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I recommend that you do something similar. You may decide to keep all of your ideas inone document but I like to keep things separateWith this setup I have three files that I can go to and get a ton of ideas to create greatcontent. Having this resource is so helpful...especially on the days when you don't havethe inspiration or creativity to come up with something to write about.Some days are going to be great. You will hit the ground running and be full of ideas.Where other days you will struggle to get the words out. Especially when you startcreating large amounts of content each day. This list will be very important on the daysthat you are struggling for livecaster review .Having these ideas laid out can allow you to find something to inspire you to write aboutthat day. Or at least give you a direction or place to start even on those days you don'twant to write.
If you are not familiar with Google Drive it is basically like an office suite with a wordprocessor, spreadsheets, and more. It is really nice because it is accessible online.Anywhere that you have an internet connection you can have access to all your files.You can get them from your smartphone, your PC, etc. Anywhere you are you can getaccess to it.I like to keep all my ideas out there and be able to access them anywhere I want. I evencreate my products and blog posts on Google Drive. It just makes things super easy.Obviously you don't have to use Google Drive but I wanted you to be aware of it. If youalready have a system set up that you like there is no need to change it.
Layout Your StrategyAt this point you have a purpose for your content, a lot of ideas, now it's all aboutformulating a strategy for creating your content.Now, everyone's goal and purpose is going to be different. Some of us might be goingout there and creating products from our ideas while others are using them to createblog content. With that in mind you need to know what you are trying to achieve withyour content.Are you creating products to sell to your audience?Are you writing blog posts to get targeted traffic?Whatever it is, you need define it at this point.Once you have that defined you are ready to start creating content and forming aroutine for creating that content on a daily basis
Creating large amounts of content fastOkay, so how do you create more content than you have ever created before?It starts with consistency. Consistent effort creates consistent results.And it starts with forming a daily habit ofwriting.I am sure you have heard it before but when you start forming habits it can be reallypowerful. Even for simple things habits can be a big transformation and produce bigresults. If you can turn daily writing into a habit and you can get some serious results.I have become a stickler about writing daily content. This has allowed me to createmore training, products, blog posts, and content than I ever have before. I focus somuch of my time everyday on writing content because it is that important.So how do you do it?Set aside time every day to write. Everyone can find at least 30 minutes of spare time towrite. It doesn't matter who you are or how busy you are you can find 30 minutes of yourday that you can exchange for writing time. This could be taking away from tv time,Facebook time, video game time, or other activities.And if you can do more that's even better! When you only have 30 minutes you arelimited by how fast you can type but it is a step in the right direction. And if it's only 30minutes you will still probably be creating more content than you currently are if youaren't writing daily.When I first started out writing a lot of content it wasn’t easy for me. This was certainly alearning process for me. It required me to learn habits and get into a rhythm to write
content everyday and it was something that took a lot of time to develop. But now that Iam focused on doing it everyday it has paid huge dividends for me and allowed me tocreate a lot of products, a lot of content for my website and many other livecaster review.I think back to when I created my first ebook or even the first couple and it was such adrawn out process. I didn't have a system like this in place where I was creating contenton a regular basis. It took me such a long time. At that time I wasn't in the habit ofwriting everyday. It really took way too much time.I wish I could remember the exact time that I started writing content everyday but onething that I certainly remember well was that I was able to write a full­fledged 80 pageeBook even as a newbie writer. And this wasn't just something I threw together...thiswas a book I was proud off when it was finished. This was a big accomplishment for meat the time.Writing something that in­depth, that many pages, in that time frame as a newbie writerwas an eyeopening experience for me. It got me thinking just how powerful contentcreation really is. You see, I wasn't someone out there that was a trained writer orsomeone who was real familiar with doing it.This was something that I just formed a habit, got a drive to do it, and I wrote an 80page eBook in a month. And some of you may already be at that point but a lot of youprobably aren't. And what I want you to understand is that even if you are completelynew to this. Or someone who is not creating any content right now. You can certainly
do this​.And then you get faster and faster until you are a content machine!I know this works because it is exactly what I did.And it starts with forming that daily habit and making it part of your daily routine.
Even if you are only doing your content writing for 30 minutes a day that compiles overtime. And that can give you endless articles, endless emails, and content for products.Think about it this way. If you write 1 ,000 words a day that is 30,000 words a month.And you can't tell me that 30,000 words of content on your topic isn't powerful. Thatcould be a product, multiple blog posts, etc. This kind of thing really compiles and buildsup.Right now, you might be thinking whoa....1 ,000 words a day. There is absolutely no wayI can write that much. And you don't have to when you start out.Start with small goals like 300 words a day and gradually build up to it. When you get to300 words a day it's easy to stretch it out to 400 or 500 and slowly increase yourworkload. You can quickly build up to creating a ton of content!
Creating your content
Now lets get into the actual process of creating livecaster review. As always, your content starts with your purpose. Even at the lowest level of content such as blog posts you have to ask yourself what is the main goal of writing that content. Often times when I ask people that question this is the response I get: “I want to write this blog post so people find my website in the search engines and come to my website."
And that is a piece of it. Yes, you want traffic to your website but what do you REALLY want?
What action do you want that traffic to perform when they get to your website? That is your real purpose. So when you write that content you have to have that in mind. All the time I hear people say "I'm writing content to get traffic." But the real question is why are you trying to get traffic? You have to think about the end goal. Do you want them to subscribe to your email list? Buy one of your products? Do you want them to become a coaching client? These are the questions you need to be asking​. Whatever your purpose is, you have to have it in mind for every single piece of content you create. Once you have that you are ready to outline your content
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