in detail in chapter 5.
Because of the character limits, don’t be afraid to click “Add another
requirement” for each Gig extra you local seo pro review if necessary. Fiverr allows for you
to have multiple different instructions for buyers. This allows you to have
optional instructions for buyers if they order any of your Gig extras.
I will now go over, in detail, which kinds of gigs to sell on Fiverr, how to
sell them, and where to outsource if required. When outsourcing, maximum
you should spend per order is $1. That will leave you with $3 profit since
Fiverr also takes $1. This may not seem like a lot at first, but with enough
volume (20+ orders a day) and enough gig multiples and gig extras
ordered, you can be making at least $2000 a month initially.
Before getting excited and using one of these gig suggestions
immediately, be sure to read the previous chapter in which I described in
detail exactly how to create a gig that will get the most traffic possible as
well as the most sales. It isn’t only about what you sell but also how you
describe it, title it, what local seo pro review you use, what pictures/videos to use and
SEO SERVICESSearch Engine Optimization services are in high demand on Fiverr.
Many users come to Fiverr looking for cheap backlinks or an affordable way
to help rank their websites or their client’s websites. This is an excellent gig
to provide even if you have little to no experience when it comes to SEO.
Backlinks, directory submissions, backlink indexing, blog comments,
article submissions and search engine submission are all things that are
highly searched and purchased on local seo pro review. Don’t be overwhelmed by the
amount of competition in this category on Fiverr. You can still make decent
coin reselling these services. Remember, the reason there’s competition in
anything is because there is a demand and it sells. Competition is good. It
means it will work.
To do this, you will need a supplier. To find a supplier, I recommend
SEO Clerks. There are many other ways to find a supplier or a service to
resell, but I find
SEO Clerks to be the simplest and easiest. I personally
don’t care nor think it matters where you find a supplier. I only care that it
is quality, reliable, and cheap.

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Traffic Takeover Review – Grabbing Traffic to Any Offer

Traffic Takeover Review – Grabbing Traffic to Any Offer

Official Site:
I know, what you’re thinking... “That’s the secret sauce? That’s it?” Well,
there’s actually a little more to it. There’s also a secret ingredient to it. Keep
You would be shocked as to how many sellers do not upload a video for
their gigs. Even the successfully selling traffic takeover review would do twice as much in sales
if they just had a video.
The biggest thing I found experimenting with Fiverr, and that I never see
anyone ever suggest, is something so simple. You need a video for all your
gigs. And yes, it doesn’t even matter what you’re selling, you should create
and upload a video for your gigs.
If you’re not camera shy, I recommend you record yourself. You can use
a digital camera or even a webcam/camera phone if the quality is decent
enough. You can use a free video editing software like Windows Movie
Maker or something like Camtasia to edit the traffic takeover review if needed to add some
background music or graphics. Again, you can pay someone on Fiverr to
edit your video if you have no experience with this.
Sit in front of the camera, under some good lighting, and read off of a
script. Keep it short and simple. Say it like you’re talking to a friend. Don’t
be shy and give it a few takes. Here’s a sample script if you were to sell
Twitter followers:
“Hey, I’m Corey! Do you like traffic takeover review? I can get you over
1000 high quality Twitter followers for only five bucks, exclusively
here on Fiverr! My services are fast and safe! Try me out! You guys
won’t be disappointed! Thanks!”
On the video itself, I’d place a little Twitter graphic so people can see the
Twitter logo in the video thumbnail. In the video itself, I’d put some cool,
royalty free music (search YouTube for “royalty free music” and download
You need to be careful though. Lately, Fiverr have been
very strictwhen it comes to moderating and deciding what videos are allowed on gigs.  

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Bizggro Review – World’s Best All-in-One Business Management Software

Bizggro Review – World’s Best All-in-One Business Management Software
Official Site:
If they want 400 words, they’re going to have to pony up and spend $40, of
which I would earn $32.
Now, to put that in perspective, to earn that much in volume, I would
have to receive 8 orders. It’s a lot easier to sell 1 gig for $40 than to sell a gig
8 times in a day for $40 on Fiverr.
Another thing is to put essential or expensive packaged services in the
gig extras. If you
look at the gig extras for bizggro review , you’ll see he has gig
extra packages for $100. So much for selling a $5 service on Fiverr, right?
All of his gig extras for all his gigs are like this.
They are packages and often times, he puts a lot of value in his gig extras
(think 2 for 1 kind of deals) which encourage buyers to purchase his gig
extras and thus, increasing his average selling price.
Crorkservice is fortunate enough that he gets the best of both worlds. He
gets a massive volume of sales on Fiverr and he also sells a lot of gig extras.
The good news is, you only need one or the other to make money on
If you want more perspective on how order volume and gig extras can
drastically change your income, I suggest you check out the 
bizggro review. If you don’t already have a Fiverr account, go ahead and make one now
before continuing on through this e-book. You will also need a PayPal
account to withdraw your money that you’ve earned through Fiverr. To
create a new account, go to and click on “Join” in the upperright hand corner.

