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Video chief green screen edition review
At least in my case, they go hand in hand. The list drives traffic to the blog because, a lot of the times, I’ll send blog posts to my Video chief green screen edition review . Actually, I don’t send the whole post, but I’ll send them a teaser and then they’ll have to click to go with it. In return, the blog is building the list for you, so it’s like a circle.
Why Email Your Blog Posts It’s traffic for me, which is awesome and it might get them to click on some things. But another thing it does – and I hate to use this word because it sounds almost insulting – is train the list to click on things. This is important, because then when you send them something else, they’re used to actually acting on your emails. If they’re used to just consuming your emails and moving on, then when you send them a promotion or webinar later, they might not click on it because they’re used to just having the one-way flow. For me, it’s almost about just completing a cycle. I say something and then I want them to say something. Their saying something is going to come in the form of clicking and hopefully commenting on the blog. I don’t want it to be just a one-way lecture.
Automatic Broadcast With one site, I have an alerts list which is completely automatic. It’s using AWeber. It just sends them links to the post. I think I’ve got it set so that once three new posts have been entered into the 
Video chief green screen edition review , it will trigger another email. That one’s called PC Mech Alert. There’s no human component to it.With, it’s all written by hand. There’s no automatic broadcast. If people know it’s written by a computer, I don’t think they’ll look at it as much. Plus, you can get them to click through and actually read the post if you actually have teaser in the email rather than just a regurgitation of the post.
SELLING WITH EMAIL MARKETING Sometimes it’s as simple as sending them an email with a link to a sales letter. But I’ve found that – especially if they don’t have any prior knowledge of the product – if I just send them blindly to this thing, it’s not going to convert very well. There needs to be some set up. More often, I’m not simply sending them to a sales letter. I’m sending them through some form of content into the sales piece. The reason is to get them interested and pre-qualified to a certain degree. Sometimes I’ll include a link to the product in the email, but then I’ll also provide a link to an article on my blog where I also promote it. So it will be like a double-whammy.
Always Selling Generally, if I have any interaction with my 
Video chief green screen edition review  at all, somewhere in that sequence there is going to be something that is monetized. If there’s not an affiliate link in the post or in the email, then at the bare minimum there’s going to be a call to action at the end of the blog post that gets them into something. It’s not like it’s going to convert a heck of a lot, but at least there’s something there. I don’t want to have an interaction where there’s not at least some form of continuing action that a person can take if they want. It’s business. That’s how I make my living.
Identifying Affiliate Links Sometimes I’ll mention that a link is an affiliate link. I have a disclosure policy on my blog and so I figure that they know what business I’m in. I disclose it. I also make it very clear that I’m never going to do anything that I don’t think is good for them. It’s not just about the money. I don’t want to abuse their subscription.

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