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The secret of the one thing.
Marketing studies have been conducted which prove that the more video producer pro review you give people, the less likely they are to take any action at all. Joe Sugarman proved this point when he took on a proj ect for a watch seller. They had nine models of watches they insisted be included in their ads. Joe advised against this, yet they persisted. He talked them into a "test" where they focused the ad on just one watch. They reluctantly agreed to try . . . and broke sales records with this new ad approach. I've found affiliate success using the "Replace the Merchant" approach by applying this principle. When you discover a merchant placing a crazy number of purchase options on one page, you have a potential winner by picking one product from the crowd and focusing on that product only. "The Secret of the One Thing" holds true when it comes to your landing pages too. Each piece of marketing material you create should have ONE objective that stands above all others. You will be tempted with the desire to go right for the commission Patience is necessary; the commissions will come, you will convert at a higher rate of 2-3 times, and you will earn more down the road by selling to this onetime visitor over and over. The focus of all landing pages should be to further the relationship. How you further the relationship is up to you, but to be clear you're looking for a relationship - not the marketing equivalent of a "quickie" - something ultimately only bragged about by boys who need to grow up. Give your newsletter a name. That adds perceived value and helps it stand out. Scrolling through my message box, almost nobody does video producer pro review The worst might be Ebay's "store-newsletter". Most lists I belong to are using a business name, or personal name. Notice the difference . . . Bencivenga Bullets (not "Gary Bencivenga") How to Double Your Business (not "Glenn Livingston") JV Zoo Daily Pick (not "Brian Rose") Hack the Entrepreneur (not "Jon Nastor") A Holy Experience (not Ann Voskamp) The name reminds me, and suggests, what's inside. A few people, maybe like Gary Bencivenga, have enough name recognition with enough people but when you're on 800 lists you forget names and why they interested you initially. Not your name, definitely NOT employees or partners. If you work with partners, never allow them to send email using their own name. For example, I'm on John Carlton's list and he has a partner/employee named "Stan Dahl". I have no idea who Stan is, and that makes the message appear as spam. It also lessens the Carlton brand, and could lead me to associate my affinity with Stan instead of John. The biggest issue is with the claims made in the ads and on your site. If the focus is on an atypical result, you'll have problems. For example, "Lose 22 pounds in 14 Days". If you look
at those whose ads ARE running and you pay attention to how they're selling you will learn a lot. here is no mention, nor claim, regarding how much anyone will lose in the ad, or the landing page. "Fast 5" is a clever way of implying you'll lose 5 pounds the first week, but that's only implied. Break it down – Headline: Call to action, includes offer.
Description 1: Guaranteed weight loss – but no specific claim, and even if you could argue “5” is a claim it’s
Description 2: Bonus Savings – everyone gets that.
Description 3: Money Back Guarantee – for everyone.
Description 4: 150+ Menu Items – everyone gets that.
Description 5: No measuring or counting – for everyone.
If the focus of your offer is on specific weight loss numbers you'll have problems. The same is true in the make money markets - the focus needs to be on the mechanisms, which is why software is a smart move, not on the potential results unless EVERYONE will  experience that result.
Highlights and Things You Must Know from Google’s Rating Scale In this first section Google determines “relevance” based on the interpretation of the search query – ie, what is this person looking for and what’s the closest thing to “official”, AND THEN to useful/helpful/up-todate.
1) The dominant interpretation of the query is navigation, and the landing page is the target of the navigation query.
2) The dominant interpretation of the query is an entity (such as a person, video producer pro review, business, restaurant, product, company, organization, etc.), and the landing page is the official webpage associated with that entity.
The query must have a dominant interpretation. Most Vital pages are very helpful. Please note that
this is not a requirement for a rating of Vital, however. Some Vital pages are “official”, but not very helpful.
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A certain way to failure is to focus on trailing numbers. Trailing numbers are those numbers that show up on your bank statement at the end of the month. You made X, and you spent Y. When you’re making money it can be easy to ignore these numbers – until it’s too late and you have a big problem. Focus on leading numbers because you can do something about those. If you don’t have enough ad impressions, or enough visitors, you’re not going to reach your goal. With that information you can act now, instead of re-act in shock and horror at the end of the month.The point has been made, but I need to stress it.  It’s so important. When the game is intangible it’s overwhelming, unclear, unpredictable, confusing, frustrating and the work is never, ever done.