Here, you can join with Facebook if you wish but I’d rather you make an
account from scratch. When choosing a username, it is helpful to pick a
relevant username. For example, if you will be doing SEO and backlink
gigs, something like “SEO_Guy” or “bizggro review” would both be good choices.

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ThemeMaker Review – Easily Build There Very Own Custom WordPress Themes

ThemeMaker Review – Easily Build There Very Own Custom WordPress Themes

Official Site:
As you can see above from the screenshot, I am
averaging $600 a week from the backend from selling
such sites.
How to create the sitesI’m guessing right now you don’t want to do any work
using this method which is understandable. I did
mention that it’s a copy and paste thememaker review . In order to
make the sites, all you need to do is outsource the site
creation to a freelancer on any site including the ones
mentioned below:
You can find sellers who provide services such as this
for as cheap as $100. This means whatever price you
charge upwards of $100 is PURE PROFIT! Imagine
making 3 sales a day easily on Fiverr while doing no
work whatsoever.
So in conclusion, here’s the jist of the method:
1). Create a gig targeting keyword research and
niche research for Amazon and thememaker review.
2). Deliver any of the files which are appropriate
for the sale and make a cool $4 profit.
3). Up sell a website creation service to the buyers
saying that they can have a site that is build on
autopilot and requires no work on their behalf.
4). When you have made a sale, simply outsource
the work to a freelancer while keeping the profit!
5). Sip a martini on the beautiful islands of
That’s all in this guide, I hope you have gained some
inspiration and knowledge from the product and will
now take action. You can always optimise this method

and tweak it to your thememaker review if you feel you can better
monetize it. Remember, you miss 100% of the shots
you don’t take. If you don’t start this method, you
don’t make any sales.
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Vidix Review - A 3-Step Process Makes You Money

Vidix Review - A 3-Step Process Makes You Money

Official Site:
Congratulations on your purchase of “Fiverr Funnel Kraze” and my OTO. You are
about to learn 5 extra GIGS you can use to really delve into Fiverr and pump out
some serious sales!
Some of these GIGS will require more time than others BUT they are VERY
popular and will make you serious vidix review.
I recommend that you stick to 2-3 GIGS at a time because, before you know it,
you are going to be VERY popular which means that you are going to have a TON
of customers knocking at your footsteps.
Just remember… you need to make sure you deliver quality and it is hard to
deliver high quality AND high vidix review. As you devote more time to your Fiverr
business, you will be able to diversity your GIGS allowing you to spread your
presence all over Fiverr!
The goal is to implement all of these strategies to increase your
Buyers List and Fiverr Revenue by 5x the normal amount!
Let’s take a look at some alternate GIGS you can use along with your standard
Create a Squeeze PageCreating a squeeze page for a customer is easy and fun! With plugins like “epic
squeeze” you can create a quick and simple squeeze page in minutes! You can
also check out All you have to do is find out exactly what
the customer is promoting, think of a good headline for the opt-in and tag on
snazzy photo of something related to their topic!
 Once you are done, all you need to do is deliver the file, tag on your “Thank You”
letter and add them to your vidix review !Create an IM VideoThis is another fun and easy IM related product to promote… You can ask your
customer for a power point you can just read and click through while doing a
screen record. You can also create a power point presentation for your customer
as an upsell if they don’t already have one.
You can use Camtasia Recorder to record an Internet Marketing video for your
You can use different editing programs like Adobe After Effects to spice up your
videos and really make them stand out from the others.
Sell Web ResearchOk… you might be thinking about your main GIG… SEO, BUT there is a whole lot
more than just SEO that you can research. People need information for various
topics and you can be the one to get them simple information but for a price!
Research can be fun and easy! All you need to do is get the information on the
topic and do the research and write a short report. I would say that $5 is a good
offer for a 5 page report. $1 per page is very reasonable for a quality report.
Report writing opens a door for an upsell also! Because you are about to become
a pro on Highly Searched keywords, you can offer 100 highly researched “topics”
to your buyer! Keywords are “topics” so you can provide them with different
“topics” to spark their imagination. Oh yea… and they will probably just pay you
to write about a couple of those “topics” you provided…
It’s pretty much a self-perpetuating cycle!!!

