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Convertri Review – Build the fastest Pages you ever seen

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This is a good way to get really accurate information about your traffic statistics, sales, and conversion rates. You may never need more than this, but if you really want to fine-tune your statistics, you can purchase professional tracking tools too. These might be particularly important if you are paying a lot of money for your traffic, or if you have some reason to doubt your affiliate program's statistics.

A product called Prosper202 can be used to track both traffic to your convertri review , clicks through to an advertiser, and conversions. You actually host this software on your servers. This is important to many marketers who have concerns about letting anybody else have access to their data. After you have a little experience with different CPA offers, you might explore another way to make money.

A lot of affiliate programs have second or even third tier payout schemes. This means that you can recruit other people to promote the CPA offer, and you can make a little money whenever they make money. Sometimes that money can add up. In fact, some marketers spend almost 100 percent of their time recruiting. Sure, you make more money if you get the sale.

But getting a smaller percentage of many people's sales might work out for you. Keys To Making Money By Recruiting 1. Only promote offers that you have actually tested or have some reason to believe are good. 2. Offer to help people you recruit get started with some good tips about how to promote the convertri review. 3.

Spend time with other affiliates who are actually putting in some effort. Of course, you only get paid when other people also make money, so it only makes sense to promote offers that you have tested yourself. I don't really understand why some marketers will promote a new offer every day when it is obvious that they cannot have test them all.

I guess they figure that they can throw enough things against the wall, and something will stick. If you have developed a good strategy for promoting an offer, you might not be that eager to give it away. You will still make more money when you push the offer yourself than you will if one of your recruits does.

You have to use your common sense, but it might be helpful if you let a few tips drop, so they could get started on the right convertri review. After all, you only make money from your recruits when you make money. Be careful of spending to much time coaching others. In my experience, about 20 percent of affiliates that I recruit ever actually push any business. The rest won't be worth your time.

It's great to help people out, but you need to manage your time wisely. You might offer to help your recruits after they have demonstrated that they can make a sale or two. How To Find Other Affiliates To Recruit There are a lot of good ways to find people to push products. ? Start your own marketing blog. ? Hang out on webmaster forums.

? Find social media groups with Internet marketers. 
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Cellulite Gone Review - 5 Critical Keys to Kill Your Cellulite - Honest ...

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ProfitFox Review – The most powerful behavior-oriented than ever before

ProfitFox Review – The most powerful behavior-oriented than ever before
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Welcome to Simple CPA Profits and in this revolutionary report I am going to be revealing one of my main sources of traffic to bank $1 ,500 days with CPA offers. First i'm going to show you a tool to pulling out the right targets to go after. And then I will show you how to steal traffic from super targeted websites once you find the right target.

So let's get right into the action Step 1 First thing is to signup for profitfox review . No, this is not about buying traffic from google adwords. We just want to pull the data from google and use it to legally steal traffic. When you setup your Free adwords account lets build out a new campaign. Click on type drop down menu and choose Display Network. Add in 1 0 budget and click next These website are using good adwords to show ads.

And you can see the amount of traffic these websites are getting. 500,000 is a ridiculous amount of traffic these sites are getting. Step 2 Now I want to show you how to use these website and legally steal their traffic without using Google adwords. Once you understand this part you do this for any niche you want. We will stick with the Fat Loss niche, and will find CPA offers that work with that niche.

Now that you have the websites picked out from the Google Adwords tool in step 1 . You want to get started with profitfox review. Millions of people each day will download a very small piece of code to there computer, usually to get a free gift in return. That code will then be able to pop up banners on the users computers. Yes its those annoying ads that popup when we least expect them.

PPV networks control a huge amount traffic on top of the website we chose before. The traffic you can pick up from PPV networks is usually between 1 ­ 2 cents, $.001 . So cheap and there is a massive amount of it. 1 Cent Highly Targeted Traffic is the best and only traffic you should be spending your money on. All the marketing pros use PPV traffic, yet so many others just don't understand how to get this traffic work. Let’s jump into networks. Traffic Vance is the best of the best when it comes to PPV networks. They have the best traffic but also require a little work to get started with them.