I have found peace and success by focusing on the process and the numbers that matter. I have built up great successes, but failed to pay attention to key numbers only to see everything fall apart. You may find sales are great even though your list stopped growing. And then, seemingly out of the blue, your income drops to half.
A traffic source dried up, visits declined, list growth slowed to a trickle, and because the rest of the system
works it kept supporting you until everyone moved through the pipeline. Ouch! It was predictable. What needed to happen was clear - if only those numbers were defined, measured and addressed. I believe that marketing is game of creativity and science. The science gives us numbers to measure our creative affiliate titan 3.0 review. The science tells us what needs to be impacted in reality, and our creativity is the only limit to making that happen. Not at all traffic is created equal. If you know the law of 80/20 then it should be no surprise that it applies to traffic as well.
80% of your income will come from 20% of your traffic. With traffic I take it a step beyond that – Because 80% of THAT income will come from 20% of THAT traffic – In other words 96% of income comes from 4% of traffic – that’s the traffic you want to focus on. Working and investing in the other 96% is a complete waste. I don’t care about 1000 visitors per day – I care about the 4% who are going to buy something. 40 per day are just as good if they’re the right ones. Don’t be seduced by promises of big traffic, cheap – it’s fool’s gold – garbage. It’s cheap for good reason. The Four Quadrants of Traffic Have you ever heard of the “Four Quadrants of Knowing”?
It goes like this What does this have to do with traffic? (And later you’ll see how what it has to do with conversion, and how you need to approach each with a different landing page). Think about yourself on a trip to the grocery store while visiting friends or family in another part of the country, or world – things are a little different than you’re accustomed to. You arrive with a list in hand and three items on it. Coffee Coco Puffs
Cake mix First you go to the coffee aisle. Generally you know what you like but here the brands are unknown to you. You know what you want – coffee with specific characteristics – but you don’t know which kind. In this case, you know what you don’t know – you don’t know which coffee is most suitable to your taste.
Another shopper comes along and you ask their opinion you don't know this person, but they seem to know what they're talking about so you take the advice. Second, you go to the cereal aisle – you’re in luck,
they’re fully stocked with Coco Puffs. That was easy – you knew what you knew – you wanted Coco Puffs. In
spite of countless alternative choices you bought what you came for. Third, you go to the aisle where the cake mixes are. You’ve never baked a cake and initially the choices seem overwhelming. Then you begin to realize things you didn’t initially know that you knew – you like chocolate, you like simple (Just Add Water!), you
recognize the Betty Crocker Brand – that wasn’t so tough, you knew more than you realized. Thankfully not every cake mix is sold in a generic white box that simply says "affiliate titan 3.0 review". And finally, on your way through the checkout line, while wondering how it is you ALWAYS get stuck in the slowest line, some nifty little gadget catches your eye – something you didn’t even know existed – and since it’s only a couple of bucks you toss it into your basket. This falls into the category of stuff “you don’t know that you don’t know”. The online world and traffic work in a very similar way. All people hold stake in each of the 4 Quadrants, but what they know and what they don't know is dramatically different. And depending on what they know, and what they don't know, they are in various degrees of awareness and desire for whatever you might have to offer. The odds of being successful with each of these 4 quadrants vary greatly - each requires a different sales approach and those approaches require minimal to maximum effort. People who don’t know what they don’t know are the
largest traffic segment by far. There is a massive world of information, products and services that most
of us have absolutely no idea exist. When something enters a person’s consciousness for the first time how likely do you think they are to make a commitment? How likely do you think they are to make a BIG commitment? You never see a $37 item sitting on the shelves of the checkout line, for good reason.
This “Don’t Know What They Don’t Know” traffic is atough conversion. It might come cheap, and it might
come in high volume. But you don’t play here unless you’re on the world class level of conversion and you
have money to blow. People who don’t know what they know are perhaps the most interesting group.  These are people who DO have some awareness but they haven’t assembled the pieces in their mind. Help those take the approach of assessing what they know and crossing things off the list to narrow the choices. Often more information IS NOT the answer to conversion - the answer is to help people get clear on what they already know so that they are able to focus in a more narrow direction.
Again, however, turning this traffic into a buyer requires skill – quizzes work great to help show people in this quadrant how to get where they want to be. Next, I call people who know what they don’t know “shoppers”.
