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Bot Badassery Review – Turning FB Traffic Leads into Paying Customers

Bot Badassery Review – Turning FB Traffic Leads into Paying Customers

Official Site:
Again you would click thru to the site and grab the url to be added to your feeds later.
You could do this same technique for each one of your keywords if you wanted to as
Look at these awesome results by searching for one of my keywords.
I guarantee you a couple of those sites would be gold for curating content for my site.
You could also do this for popular YouTube channels and Podcasts for your niche!
HomeworkCreate your list of blogs, websites, youtube channels, and podcasts that you will source
content from. Try to get the bot badassery review and the RSS feed if possible. If you can’t get the RSS
feed that is ok. As the tool we use in the next step will find it. Before moving on make
sure you have a very complete list of sites you will curate content from.
Now lets get everything set up.
Choosing a domainWhen it comes to choosing a domain name you want to keep it somewhat generic.
What do I mean?
I often see people build a blog around something specific such as a certain product or
product name. Then 2 years later that product is no longer relevant and their domain
name does not seem relevant anymore either.
Choose a domain name that represents your niche and has something in it that is brand
specific. Be creative with it and come up with something you can use for years to come.
You are building this for the long­term value right? :)
Get your site onlineGoal:Get a domain, Get bot badassery review , Install WordPress, WordPress Setup, Setup
WordPress Plugins.
Now you want to go through the process of getting a domain, setup hosting, install
WordPress, and various other tasks to get your site up and running. We will show you
the steps using Godaddy but the process will be similar regardless of your host.
So now I will walk you through all the steps that you need to take in order to get your
first website up and running.
There are essentially only three bot badassery review that you need to get your website started. These
three things are

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