This networks requires a $1 ,000 deposit and a referral to get in. If this is the network you want to go with, just ask your affiliate manager inside your CPA networks to give you the referral. Let your affiliate manager know you are serious about driving a ton of traffic to your profitfox review  with trafficvance.

If you follow this plan you will have no problem getting accepted. Lead Impact has been my traffic source for years. They have good traffic and compete very well with trafficvance. You will be required to drop $1 ,000 deposits inside of Leadimpact, but there is no referral requirement. DirectCPV is another PPV network but the traffic is not as good. Its a low entry of $1 00, but I feel you get what you pay for here.

The entry of $1 00 will go toward your advertising costs. Step 3 For this example I will be using Leadimpact and Pure asian garcinia from Peerfly. 

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Video Marketing Blaster Review - How To Rank Videos On Youtube With 3 Clicks

Video Marketing Blaster Review - How To Rank Videos On Youtube With 3 Clicks

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Mid November, people started talking about another video marketing blaster review change and my pinterest traffic fell to 5000 pv per day and leveled out there, despite me not changing anything in my pinning strategy. (Then I took a bit of a break from pinning because I had a baby and I was pre-occupied, so traffic fell even farther.) With the talk of algorithm changes I wondered if my time was still actually being well spent pinning manually.

I tried using a scheduler again for a few days over Christmas Holidays, just to see, and I had my lowest traffic days in months. Less than 4000 page views per day. I resumed manual pinning, and traffic hasn’t fallen that low again. But once I got back to pinterest and kept pinning with my strategy, traffic has slowly started to rise again - I’m seeing between 4 and 7000 page views / day now.

I can SEE the spike in traffic most days when I get to my computer to pin. This makes me confident enough in the strategy to say that it is worth a shot. A recent (since October or November 201 6) major ?pinterest change to note is that pinterest removed the follow button that popped up when you pinned someone’s pin. That has DRASTICALLY affected the rate at which I gain followers. I was gaining around 1 00 / day consistently, and now I gain about 25 per day.

This is sad, but it’s only about how many people are clicking follow on video marketing blaster review, and doesn’t seem related to page views AT ALL. Do be aware that it will be more difficult to gain followers on pinterest with any pinning method, and consider getting a follow button for you blog, or asking readers to follow you on pinterest. Future updates to follow - because pinterest is constantly changing.

For further increasing your traffic, outside of pinterest, I love love love the book How I went from 17k page views to 350k pageviews in 9 months*. Lena has strategies for facebook, google plus, stumble upon and a multitude of other platforms. It is by far my favorite blogging book (and I have read lots of video marketing blaster review). If you enjoyed this book and would like to be an affiliate for Pinteresting Strategies, you can sign up for the affiliate program here

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Fastgecko Review – Making membership website never becomes easier

Fastgecko Review – Making membership website never becomes easier
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Go to your “reporting” screen in google analytics (pictured above). Scroll down in the menu on the left hand side to “acquisition” and click > social > network referrals (pictured below). If you have ever had any visitors to your site from pinterest, you will see pinterest listed here as a referrer. Click into the “pinterest” referrer (circled).

Here’s a list of your blog pages / fastgecko review that are receiving pinterest traffic (1 ). Every single page / post receiving traffic is listed here starting with the ones receiving the most traffic first, and you can scroll through them from the busiest to the least busy (2). Click into any blog post on the list, (that will open a NEW list - screenshot below).

You might see that the first one or two “refferers” on the new list are just or referrers (1). (Scary technical information - disregard this if it sounds like gibberish to you! Unfortunately, Google does not receive the pin ID when people click in on MOBILE pins, and the large majority of traffic is MOBILE traffic.

That means that while traffic to the specific post is still measured, it gets rolled into the "/" referrer (or, I believe, the one that just says as well - feel free to correct me on this statement). BUT I haven’t found that to be a major issue as far as this strategy goes… the best referring desktop pins are probably still the best referring pins overall (on mobile as well, even tho we can’t see it).