For example, I know I want a new TV – but I don’t know what kind. I know I want something, but I’m looking for
the right fit.  We’re getting closer to where we want to be with regard to affiliate titan 3.0 review. But to sell to this kind of traffic you need to know, and communicate, what’s on the market and what the best fit is. People at this stage are close to making a decision, but they’re not there yet. There are a wide variety of directions they can go – and that means you need to cover a wide range of options and REALLY know your stuff. This isn’t the place to start – it’s the next place to get to. Finally we have what I call “buyer traffic”. Don’t confuse my use of “buyer traffic” with the bastardized versions. I AM the one who penned the term and others have tried to put their own take on it. We’re talking about people who know what they know – they know what they want. They just need someone to close them – to convince them they’re making the right choice – to direct them to the right place and the best
deal. This is the 4% I’m talking about – you almost never lose money targeting these specifics
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This WSO is going to teach you about the 4 most amazing traffic sources that is going to really change your sources of marketing. You're still extremely excited right? You read the Salesletter and you're all ready to take
your traffic to the next level. I'm here to tell you that this WSO is going to give you the chance to get some serious traffic You've probably tried traffic source after traffic source, but what I'm going to teach you in this
course is a simple set of tactics that have worked for me and countless others.. Free Traffic Everything in this WSO requires zero dollars to invest in order to make this flowleads app review . You can do these strategies over and over again with no problem to get more traffic. Like I've said before, while Google is great, it is still unstable. It pays off to have other sources of traffic if you ever want that fast paced traffic. Some people have told me they have used some of these tricks while they're waiting to get their sites ranking on Google. 
1) Empire.Kred
This website is the place to grow any website of yours with ease. Empire.Kred is the place that allows you to become a social influencer and develop an audience fast. What makes this site so unique compared to others is their wide range of great ways to complete missions and achieve massive growth with your site.
You can actually start discovering new content and promote to others the content that you want to share with the world. While this works for specific niches, I find that this can be a place for anybody who wants to build an
audience and get fast traffic to any content you want people to know about, whether it's your blog or squeeze page you want people to witness. Once you join the site, you have the opportunity to complete a variety of missions and receive points inthe thousands that you can redeem in the future for advertising the content you want the world to share. Their currency is known for being called "Eaves." When just getting started, you receive chances to do some of the following: Post your own picture - Reward: 10,000 Eaves Invite a Friend - Reward: 50,000 Eaves Link your social networks - Reward: 50,000 (I highly recommend you create brand new Facebook, twitters, and other accounts meant for marketing purposes before you attach it to this site. Not
because this site gives spam, but only because you don't want to confuse your personal info with this
site.) Watch This Video On How Empire.Kred Works Reward: 100,000 Eaves Complete as much Missions as much as possible and earn all of the Eaves you can get...... When you earn a substantial amount of Eaves, you
can start running your own Missions. What does it mean to run your own Missions? When you have a good enough amount to give away, you have the ability to have a mission that asks for people to do almost whatever you want in order to gain the eaves you are providing them. Again, before you start doing this, you MUST
make sure you have completed as many missions as you can possibly do. You NEED PLENTY in order
to get a good enough amount of people going to your site.
1) Click on Missions
You're going to click on Missions on your homepage.
2) Click on New Mission
Clicking here will bring you to a form that will let you type in everything you need to type in order to get people signing up 
3) Choose A Mission Type
All you have to do is simply choose between different flowleads app review. They let you choose what you want, but I always choose between "Visit Web Page URL" and the other YouTube options that they give me. You want traffic right? This is the best method for building your list. Bring people straight to your squeeze page. Note: I've never actually brought people straight to my affiliate link, but if you can do it, you might as well. I just haven't been able to do that just yet.
4) Your Title And Description
You want people to feel compelled to check out your Mission, and you want to encourage people to check your site out. NOTE ON LIST BUILDING: When trying to build your list, I highly recommend taking the time to create an educational article with the subscription on the right hand or left hand side. It should be
there but it shouldn't be the focal point of your page. A squeeze page with helpful information is the kind of landing page you want to put up. Here's an excerpt from their FAQ for creating a Mission:
Missions are an incredibly powerful "Advertorial". Remember those great advertisements that you have seen on TV, online or in print? The ones that you really remember are ones that are truly meaningful and relate to you.
