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YouTube – You What?Have you heard about Maybe you are scratching your head,wondering, “What is it”?
Is it, a catchy name for a catchy service?
Is it a marketing tool?
Is it a website for novice filmmakers?The answer is yes, yes, yes and then some. You see, YouTube is many things tomany people, depending on how they use it and their purposes for its use. Youcan define the website’s purpose traditionally as:
“ is one of the many Web 2.0 sites
popping up on the Web. It is a “video sharing”
website.”However,, like many video ads mastery review , sites is much more than a siteallowing individuals to share video clips. It is a place for public commentary, aplace where people can review the latest and greatest info products, a placewhere people can network and share common interests, goals, andopportunities.The best part? is not too complicated to use, driving away hordesof novice users. In fact, the opposite is true. is easy to master.This website allows just about anyone to sign up for an account, upload, sharevideo clips, and view other people’s video clips. Sounds neat, huh?
Just like many popular sites, registered members can rate videos, or find out howmany times other people link to a video clip for their viewing provides and publishes this information for your convenience, forits loyal fans. Have you heard about Netflix? The idea is the same. Netflix is anonline video “store” if you will, like Blockbuster. Registered members can log inand rent videos sent directly to their home. They can also rate and review thevideos they see. That way, the public has a better feel for what videos are worthwatching (and whether there are some videos they shouldn’t bother with).The site can also tailor its recommendations to you depending on how manyvideos you rate. The big DIFFERENCE between a site like this however, a staticsite, and, is using YouTube, and you can watch video clips rightfrom your home computer. There is no renting, no late fees and no charges tobecome a member.Will you watch a full video? No. You will watch a video clip. In the ten minutes oftime a user has to make a video clip however, you can be sure they will input asmuch valuable and telling information as they possibly can. So, a visit is well worth it.
Is popular? Yes, and not just among the young. In fact, theyoung and old alike are enjoying their newfound “celebrity” status by posting theirown video clips to the Web. And, speaking of celebrities… YouTube is popularamong web fans, your average Jane or Joe, and celebrities getting in on theaction. Just like video ads mastery review attracts many public figures interested inconnecting with their fan base and audience, so too does YouTube appeal to thesame crowd for similar reasons.Alanis Morissette (a well-known singer, just in case you don’t know) just did aspoof of Fergie’s (another young hip-hop singer) “My Humps” video. It’s pretty
funny, if you have a good sense of humor. “You love my lady lumps?” What isn’tfunny about that? Even if you never heard the original song, you will get a goodchuckle out of it. It is also a great example of a good video, and you can use it fora model when trying to create your own video clips for YouTube (we’ll get to thatlater).Check it out: is no cost just to listen, and you will learn a great deal.Of course you can just type it (my humps) into Google and find about anotherdozen sites promoting the video. While is fun, it can also be anextremely useful tool for promoting your business, your website, and fornetworking and connecting with people around the globe. So why write a guideon YouTube? I’ll tell you why…Here’s the point.
YouTube isn’t just for fun, though we have focused so far on some of thefunnier and entertaining features offered by the popular site. But, just is fun, you can just as easily use it to promote your website,advertise your business or simply publicize what it is you have to offer. Forthat reason, people are jumping hand over heals to get their hands on it. Largecorporations including CBS, NBC, Sony BMG and others, people that onceopposed the site, are clamoring to get in on the action. The reason?
YouTube may become the most popular Web 2.0 site on the Net. The sooneryou get in, the faster you will start realizing the benefits YouTube has to offer.Want to see just how useful can be to the ordinary politician, smallbusiness owner or marketer? Check this out: a platform, one you can use to connect with users in ameaningful, directed and intimate way. offers something for justabout anyone.What does YouTube offer? Among the material posted on YouTube includemany TV clips, multiple music videos, and much amateur content, content frombloggers, and content from Internet Marketers interested in getting in on theaction. Celebrities, news organizations, and even musicians are now allowingusers to upload short video clips of their works to this incredibly fast-growingwebsite.
When Did It All Begin?Here are the facts about video ads mastery review  as a business and rapidly growingenterprise. Started in February of 2005, the site gained massive media attentionand popularity, in part because it was something fresh and new. It also broughtwith it some controversy, as many of the more popular and successful websitesdo. Time Magazine suggested it was the most popular invention during 2006. Ofcourse, it is not to say YouTube is not without its share of controversy. Quite theopposite is true. We’ll learn more about the ups and downs YouTube hasexperienced in the next section.
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