I do have a plan to test some pins with UTM parameters in the near future and then I will be sending you an update with my fastgecko review… if I find that it makes a difference.) SO - we just focus on using the pin that we CAN see has received the most traffic. On this list (pictured above) that is the third one down (2). This time, don’t click into it… copy (highlight and it and press ctrl + c) and paste it into a new browser window (paste is ctrl + v) and press enter - you should be signed into pinterest on your computer when you do this.

This will take you to that pin, the one that has been driving the most traffic (aside from mobile) to your site. Scroll down to the bottom of that pin, and see who pinned it - and to what board. You might be surprised to notice that it’s likely NOT? you who pinned it at all… but some “big” fastgecko review. (see picture below). 
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Push Button Traffic 2.0 Review – Unlimited Free Traffic with a click

Push Button Traffic 2.0 Review – Unlimited Free Traffic with a click
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Plus, since 75-80% of pinterest traffic is mobile (depending on what studies you read) most users won’t see those pretty boards either. This certainly isn’t where you should end with perfecting your profile - you DO want your profile to convey your brand and make people understand what you are all about. I’m sure the advice we see out there about using it to get people on your email list too, by offering a freebie in your push button traffic 2.0 review etc. Is great advice.

But as far as optimizing your profile for the pinterest algorithm goes, keywords are the key thing. I have also read, numerous times, that we don’t want boards that are not compatible with our niche. (As in, if you are blogging solely about sewing, don’t have one random board about photography.)

I really don’t worry ALL that much about a board or two… having a few is fine, I think. It’s when you have heaps of boards that aren’t related to what you are blogging about that I think it might be dangerous. I think this because I believe that the level of engagement you have on each board directly affects your “push button traffic 2.0 review profile standing” within the algorithm.

I was told by a staff member who works with a pinterest scheduler company that you don’t want to have a lot of boards that are not highly engaged on your profile, and we will talk more about this later, but keep it in mind while you are setting up your pinterest boards. We (the staff member from the scheduler and I) didn’t talk about why, so here’s my best speculation again.

If most of your followers are pinning sewing tips, they aren’t likely to be interested in the photography board, they aren’t likely to repin the things you pin to it. Therefore the board will be far less engaged. Over time that might hurt your profile standing in pinterest’s eyes, especially if you have lots and lots of these boards that don’t fit in with what your followers are pinning…to pinterest, you will look like a pinner whose pin’s are often ignored, and pinterest will begin sharing your pins less.

Set up a “best of your website” board, and maybe 1 5-20 or so other boards that will be relevant to your niche. I think I have 1 9 boards (personal boards, not including group boards here) Before we move on to pinning, I need to say - even if you do absolutely everything right with push button traffic 2.0 review(set up a great profile, get on great group boards ect), but you have absolutely awful pins, you still won’t see much traffic.

So make sure that your pins stand a fighting chance by creating pins that someone would click on. Pins should ? Be 700 pixels x 1200 pixels (approx). Tiny little pins just disappear into the crowd. You can experiment with larger sizes as well, but keep them vertical. No horizontal pins! ? Have an interesting / engaging title that makes people want to click through. 

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Elite Video Traffic Review – Why Should You Buy It?

Elite Video Traffic Review – Why Should You Buy It?

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FacebookFacebook is perhaps the single most powerful social website for authors. Youshould have a fan page specifically for you, as an author. You may also want tohave one for your book or book series.To take advantage of other fan pages, search for groups and fan pages devotedto your niche or genre, especially those that focus specifically on elite video traffic review .

Checktheir rules, and if they allow self-promotion, do so!If they don’t allow self-promotion, contact the page’s owner privately and ask ifthere is a way to promote your book on their page. They may be open to paid promotion, or they may even offer to promote your book for free, especially if yougive them a free copy or allow them to do a giveaway on their page.Additionally, many official bookseller fan pages allow promotion.

