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Simple Quiz Engine Review – The Most Powerful Quiz Creation Software to Boost Engagement

Simple Quiz Engine Review – The Most Powerful Quiz Creation Software to Boost Engagement

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Not to be confused with simple quiz engine review, these phrases and terms are “Hot Button keywords”. More importantly, they're written in the way your niche naturally communicates with itself. Done right, this strategy works like gangbusters. It will yield mind-blowing results FAR greater than anything you're typically accustomed to.
Short Copy Vs. Long Copy To truly understand why the Seduction Intensifier Master Strategy is so insanely powerful, a brief explanation of the differences between the short copy style and the long copy style is in order. Simply put, long copy is the style of traditional (physical print) junk mail letters, and short copy caters to the way we read stuffon the web. For example, the long-form sales page has a book-like narrative structure, a minimal navigation bar, and is best suited for hard-pitching via a sequential story. Whereas the short copy style leans more towards a fast-paced soft sell via a deft story-telling combination of quick-scan headings, sub-headings, graphics, and lots of "sell the dream" feature/benefits combo-bullets. Long-form pages also tend to have a really basic header, no “click me” clutter, a unified call to action, and typically fall under the category of 'loud'. For example. they can often be easily spotted by their blaring use of large, centered, off-colored cross-headings, blatantly obvious Belcher Buttons (named after the legendary Perry Belcher), loud bullet icons and mile-long blocky paragraphs of (whatever copywriting genre) narration. However, short copy takes an altogether different approach. For example, a wellcrafted short copy page is always aesthetically-pleasing, with a single-line global nav bar, a discreet handful of relevant SEO anchor links sprinkled throughout, and non-flashy graphics (except the actual call-to-action button). It delivers tender, juicy “bite-sized” chucks of easily-digestible information via a tightly-woven story of headings and sub-headings (albeit not off-colored/fontchanged, like long copy). Another distinguishing short-copy attribute, is that bullets are standard text bullets (or modest graphical bullets).
Nutshelled: Both styles convert, and both styles have their place...
Long copy is best for physical print ads or medium-big ticket items; whereas short copy excels in squeeze pages/small-medium ticket items.
The Seduction Intensifier Master Strategy is the Best of Both Worlds.
Seduction Intensifier Copywriting Elements
Main Headings: Bolded H1 or H2 heading, same font (color change only on specific attraction words, such as “for free”).
Sub-Headings: Bolded H4 heading, same font (color change as above).
Justification: Main headings centered, sub-headings either centered or left-justified.
The Johnson Box: The Johnson Box (named after Frank Johnson) is a solid-lined or dashed box that immediately grabs your 
simple quiz engine review. It's centered at the top of the page, literally right below the opening headings. Its sole purpose is to prominently draw attention to your pleasure proposition teaser.
Hot Tip: The type of Johnson Box I have personally found effective is a threepixel width solid-lined black border, filled on the inside with a light gray background. On a typical pure white background page, this creates a distinct, yet
aesthetically-pleasing eyeball-grabber.
The Lead: The sole purpose of the Lead is to immediately follow up your Johnson Box teaser with your pleasure proposition, which is typically followed up with your pain proposition (below). Done right, it forms the foundation for a high-conversion Traffic Funnel.
The PS: Your absolute most important final call to action.
Narrative Genre: The Seduction Intensifier Master Strategy most closely resembles the Special Report long-copy genre; which features a zero fluff, facts-based “investigative reporter” copywriting style. The Special Report writing style specializes in letting your readers know that you are indeed an Industry Expert ready to share Real Value. Done right, it'll attract subscribers like a magnet seduces iron filings; whereby inciting strong curiosity and a hunger for more. Best of all - without any hype whatsoever. This is why it's important that your headings and sub-headings sequentially
convey the core benefits of your entire offer; whereby enticing visitors to actually read your copy (i.e. from the top). Also, the human eye is most sensitive to the color green. Consequently, headings and sub-headings with green highlights are aesthetically appealing (whereas red
highlights put out a snake-oily stench).
Pleasure Proposition Invoking a deep emotional response is relatively simple if you really understand what motivates your readers. Because the Herd Mind naturally gravitates towards pleasure and away from
