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Free Traffic Achievr Review – The Secret To Generate Massive Profits Using Free Traffic

Free Traffic Achievr Review – The Secret To Generate Massive Profits Using Free Traffic
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The bottom line, the more organised you are the MORE successful you are
going to be!
The use of SPECIFIC folders and tracking documents such as MS Excel or
Google Sheets and “note taking” documents such as MS Word or Google Docs
will ensure you have all the information you require at your free traffic achievr review .
Note: once your business grows you can also use Google Drive to collaborate
and share “folders” , “sheets” and “docs” with your outsource staff, this really
adds POWER to your business!
 Here’s an example of a Google Sheet that I use for tracking. This is what I
would use for product that I have chosen to sell only.
As you can see it’s NOT rocket science to create a simple tracking sheet like
this; however, being organised from the get-go will ensure your have a clear
view of exactly where your free traffic achievr review is at any given point.
The comments are quite self-explanatory, the first column is the Product ASIN
that you will find against products in Amazon, don’t worry I’ll explain this in
more detail as we progress. (We DO NOT always use Amazon!)
For research I like to use a Google Doc or MS Word document as that also
allows me to add the product image, for example.

I’m restricted on how I can show the TRUE value of using Google Docs to
record your sheets within this document; however, in the videos I walk
through exactly how I do my research and how I use the built in features within
Google Docs to speed up my free traffic achievr review.
Using Google Docs has reduced my research time drastically

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