Amazon’sKindle page allows authors to self-promote once each week, so take advantageof all those Kindle owners! TwitterTwitter is another great tool for authors if you use it properly. You can’t just tweetyour books over and over an expect people to pay attention. Instead, use it tointeract with fans. They can become your “book ambassadors”, promoting thebooks for you!If you become personal friends with some of your fans, all you’ll have to do ispost a tweet and ask people to “re-tweet” it for you and you’ll potentially reachthousands of people very quickly! PinterestPinterest is a growing social elite video traffic review which mostly focuses on sharing images.You create “pin boards” on which you “pin” various images. You can create listsof books in your genre and pin your own book to it.

You can also ask otherpeople to “re-pin” your book. If you re-pin some of their things, they’ll be morewilling to re-pin yours.In addition to making lists of books, you can also create pin boards that featurethings people who might read your book would like. For example, if your book isabout weight loss, you could have pin boards such as:• Cool running shoes• Best workout wear • Low calorie dessert recipes• Low calorie soup recipes• Best workout DVDsYou could link to your book in the description of every pin board, getting you a lotmore exposure than you would otherwise get.Don’t forget to share your pins and pin boards on elite video traffic review, Twitter andelsewhere in order to get as much exposure as possible to all of them. 


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Internet Jetset Review – Everything to your success in Business

Internet Jetset Review – Everything to your success in Business
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Here you will need to sign up as an affiliate forthat product. Some product vendors will accept you automatically others will requireyou to submit your details first for approval. 2) Choose an affiliate program from the CB100 Software a) Select a progam from the CB 100 software.

Ideally, you should select an internet jetset review topromote with a high gravity and a commission payout of 75%. A high gravity indicatesthat affiliates are having success promoting this product so you should always targetproducts with a high gravity score. You should also aim to select products with at least75% commission to make it worth your while promoting especially on products whichhave a lower purchase price.Again you should check out the salespage for the product to make sure it is promotesthe benefits of the product and entices a potential buyer to go ahead and make apurchase.The CB 100 software allows you to search by product or you can filter products bycategory, gravity and commission.

In addition, when you log into the software thedashboard displays the current top niches on Clickbank to give you lots of ideas andmake your search for a product to promote even easier. b) Create your affiliate linkOnce you have chosen which product you would like to promote you will need to clickon the link in the 'Aff" column which will take you to the salespage for the product.From here you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the 'Affiliate' linkto sign up as an internet jetset review.

Alternatively, if you hover over the link in the 'Product' columnyou will see the affiliate link for the product displayed and all you need to do is replacethe 'xxx' with your Clickbank affiliate id. So, becomes 3) Choose an affiliate program from the Launch Pulse software a) The Launch Pulse software is a database of up coming launches on Clickbank,JVZoo and WarriorPlus which are happening in the next 30 days.

It also shows youthe competition on internet jetset review and Google so you can work out which are the mostprofitable affiliate programs to target.Select an affiliate program which is going to launch in the next few days and has a JVprize of $5K or above since this tells you that it is going to be a BIG launch and isgoing to do well! You will also need to select low YouTube results which means thatthe competition will be low in relation to the size of the launch.

b) Request ApprovalOnce you have chosen which product you would like to promote you will need to clickon the 'Request' button for that product. This will take you to the affiliate sign up pagefor that particular product. Here you will need to sign up as an affiliate for that product.Some product vendors will accept you automatically others will require you to submityour details first for approval.

STEP 2: Record Your VideoThe next step is to record a video giving a review of the product you are promoting.Try to aim for a length of approximately 5 minutes to give you enough time to get yourmessage across of why they should buy from you.So recording a video review is much easier than it sounds especially if you record yourvideo using video recording software such as Snagit or Camtasia - both of which offer free trials and Snagit isvery reasonable to purchase if you plan on doing lots of videos.So the aim of your video is to review the product you are promoting and there are keyelements that you should include:


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Skin Whitening Forever Review And Details - Should You Buy It Or Not? - ...