pain, this is why the Johnson Box gets your reader's immediate attention with your teaser, followed up with your pleasure proposition (aka “value proposition” or “value statement”), and then your pain proposition. Heres a couple of pleasure proposition examples:
Example #1: Nutrisystem® Weight Loss "With easy-to-follow weight loss plans and meals backed by the Glycemic Index, Nutrisystem offers a proven path to a healthier you--starting at your doorstep!"
Example #2: Google Adsense “If you're looking for a flexible, hassle-free way to show relevant and engaging ads alongside your online content and make money, Google AdSense makes perfect sense. You can easily show AdSense ads on your website, mobile sites, and site search results. Watch the video to find out why over two million publishers of all sizes worldwide are using AdSense.” This brief quote from Tina Adams clearly illustrates the importance of a compelling pleasure proposition:
“No matter the niche, you can see how, with just a few briefsentences, prospective
buyers learn what they will get including the results they can expect to achieve, and
what your product and those results will do for them, along with some idea of why they
should care about those results.”
Pain Proposition "Unanswered questions and unresolved concerns sabotage sales letters!" - Dan Kennedy Now that you've defined your Johnson Box teaser and pleasure proposition, it's finally time to remind your prospect of his or her problem; moreover, letting your prospect know – in no uncertain detail – that you feel their pain. In other words, you are quickly letting your prospect know that you 1) empathize with a particular struggle they're dealing with and 2) have discovered some
amazingly powerful Magic Pills they'll find most refreshing. Using weight loss as an example, imagine the pain they are going through and
craft your Hot Buttons accordingly (via either short, highly-focused pain identifier statements or question-bullets). So for weight loss, a pain proposition might look something like this... “Dear fellow Dieter, Prior to discovering the wonderful benefits of {insert product here}, I struggled with numerous dieting issues, often resulting in anxiety, depression, frustration, and low self esteem. Do any of these questions sound all too familiar to you...
Are you embarrassed to be seen in public because of your 
simple quiz engine review?
Are you frustrated with clothes shopping because nothing ever seems to fit right?
Do you find yourself out of breath just walking to the mailbox?
Do you crave to wear that sexy bikini with confidence, while once again turning the heads of high school boys?
Do you avoid favorite activities like dating, swimming, or dancing because you’re so self-conscious?” These things remind the prospect not just that they need to lose weight (which they already know)... but specifically – how they hunger for the dream of being trim and sexy-looking.
Intimately Knowing Your Market The Seduction Intensifier Strategy is only as good as your ability to exercise due diligence and really understand your market fully. You need to be inside the mind of your average prospect to push the right Hot Buttons on a personal level.
Summarized: Learn as much as you can about your prospects. Observe your prospects in their natural setting. Avoid making any assumptions whatsoever. Going back to the previous weight loss niche example... if you’re thin, this does not necessarily imply that you should start growing some chub around the hub in order to understand the weight loss market.
Joining one or more weight loss forums, and reading through the threads can give you a strong marketing edge over your competition (while at the same time helping you to vastly improve your Traffic Funnel). Make no mistake. This is an incredible wealth of valuable information just waiting to be mined out. This type of research will reveal your true Evergreen
Breadwinners by pinpointing the most common “reoccurring theme” problems. Joining a Facebook weight loss group can also be an invaluable research tool to find out what really stirs the emotions within your market. This research strategy works in practically any niche market and is simply a matter of finding the key blogs, forums, Facebook groups or other places where your ideal customers hang out. Consequently, this is how you will make Serious
Bank in your niches. To give you a real-world example of this, Jane Goodall studied silverback gorillas. Over time, she was able to fully integrate with them; to the extent that the gorillas took her in as one of their own. This allowed her to really observe their true behavior. Once she became accepted by the gorillas, they were no longer curious nor afraid, and acted completely normal around her. Thusly she was able to see stuff other scientists never got to, and ended up becoming a world-renown scientist due to her revolutionary research method.
Moral: Be the “Jane Goodall” of your niches.


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