Now you have Missions as a means to advertise socially. Your Mission should compel people to discover: you, your content or whatever it is that you are promoting. A great Mission describes where the person is going, is honest and expects nothing more than for a person to check your promotion out. A great social Mission engages you to engage without force! You are rewarding people to check out some content, promotion or maybe yourself online. Don't force people to engage with you! Simply rewarding others to check out your content will get people to interact! Make your content engaging and shareable. Write a great title! Engage people with the very first thing someone sees: the title. A great title could be "12 Ways to Create Great Social Missions". A poor title might be "check this web page". Think about why someone should click through to your Mission and then click through to the content and Complete your "Visit a Web Page" Mission! Another example of "poor" title etiquette is to put in a rewards amount. For one, these amounts may differ depending on a person's reputation and secondly it takes up valuable space when you could be telling an interesting flowleads app reviewWrite a great description! Be funny, be cute, be honest. Tell the Mission completer what they are about to click through. A great description for the above "12 Ways to Create Great Social Missions" could be: "Ever wanted to make people sit up and notice your social content? I've written a great post on the subject and would love for you to read it! Share it with people if you like it!".
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How to Interact With Your Market & Sell More Stuff! The purpose of your lead capture page is to build a list and keep in touch with your visitors once they leave your site. Over time the goal is to build a relationship with them, build trust and constantly remind them about your product. They may not want it now but that’s not to say they won’t in the future! The best way to do this is to interact, ask questions and listen to your list. Ask them what their most pressing problems are, what they’ve tried in the past and what they’d like to try in the future. The easiest way is to write an email with some short questions or use a service like Survey Monkey. This is great feedback to help improve your front end product, tweak your sales copy and build your future backend products and services (see step seven)! Get surveys right and you may never have to do a days niche research ever again! Step One: Create Your Lead Capture Page This is the first step in your sales funnel where you offer your website visitors a reason to join your list. All you need is their name and email address and a good reason they should part with those details. The most common method is to offer a free fb exciter review, gift or newsletter in return for their contact details. The better the gift… the more likely they are to give you their contact details! If you can put a monetary value on your gift – even better! The best free gifts have a monetary value and provide a partial solution to the problem your market is looking to solve. It should offer useful but incomplete information and lead readers towards buying your paid product. As soon as your visitors join your list they are sent to your sales page by your auto-responder provider where they buy – or don’t buy your product. If they buy your product – you get paid, they get their product and you should set up your system so they are added to a specific email list for buyers. If they choose not to buy your product at least you can stay in touch via email, send them updates, free information and regularly plug your products. This is your non-buyer list. There is a lot of money to be made in the follow-up! If you need a hand with setting up your squeeze page I It’s always a good idea to promote your own products first since your new subscriber joined your list because they liked the free gift you had to offer
and what you had to say. But you can’t and won’t convert everyone into a buyer so at a later date you can start to sell other products – either your own or other peoples. Some people will never buy anything and others are just waiting for the right offer. Remember people’s circumstances change and so do their needs. As time goes on you may look into ways to maximize your traffic further using exit pop-ups and other strategies to get as many people onto your list and in front of your offers. Whilst I whole-heartedly believe in capturing the email addresses of as many people as possible there is one distinct disadvantage. You may alienate affiliates. Many affiliates won’t promote to a squeeze page in case they are not credited with sales commissions – this happens from time to time in the real world and – as the saying goes – “once bitten, twice shy”. The easiest way around this is to have two options – a sales page or the squeeze page and let affiliates decide which they want to promote. Step Two: Drive Traffic to Your Lead Capture Page Pick a method and start driving traffic. The best way to get started is to block off time in your day and have a checklist of things to do everyday. It might be post a $40 classified advert and speak to 10 potential JV partners. Or you may decide to use free traffic and might wri te 5 forum posts, 1 blog post, 5 blog comments and an article everyday. Remember you can re-purpose your work by re-writing blog posts as articles, posting your articles to Ezinearticles (or where ever) and then letting
affiliates use them to post around the interweb. Create a daily routine, drive traffic and stick to that routine until you find a better or smarter way to get traffic fast! Step Three: Create a High Converting Sales Page Anyone who joins your email list instantly gets sent to your sales page where you present your product. Your lead capture page and free gift shouldDetails:complement your main fb exciter review – which should be a more complete solution. If your subscribers buy your product they can download their product and should be added to a new list for buyers – people who have proven they spend money on solutions with you. If the don’t buy (right now) you get a second bite of the cherry by following up with emails to your non-buyers list (step 4). Now you can keep in
touch until they buy, die or unsubscribe from your list. You goal right now is: Get your sales page converting the best you can. Not only will you make more money but better conversions also means more money for affiliates and that will keep them motivated and sending traffic by the bucketload!