See More Details:

Product Review

Are you suffering from low self-esteem because of your uneven skin tone? Do you find yourself staring at other people's bright and light skin with envy?

Have you felt so frustrated after shelling out hard-earned money on skin whitening products that didn't work, or left your skin dry and itchy?

Wouldn't you want to feel as beautiful as the subject of the poet Pablo Neruda's verse: "As if you were on fire from within - The moon lives in the lining of your skin"?

Let's face it - we live in a world where the color of a person's skin plays a vital role. From finding a romantic partner to landing your dream job, appearances matter. Our skin is one of the first things people notice.

Freckles, dark underarms, age spots and acne scars can dampen anyone's confidence and turn off potential love interests, clients, hiring managers and more.

And that's what Skin Whitening Forever is all about. With this system you'll have the luminous white skin you've always wanted. By tackling dark and uneven skin tones from this product's proven list of advice, you can whiten your skin without having to buy expensive lotions, or risk your health through hazardous chemicals.

Skin Whitening Forever details natural and safe ways you can lighten your skin in a very easy-to-read format, never requiring you to purchase pricey items. In fact, there's a good chance most of the ingredients listed in this highly effective system are lying in wait in your kitchen right now.
Click Here To See More Details:

Not only does the book tell you specific ways you can achieve luminous skin through healthy and safe materials, you will also learn how to avoid darkening your skin. Using an encouraging tone and a simple format, Skin Whitening Forever will teach you what bad behaviors lead to dark or uneven skin tone.

The author furthermore included the good habits you should cultivate right away, habits that promote and maintain a light and lustrous complexion. Through this system you'll learn the best type of cleanser to choose and foods that will give you lighter skin from within.

Readers will love the step-by-step instructions carefully laid out here. Also included are simple illustrations that not only make this program an entertaining and easy read, they make following through with the instructions simple.

Some of the best factors about Skin Whitening Forever are:
All-natural and inexpensive ingredients. Forget ordering that special and ridiculously pricey skin whitening product from Japan or Korea. This program requires products you can purchase at any supermarket, saving you both time and money.
Effective methods that target embarrassing skin problems that are related to dark pigmentation-problems such as acne scars, freckles, age spots, dark underarms and uneven skin tone.
Ways you can prevent your skin from darkening and looking splotchy. Using both external and internal methods to achieve whiter skin, the program teaches you what to apply to your skin on the outside, as well as what foods to eat to get lighter skin from the inside.
Products to watch out for. This system warns you of products that may initially lighten your skin but eventually darken it, leading to worse skin than you started out with.
You'll learn the secret of boosting the effectiveness of any skin whitening product using a method so simple, you'll wonder why you never heard of it before.
Security. No matter what your reasons are for being unhappy about the product, you're protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee.
Skin Whitening Forever includes seven bonus guides to further help you along the path to a healthier, trimmer, more beautiful body:
Superfoods For Optimum Health: Chlorella and Spirulina
-The Healing Power of Water
-177 Ways To Burn Calories
-Supplementing With Superfoods
-The Seven Secrets to a Good Diet
-43 Nutrition Secrets Revealed
-A Handbook of Health
As for the cons, here are points to think about before giving Skin Whitening Forever a chance:

While the skin whitening methods highlighted are very effective, results may vary. Everyone's skin is different and reacts to treatment in a variety of ways.
The ingredients listed are all-natural and generally safe but there may be a very small number of people who will experience allergic reactions to some of the recipes suggested.

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Fruitphul Review – Triple earning online with working less

Fruitphul Review – Triple earning online with working less

Official site:
Alternatively, if you hover over the link in the 'Product' column you will see theaffiliate link for the product displayed and all you need to do is replace the 'xxx' with yourClickbank affiliate id. So, fruitphul review becomes 3) Choose an affiliate program from the Launch Pulse software a) The Launch Pulse software is a database of up coming launches on Clickbank, JVZooand WarriorPlus which are happening in the next 30 days.