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eCom Secrets Review – A Package of Tips You Must Know

eCom Secrets Review – A Package of Tips You Must Know

Official Site:
I will provide you with 100 Keywords that will BOOST your
online business!
I will conduct a relevant, in-depth accurate Keyword
research that will provide you with keywords that are
being searched for in Search Engines thousands of times a
The report will depict each keyword with competition
data, monthly search statistics, recommended Cost per
Click and provide you with 100 virtually untapped words
that will help you climb the ecom secrets review
Keywords will be researched through Google which is the
most trafficked search engine providing results unrivaled
by any other SEO tool or data compiling program.
The best part is that you get 100 HARD-HITTING keywords
guaranteed to be delivered to you in 3 days for only $5
Online Keyword Research that I will conduct will
guarantee that your business ranks FAST and will help your
business SUCCEED!
Let’s scroll down to the bottom half of the ecom secrets review. Here is what it looks like
TAGS: Next, you will need to add some tags… There are 3 different Levels of
sellers. The number of ecom secrets review depends on your level. For Level 1, you can only use
3 TAGS. The purpose of tags is to drive targeted customers that are looking for
your exact specialty.


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FastEye Pages Review - Does It Really Work?

FastEye Pages Review - Does It Really Work?
Official Site:
You DO NOT want to send your list junk products and promotions! Make sure you
know the exact topic, content and quality of the products you send your list. It
can take ONE bad product that will shut down your list and ruin your reputation.
3) Be Yourself
Before you know it, your list will know you by name. They will know and
appreciate your fasteye pages review and the fact that you are helping them solve problems.
Your reputation will make you a lot of money and being yourself will cause your
list to become accustomed to you resulting in greater fasteye pages review .
ConclusionYou have probably established some sort of list building business if you are
reading this product so I want to make sure you know Im not trying to insult your
I also want you to be aware of potential snags that will prevent you from
achieving your maximum monthly revenue potential. You homework here is to set
up an autoresponder account with one of the 2 recommended providers.
If you already have an account, send yourself a test email created in the same
formatting and verbiage you would send to your fasteye pages review.
After creating the email, send it as a test to yourself and make sure that it
populates your inbox and not your spam folder. If it ends up in your spam folder,
you need to modify your verbiage, headline etc.
Next, let’s talk about the free report you will use to get your customers to
subscribers to your Buyers List

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Thứ Tư, 18 tháng 4, 2018

Smart Video Metrics Review - Does This Video Marketing Software Really Work?

Smart Video Metrics Review - Does This Video Marketing Software Really Work?

Official Site:
Your standard email account that you used to start your account will be auto
populated. In the request notes you can just send a request stating that you are a
new affiliate and will be providing good quality traffic to their offer.
If you are rejected, you will need to find other products to promote. Don’t worry
or feel bad if you are rejected. I have been rejected a few times but when I
started asking the seller to give me a chance and allow me to sell their smart video metrics review , I
received very few rejection notices.
Promotion TipYour reputation as an affiliate seller is very important. There are a lot of affiliate
sellers out there that will buy low quality traffic and funnel it to offers they
promote. This will greatly decrease conversions for product creators and hurt
their stats.
 For privacy, I deleted part of the profile name of the example affiliate. Take a look
at the stats… The affiliate listed above has sold between 500 and 1000 products.
Sounds good right! Yea… that’s a great amount of sales BUT… take a look at his
“Conv (Conversion) Rate” and his “Refd (Refund) Rate.” This particular affiliate
marketer converts at .8% and has a large refund rate of 4.5%.
This affiliate requested to promote my smart video metrics review and was not approved. The reason
his conversion rate was so low and his refund rate was so high is because he is
funneling low quality traffic to offers he is promoting.
I don’t want a ton of traffic seeing my offer and not making a move or purchasing
and asking for a refund… I want quality traffic that converts.
The overall point here is that you as an affiliate need to send QUALITY traffic to
offers you are promoting. If you do, you will highlight yourself as a good affiliate
marketer and people will “Auto smart video metrics review” you to promote future offers they
Your list will be that Quality traffic!
ConclusionNow you know a bit more about WarriorPlus. Practice makes perfect, so go back
through this module step-by-step and create your WarriorPlus account if you
don’t already have one


