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OnPoint Review - Does It Really Work?

OnPoint Review - Does It Really Work?
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Again, think of sales pages you have skim-read. I bet you scrolled
to the bottom thinking ‘so how much is this going to cost me?’ or ‘In
a nutshell, what’s this really about?’
SummaryAll of the tactics revealed in this module will help you get your
subscribers to read through your emails and click on links.
But, as with the subject line and opening line techniques, overuse
them and they become gimmicky and lose their power.
Think of them as a bag of magic tools you have, to be used every
so often.
If you keep seeing the same magic trick again and again, the
magic is lost forever
 So we now get to the point where we make some money!
If you have followed the advice from our successful marketers in the
previous modules, you are now ready to promote a product.
So how do you place your product? Our marketers reveal their
Position your first product as the next onpoint review
Sales that come as natural part of the process of helping people
reach their goals never come across as forced, or ‘salesy’.
So, if you have spent the last few weeks concentrating on
Facebook advertising, offering a proven ‘Facebook adverts
template’ eBook is a natural ‘onpoint review’.
This list would not react very well to a product on Google Adwords,
no matter how good it is.
It’s a case of keeping in mind what the next logical step is.
I’m constantly amazed by how many emails I receive from
marketers that have found something to promote, and they just
simply email the onpoint review .
Without any sense of where their subscribers are at when it
comes to the journey they are on.
Without understanding that their subscribers are taking
incremental steps towards a specific goal.
Whatever product you offer, be it your own or an affiliate product,
position it as the next logical step in your subscriber’s journey.

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