It also shows you the competitionon YouTube and Google so you can work out which are the most profitable affiliate programsto target.Select an affiliate program which is going to launch in the next few days and has a JV prizeof $5K or above since this tells you that it is going to be BIG launch and is going to do well! b) Request ApprovalOnce you have chosen which product you would like to promote you will need to click onthe 'Request' button for that product.

This will take you to the affiliate sign up page for thatparticular product. Here you will need to sign up as an affiliate for that product. Some productvendors will accept you automatically others will require you to submit your details first forapproval. STEP 2: Sign up to an Autoresponder ServiceThere are several autoresponders out there but we recommend Aweber(fruitphul review).

An autoresponder automates the process of sending out emailsand allows you to mange your list as it grows. You can also automate the process of sendingout bonus reports that you offer on your squeeze pages. (see next step). STEP 3: Create a Squeeze PageNext you will need to create a squeeze page with a video and opt-in form.

The idea is tocreate a video offering people a bonus if they sign up to your list. Obviously, the bonusshould be relevant to the product you are promoting to entice people to sign-up.You will also need to create a 'thank you' email with a link to your bonus in Aweber so thatthe once the subscriber receives your 'thank you' email they can download their bonus fromthe link you sent them.Once people sign up to your list on your squeeze page they will be redirected to yourwebpage with the affiliate offer you are promoting.The easiest and quickest way to create your fruitphul review is with Video Titan's 1 Click Videopagecreator or 1 Click Affiliate. 

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Lifetime Studio FX Review – Earn money without making videos, eBooks

Lifetime Studio FX Review – Earn money without making videos, eBooks

Official site:
Once you can establish yourself as authority, they will begin to trust you. They will trust your tips and advice regarding Internet marketing. More importantly (for you!) your recommendations will be highly appreciated by them. You are going to make money recommending them various affiliate products in the later period.

So, establishing authority and building trust with your subscribers is the lifetime studio fx review. Email sequences you got with the “DFY Recurring Profit Funnel” are crafted with the principles of establishing authority, building trust and making them recipient to your recommendations. Solo Ad Alternatives Well, we designed our DFY Recurring Profit Funnel for solo traffic.

That doesn't mean that we could not run other sources of traffic to our funnel. In fact, I drive traffic using few alternative sources. I got most success with Facebook ads. I use to run video view ads on Facebook I got over 30% opt-in rate for the cost of $0.01 per video view. Cost per lead became a little less than 80 cents. With only one OTO sell, it comes down to 45 cents! You'll find the exact video I used the UPSELL page of this lifetime studio fx review.

I also tried Facebook “Lead” ads setting on only tire1 countries The cost per lead came at $1.04. It is cheap compared to the solo leads. Rule of thumb is $1 per lead with traditional squeeze pages and $1.5 per lead with our Reverse Squeeze funnel. I understand there will be some of you who just absolutely can?t affords to purchase a solo ad or run Fb ads right now. You can use free sources.

Free traffic is not instant traffic. You have to spend a lot of time and give a lot of efforts to generate it. Solo Profit Funnel works with quality free traffic as well! But to ensure the quality of the traffic, the only free traffic source I recommend is “forum posting." Forum traffic is high-quality traffic for our lifetime studio fx review. There are quality Internet marketing forums like the Warrior Forum.

With proper effort, you can generate 30- 50 clicks a day from the forums to your funnel. Now, I'm not going to show you how to drive traffic from forum posting here. For that, you have to turn to your trusted friend “Google” and “YouTube”! Use these search terms I lined up below, and you will find enough resources to make you educated, how you will generate 30- 50 clicks per day from forums. Here you go: 1. List of Internet Marketing forums 2. 

