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Loop-It Review – Master Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Loop-It Review – Master Affiliate Marketing Strategies 

Official Site:
Also laid out as a forum, this site is constantly updated with new offers as
 When introducing the gig, explain to the customers the different types of
things they can get for free. Try to be specific so that you can catch
people's attention.
Offer to leave comments on blogs with a loop-it reviewMany site owners want to get the word out about their website. This is
where you come in. You can offer a service where you agree to leave
comments on related blogs back to your customer's site. You can choose
to leave 5 or 10 comments total.
Make sure to mention that you will be offering this service manually, not
with software. Also mention that you will not leave spammy comments, only
topical posts. After you create the comments, you will then ping them so
that search engines pick them up. There are many free ping services, but
some good ones to use are:
loop-it reviewWhen you ping, you need to ping the site you posted on, not your
customer's site. The reason for this is because you are actually updating
the site you posted on. But because of the way backlinks work, when the
search engines come around to check it out, they will see that the site is
being updated and is linking out to your loop-it review, which helps them
Alternatively, you can create a gig where you create a number of posts on
the customer’s site over a guaranteed period of time. Same job, as above,
but only one site instead of multiple sites. You can still choose to include
the ping service as an added bonus.


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