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If you want a free tool and you want to start split-testing now, Google Website
Optimizer is easy to set up. It’s incredibly robust and it won’t cost you a cent. The only downside with it being a Google product is that there’s no support. If you need some help setting up and implementing your testing, there are a few other platforms out there that are really low cost. There’s and We’ve got a huge list of them, actually. We’ve got a comparison website for split-testing tools that lists them in terms of all the different meme traffic monster review they have and it has customer reviews. So, if you’re interested in which split-testing tool is best for you, visit, for a comparison of the different testing tools. It’s totally unbiased. We don’t make a dollar from it. We created it internally for our consulting team and clients and then realized that it would be valuable if we released it to the public.
Set Up Process The first thing you’ll need to do is copy and paste the tags onto your website, as you would with any such tool. For those of you who use WordPress, there are various WordPress plugins for tools like Visual Website Optimizer. The next thing you need to do is create an element that you would like to test. There are two different types of test. There’s a split-test, where you show one version of a page versus another version of a page. You can do an A / B test, an A / B / C test, or an A / B / C / D test (and so on). Or you can do what they call a multivariate test. A multivariate test allows you to test different elements within the 
meme traffic monster review , rather than the page itself. So, if you wanted to test two different versions of a headline, two different versions of a call to action, and two different versions of a product picture… instead of creating all the different pages that you would need to show those different combinations, you can do a multivariate test, which would show all of those combinations to visitors at the same time.
Statistically Significant Data Some people say it takes two weeks to run a test; some people say 1,000 visitors. They‘re wrong. The only correct time to end a test is when you’ve reached statistical significance. If you want to estimate how long it will take a test to reach statistical significance, use one of the statistical significance calculators provided by the software vendors. Search
for “Website Optimizer Statistical Significance Calculator,” and you’ll find pages where you can input your meme traffic monster review , the conversion increase you’re looking to detect, and the calculator will tell you how long the test will take. Really put an emphasis on testing big, bold, changes that will have a significant impact. When you just tweak page elements, it takes so long to collect the data that you’re missing opportunities by not testing other things. We call it meek tweaking versus bold-targeted tests. There’s a huge advantage to carrying out bold-targeted tests.
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