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Channel Authority Builder Review – Gain Massive Popularity on YouTube Platform

Channel Authority Builder Review – Gain Massive Popularity on YouTube Platform

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The package is a newbie friendly complete money-making machine, that ends with money in your pocket. Below is a brief breakdown of what to expect from “Recurring Profit Machine,” and how the money will be ended up in your pocket: (1) “Recurring Profit Machine” will teach you the fastest way to build a freebie list using solo ad campaigns. A freebie list doesn't get as responsive as a channel authority builder review

But a freebie list created with our method will be ten times more responsive than a freebie list built with a traditional setting. Responsiveness will be almost equal to a buyer's list. (2) With “Recurring Profit Machine," you can start building your list starting from today, even if you are a complete newbie.

I'm also giving away the funnel I personally use. The funnel that is made using the principles of “Recurring Profit Machine," I call it “DFY Recurring Profit Funnel” and made a list of 5K plus in MMO niche with it. At first, I decided to place the funnel as UPSELL. But later, I thought, what the heck! Let's give some extra value to my readers.

“DFY Recurring Profit Funnel” will save you a ton of money, time and effort. I have done all the hard work for you. All you have to do is to upload the files to your server. A setup manual is included to assist you with channel authority builder review. Okay. What we are going to do now is, take a break from this report. Open "Funnel Setup" manual that you downloaded.

Follow the instructions and complete setting up your "DFY Recurring Profit Funnel." You do not have to run your 'guess' work while grasping “Recurring Profit Machine” principles if you complete the setup first. A perfect & live example of the method will be at your hand already! (3) Apart from it, I will share my experience of buying solo ads.

So you can identify all the pitfalls and start sending good-quality solo traffic to the “DFY Recurring Profit Funnel," you already got in channel authority builder review. (4) Finally, “Recurring Profit Machine” will show you how to carry out promotions to your newly built list and make money consistently from it. Why Make Freebie List? You may know that there are two kinds of lists out there. One is called a “buyer's list," and another one is called a "freebie-list." 

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Passive Profits Breakthrough Review- Does This Newbie Friendly $100/Day Passive Trick Work?

Passive Profits Breakthrough Review- Does This Newbie Friendly $100/Day Passive Trick Work?

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These people prey on the ignorant and the vulnerable, they peddle lies most frequently to the people who need money the most, but have the least to spend. That's my belief, and it's unshakable. And yes, it upsets a lot of people, but the people who know me, then ones who value my content and support what I'm doing, they are the voices I listen to, they're the only ones who matter and that makes haters irrelevant.

So when you overcome the reluctance to, or even fear of offending people, you open yourself up to people who will absolutely become your raving fans and buy your passive profits breakthrough review . Vulnerability is sometimes hard to define and this is an element that I’ve never heard a marketing expert talk about, but it allows us to connect with people in a deep way.

In fact, if you’ve followed everything I’ve showed you so far, you will already be displaying your Displaying vulnerable is having the courage to take a risk, to say something without being sure of the reaction. Vulnerability is not knowing if we’re good enough. Thinking we might not be good enough to make more money, to lose weight, to end an addiction. Look at your audience and think about their passive profits breakthrough review.

Whatever it might be, draw out the aspects of your personality and match them to your audience. You can use all previous elements to display your vulnerability and weave it through your backstory, into your parables, you can use it to highlight your flaws and use it to polarize.

Your 'admirable spokesperson' will have felt vulnerable, but summoned up the courage to take a risk, and then see it pay off An example I can give you… when I first started out, I didn’t have a choice in becoming a lone parent, but I DID have a choice about how I wanted to raise my son. My options were, continue working 9 to 5 for a digital marketing firm while somebody else looks after my son during the day.

Or I could leave that career and make sure he’s raised properly. Obviously I chose the second option, and that involved taking a huge risk… and eventually it paid off, and turned out to be the right passive profits breakthrough review, even if there were a few bumps in the road along the way. I was in a vulnerable situation, and had to work hard to get out of it.

So here you can see how previous elements come into play. Ok, great. Let's leave things here for the moment and carry on in the next module, where you're going to learn the four types of 'admirable spokesperson' you can use to build a fantastic, and profitable relationship with your audience 

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