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Commission Expo Review – Learn How To Maximize Your Income With This Exclusive 3-Day Event

Commission Expo Review – Learn How To Maximize Your Income With This Exclusive 3-Day Event
Official Site:
First, click on the menu option indicated by the arrow marked 1. Then click on the
menu indicated by the arrow marked 2. After clicking on the “offers” tab
indicated by arrow 2, you will see a list of offers that you can request to promote.
As I said earlier, I will be providing you with a specific offer to promote, however
you can search for other offers that you can promote. Just make sure that your
offers are based on SEO since that will be what your commission expo review is focused on which
means your Buyers List will be comprised of subscribers that want SEO related
You want to stay consistent! Don’t offer SEO for something completely random.
Before we continue on, let me talk about a little trick you can implement that may
help you diversify what you promote to your potential buyers…
If you sell a commission expo review on Fiverr and see that the requested Keywords are related to a
particular niche like “fitness” for example… You can promote affiliate offers that
are based on “fitness” however I STRONGLY recommend that you stick to SEO
since that is what your customers are originally contacting you for.
Not only that but also because as you focus on selling products based on a
particular niche, your list will actually be tailored more toward that commission expo review.

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Long Tail Pro Review – Get Your Content The Highest Ranking with This Powerful Keyword Research Tool

Long Tail Pro Review – Get Your Content The Highest Ranking with This Powerful Keyword Research Tool
Official Site:
You are going to provide your viewers 100 keywords targeted at a particular niche
for $5!
I’m a huge fan of helping people… For me, the old saying, “What good is it if you
gain the whole world but forfeit your soul...” strikes deep! If you take care of
people… it will come around! I mentioned it in the previously, the biggest portion
of your income will be those repeat customers.
If you purchased my last product “long tail pro review ,” there was a section in the book
where I covered Keyword Research using Google’s keyword planning tool in great
detail step-by-step.
You will be able to get fast results quickly and easily but the best part is that you
will still be providing a good quality product to your customers!
Ok, now let’s talk about the competition between sellers within Fiverr… There are
people who will be selling the same GIG. What you need to do is advertise your
GIG better than your competition.
When I show you how to set up your long tail pro review, I will show you some tips and tricks to
set your GIG apart from the rest. For now, just keep in mind that you are going to
want to advertise in a way that looks more professional than your competition.
Either way, even if you are brand new to selling GIGs on Fiverr, keep in mind that
you are going to be able to climb the ladder eventually. You will start off slow, so
don’t worry if you aren’t selling 5 GIGs a day starting out.
If you sell 2 GIGs a day then that’s still an extra $300 in your pocket without hard
work… and this isn’t even where the money is at within the funnel! This is just the
base layer and an “in” with your customers so you can start building relationships
and growing your 
long tail pro review 

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VidCuratorFX 2.0 Review - Why Do You Need This Auto Video Creation & Publishing App?

VidCuratorFX 2.0 Review - Why Do You Need This Auto Video Creation & Publishing App?

Official Site:
SO many of us have heard that List Building is the way to go when it comes to IM.
I’m here to tell you that List Building IS the way to go!
The great thing about list building is that, since people are actually joining your list
by free will, those subscribers are actually worth money!
As a general overview, you have 2 types of vidcuratorfx 2.0 review ;
1. Free Subscribers
2. Buyer Subscribers
Which do you think is worth more???
That’s right!!! Buyers are worth more! That’s because these subscribers will
actually pull out their credit cards and purchase your products. This makes your
subscribers worth $1-$3 per month… EACH.
Doesn’t sound like much? Well, building a list of 500 buyers is fairly easy! And just
think about it… If you build a list of 500 subscribers, that’s a monthly income of
$500 a month… MINIMUM.
Most Buyer lists come in at $3 each… MINIMUM! That’s $1500 a month in
potential income from a list of only 500!
Oh yea… and that income is SUSTAINABLE.
That’s the secret… building your vidcuratorfx 2.0 review
Well, I have a secret for you… A secret that will show you how to make money 2
ways in 1 shot! And vidcuratorfx 2.0 review works! Not only does it work, but you can reciprocate it
several times and have several money making funnels going at once! I will explain
more as we go on!

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