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Video Keyword Spy Review – The Most Powerful Software for Ranking Your Videos on Google's First Page

Video Keyword Spy Review – The Most Powerful Software for Ranking Your Videos on Google's First Page
Official site:
What’s important here as mentioned in the “video keyword spy review” – Chapter 1, where we have
covered the basics of this powerful method is… BRAND AWARNESS.
You need to make an impression of a guru/specialist in your niche whether that is web
design or marketing consulting or whatever it is.
You need to look famous!
This technique will work in almost all niches, so questions like “will it work for my niche”
are redundant.
FIRST - I strongly recommend you to use your face on your ad. Yes, ignore all your inner
voices that are screaming now like “Nooooo, don’t listen to him, you should be crazy to
do that” and just do it.
Find a good picture of you and just add it to your ad banner.
An exception will be if you have a strong brand that you want to represent and drive the
business behind the scenes. But again, think twice before placing your logo instead of
your own picture.
Just find one you are smiling, if you have no photos like this, create one.
You don’t need to create the best looking ad out there. It’s not true that your ad should
be beautiful and well structured.
It should be recognizable.
I just created one for 2 minutes and here it is:
Well, if you are not James Bond, reading this report I highly recommend to change the
photo with your own!
Most of the best converting ads look sooo ugly that you will not believe they are top
Ad your photo to the left or the right side of the ad and add a catchy title on the opposite
side and a call to action below it. Just like it is shown above.
Your title can be anything like “Double your affiliate income”, or “Double your affiliate
sales”, or just like the one on the ad above. Short, straight to the point.
Please don’t forget that your text on the image should not exceed 20% of the total image
area. If you exceed that limitation, you your ad will not be accepted.
A white background ad, preferably with dimensions - 1200px/ 628px so it can fit on all
the Facebook ad slots, with your photo on it to the left, your title on the right and a
button bellow saying something like “Reserve a spot”, or just “Click Here”.
That’s it.
But again, the button text and the title should not exceed the limitation -> 20% of the
total image area!
If you really have trouble creating you ad even with the tool that I will talk in the next
subchapter, just go to and pay $5 to $10. You will get it done in less than 48
What I use is Photoshop, but it is paid, it is not much (currently $9.99 per month). Think
about investing in it, because Photoshop skills are always needed.
The good news are, that there are free solutions as well.
What I recommend you is go and do a google search for “free banner creation”.
I have a tool in mind that I have tested and it works just fine.
It’s called “Fotor – Banner Maker” and you can find it here:
video keyword spy review
It’s easy to work with, just choose the banner dimensions I was talking about –
1200px/628px. And start creating your banners.
For those who are experiencing difficulties with that tool you can find a lot of helpful
articles on how to use it on this URL:
Don’t spend much time on the ad creation process. Just follow the advice I gave you till
now and this will be absolutely enough to start seeing your first results.
Of course once you get everything setup what you need to do is start testing different
campaigns to see which one works best for you.
But as this is an advanced technique and is not essential in our case, I won’t cover it
here in details.
In this sub chapter we will talk about how to target only your potential clients, without
showing your ads to teenagers.
It’s really essential to understand that key point and implement it the right way,
because otherwise you will be the person selling sanitary napkins to a 40 years old
Here are all the targeting settings you need to do in your campaign. I will mention only
those you need to worry about. If something is not in the list below, just leave it the way
it is.
1) Locations: All United States, except you are selling services locally. So if you want
to sell to only Germans, of course you will not target United States, but for all of
you who are selling globally, online, I recommend to target Just the United
2) Age: 24-55. This is what works best, not just in my opinion, but this is what top
notch Facebook marketers recommend when you are not selling to age targeted
audience, because if you are selling a solution for overcoming the “midlife crisis
at 30”, you don’t want to target people who are 40, right?
3) Field of Study: Most people talk about targeting by interests, which is not a bad
idea actually, but there is a much smarter solution. Targeting by field of study
means that all the people, who will see your ad are professionals, they probably
work in the niche you are trying to sell in, and you will have a lot better chance to
be noticed. What you should type in here is simply the profession of your clients.
If you are offering services in the Real Estate niche, you just type “Real Estate”.
There are smart search suggestions once you start typing, so the only thing is to
choose the one that mostly fits your target audience.
4) Campaign and Ad Set: Well here you can set your daily budget. Anything between
5 and 10 bucks is absolutely ok to start with. Start small and then grow!
5) Bidding and Pricing: Go to and set “manually add your maximum bid for clicks”.
You will get a suggested bid minimum and maximum. Well, here you need to
make the decision if you want to save some cash up front. Which is not a good
idea. Did you forget that you are selling high priced services for $500+? And if it is
a SEO service you can charge that amount every month? So anything about $1.5
per click is cheap enough.
Well some of you will ask how this campaign will be profitable when we get only 3 to 10
clicks per day.
This is the point exactly.
We will be doing retargeting. Generally 10/20% of your visitors will convert on the first
visit to the lander. Retargeting brings back the rest – the other 90%. Retargeting works
by keeping track of people who have visited your landing page and displaying your
retargeting ads to them all over Facebook or other 
video keyword spy review if you are using this method
with Google AdWords.
The first thing you need to do is go to your Facebook account and create a custom
audience. It doesn’t matter if you will use the Ads Manager or the Power Editor. They
both work nearly the same.
So I will use the Ads Manager in my examples.
Go to it and select Audiences from the left side menu and then click “Create a custom
You are now ready. On the next page you will find your remarketing pixel. Make sure to
save it somewhere, or to send it to your developer if you are working with one.
To install your pixel all you need to do is to place the code that you have recently saved
into your landing page source code right before the closing </head> tag.
This way you will be building a custom audience of everyone who has visited your
landing page and showing your ad in front of them all the time.
That’s how you build your brand awareness and start transforming from no one to “the
only specialist” who is everywhere on in Facebook.
For even more powerful results you can do the same with Google Ads as well, but I will
not cover it here, firstly because this is a Facebook Ads report and secondly because the
process is exactly the same, with the only difference that you need to do the custom
audience creation in Google.
And to save you some time from searching for tutorials I have just found a video that
will help you in getting the retargeting pixel from Google

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