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NinjaShoppe Review – The World Most Powerful Affiliate Store Builder with Its Secret Technology

NinjaShoppe Review – The World Most Powerful Affiliate Store Builder with Its Secret Technology
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As earlier highlighted, always make use of images which arouse curiosity or
interest in the user so that they will have tendency of engagement with the
Audience should like, share, comment or click on the post. If you produce such
images which results in greater engagement, it is sure that you will get a good
profit from your page.
You can create image from free sources like Google, Bing and other search
engines. It is detailed in next ninjashoppe review , for now we will talk about image and
An image could be pure image with or without little text. Facebook had a rule
of 20% text and 80% picture for promoting post in their audience network.
This means a perfect image is that which has 20-80 ratios of text and image
Here is example of this 
But recently, Facebook started to accept images with higher percentage of 
text. I found it very successful compared to picturesque image posts especially
in Job posting niche because if you mention several jobs vacancies in text,
audience will understand the ninjashoppe review  and will lead to high post
engagement. I recommend that you create these types of posts:
Image containing high text, Image containing moderate text and Image with less text
And then carefully observe which image format is resulting in higher
engagement in your niche.
In recent times, Facebook introduced slideshow ads. These ads are those in
which a set of pictures will play in front of the audience. For creating a
slideshow ad, you need sequential pictures of ninjashoppe review. For instance, if you
have a health niche website, you can create two or three image as before and
after usage of a particular product, and then use them as slideshow in the
advertisement section.


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