More traffic = more money and a bigger buyers list
Bigger Buyers List = even more money
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The Niche Profit System
Profitable niches are all around you. Ask yourself “What is the gramkosh review EVERYONE needs?” Until recently I'd no idea how much commission people made selling furniture, fridges and freezers and then realized everyone needs a bed, everyone needs somewhere to sit, everyone needs fridges and freezers! There are mass markets all over the place, markets so broad they literally target everyone. And each market has a wide variety of individual niches within them. It's better still when the niche has repeat buyers. Our throw-away society means we're more likely to buy a new washing machine in 5 – 10 years than keep it for 25 years plus.. . which keeps the sales team in commission until retirement. It's why health, wealth and relationships are the three BIG markets and so attractive for business. We all need money, we all need to look after our health (and will have
health problems) and we all want to have long-term, fulfilling relationships with a partner. If you're not sure where to start (and you think you might procrastinate) then pick a big, proven market like health, wealth or relationship. Within each market there are lots of sub-niches for you to target, profit from and expand into. Here are five questions I always ask myself before getting involved in a market or niche.
1. Is there paid advertising?
2. Are there a variety of different affiliate programs
3. Are other affiliate promoting products
4. Are there continuity or high ticket products on sale
5. Are there magazines for the subject
Answer “Yes” to all five questions it’s a good sign there’s money to be made and the market is tried n’ tested.
What Are You Passionate About? There are two schools of thought on making money with your passion.
One schools says it's a great way to start because you're doing what you love which means you're more likely to stick with it and see it through to the end. I couldn't agree more. The other school says go where the money is because passions aren't profitable. Good advice provided you can STICK it through to the end. Once upon a time I was heavily involved in the Forex niche building review sites and reading up on different trading systems so I could pre-sell them effectively. It bored me to tears and I ended up with some finished projects and a
fair few that remain unfinished (still on the to-do list) to this day. I made some good money but it was just like having a job! The passion vs. profitable gramkosh review  is actually very easy. If your passion is profitable then follow it whole-heartedly and go for it! A lot of people choose to start internet marketing because they hate their ob, they hate the daily commute, hate their boss and don’t earn enough money. Thing is… if you ‘go into internet marketing’ and end up in niches that bore you to death – simply because they’re profitable – then the dream lifestyle can soon start to become very job like. If your passion isn’t profitable then make a list of what you’re good at. It might be a skill you use at work, at home or something you were good at in the past. My uncle works in the auto industry but as a 20 something he was always building stuff with wood out in his shed. That’s a skill you can leverage. Leverage Existing Skills & Expertise The quickest way to enter a market and build your business is through leverage – I guess it’s a bit like learning a language. I’ve a good friend who’s a great linguist.
He learned English from his father and Spanish from his mother. He was well ahead of the curve at school when we all had to learn French. The similarities between Spanish and French meant he was leveraging his existing
knowledge and he passed his exams in less than half the time everyone else did. The quickest way for you to get started is by asking yourself “What skills do I already have?” What area’s have you experienced first hand and could offer advice on?
Don’t be scared to think outside the box and don’t exclude life-skills. The other day I was flicking through old cover issues of Parenting magazines for ideas and kept coming across two gramkosh review.
1. Dealing with temper tantrums
2. Helping fussy eaters
Two life skills I’m sure many mothers and fathers have first hand experience at and managed to deal with. And even if you’re not a parent or your children were ‘delightful’ I’m sure you could very easily research either
topic and create a report very quickly.
Quick Tip: If you find yourself doubting yourself or questioning whether or not you’re qualified to provide
the information you’re not alone! Remember expertise is relative. On a scale of 1 to 10 if you’re a level 5 then you market your product to people at level 1 -- 4. It’s no different to the Science teache r at primary school, high school or university. They’re all qualified to teach at different levels and you should think the
same. Learning to leverage your skills and knowledge is a fundamental skill as a marketer and can help you find success much, much faster.
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