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Email Ramp Review – Promote Anything with World-class Email Sequences

Email Ramp Review – Promote Anything with World-class Email Sequences

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And of course you now know how to set up your sales funnel correctly too using the
examples I‟ve already given to you.
So at least now when you approach a marketer YOU KNOW to do a swap with; you
know that their lists are clean and responsive and have BUYERS on them too rather
than recycled garbage that‟s been passed around time and time again from one list
to another.
So here‟s screen shot mind map of what you need to do with your emailramp review to make
them a success:
 PLEASE NOTE: As you can see from the mind map above; instead of just having 1
OTO offer behind your free gift; offer several related offers via a thank you pagethus increasing your chances of turning more leads into PROVEN BUYERS!
You‟re changing the set up to match the traffic in many ways because giving people
as many chances to buy something either from you, an affiliate offer or indeed a PPL
offer creates a scenario where there‟s literally something for everyone who land on
your thank you/download page.
I‟ve deliberately coloured the thank you page in “RED” and the 3 types of offers you
could use in “GREEN” so you can use this kind of approach yourself.
Also another advantage to this is that you can swap more of your “emailramp review
who haven‟t yet bought anything from you and see if another marketer‟s offers best
suit their needs instead.
WARNING! DON’T just swap your prospects lists with other marketers!!!Make sure you send some of those BUYERS over to your ad swap partners offer too
as this will help you further build strong relationships with other marketers.
So in theory you could just exchange all of your traffic by just sending out emails to
a segmented part of your list that hasn‟t responded well to your set up/offers etc.
You‟ll then make your money from just your thank you pages; (with several offers
on them) when your swap partner sends their emailramp review to you.
I personally like to use ad swaps for any PAID traffic lists that I have like Solo Ads
for example. Any other parts of my lists will rarely see an ad swap (BUYERS ETC)
unless I think it is a really good high quality offer.

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