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Call Dome Review – Capture the Attention of Several Leads

Call Dome Review – Capture the Attention of Several Leads
Official Site:
Once you‟ve clicked on the “FV Wordpress Flowplayer” icon in your page or post
you‟ll see this box appear as shown below. All you need to do now is add your video
URL from YouTube, Amazon S3 or wherever your video is online and paste that URL
into the first box and then click on “Insert” once you‟re happy with your set up.
Once you‟ve saved your new page at your call dome review‟s area you‟ll be able to check
whether your new video upload was successful and looks okay. Your video should
look pretty similar to the one below if you have chosen the same colour schemes
There is paid version video player called and is a product of Amazon
S3. It allows you to upload unlimited videos to its file up-loader and then choose
one of its skins; then it will give you code that you can insert into your page and
that‟s it! You‟ll have professional looking videos at your membership site.
PDF BASED TRAINING – Again very similar to videos in terms of uploading them
to your membership sites. I use
Amazon S3 to upload my PDF text based trainings
and then all I need to do is head on over to my Amazon S3 personal account and
grab the URL then paste it either directly into my call dome review  or into an
“Auto Responder” email at my email account so that my members receive their
content that way.
This is a screen shot of my
Amazon S3 account below. It‟s an Add On you can use
using the “Firefox” browser that allows you to effortlessly upload PDF‟s, MP3‟s,
Videos and alike. All you need to do is upload your file from the left hand side, right
click on that file on the right hand side once its been uploaded then grab the call dome review for
that file as shown in
STEP #3 below and paste that URL wherever you need to at
your membership site:


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