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It comes down to the fact that we as human beings connect with other human beings. We can connect with a brand, but it’s a little bit more anonymous. When you have a connection with another human being, I think you can get everything. They feel like they’re getting an email from a friend, if you do it right. It’snot like getting an email from Walmart, where you’re like, “Okay, it’s just a big corporate promo.”
How to Foster a Personal Connection I keep it real. I write like I would naturally write. There’s nothing fake about it. I also introduce some personal aspects. Sometimes I’ll mention something I’m doing with my kids. It’s a mix of myself and whatever business reason I have for sending the email. I’m not doing that all the time. It’s not like I have my obligatory child notification at the top of the email. But when it seems natural or when it's something I want to say, then I’ll include it. Last week, I had to go to my child’s day care for a little birthday party they were doing over there for her. I had to cancel something that I was doing for one of my membership programs, because I realized that they conflicted. I just told them why and I received all kinds of emails coming back saying how awesome it was that I was putting Daddy stuff first. So, people are cool about easy estore builder review .
Writing Readable Emails Most of my emails are not very long. I keep the lines short, probably around the 80 to 90 character count. I will line-wrap it so it doesn’t get too long. It just makes it easier to read and makes it fit onto mobile devices pretty well. If it’s a longer email, then I would break it up kind of like I would a typical blog post with sub headers and stuff like that.
Including Links Whatever link I want them to click on, I’ll usually include in there at least a couple of 
easy estore builder review : one toward the top somewhere and one toward the end. If you want to do a third time, you could put it in a PS.
Emails with Graphic Templates I tend to keep 
easy estore builder review  more text-based. I’ve experimented with some html ones. I did one that was a little bit fancy. Then I did one that was just an image header with everything south of that was just text. I foundthat it really didn’t have a heck of a lot of effect one way or the other, so I tend to just keep it text. For one, text is easier to do. You’re also going to have less compatibility issues with email clients. If you put images in there, you have to worry about some web-based email systems blocking images by default. The other thing: if you get an email from a friend, it usually doesn’t have a bunch of fancy stuff in it. It’s just a text email, so let’s have yours look the same way.

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