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Xfunnels Review – Build Up Professional Pages for your Business Sites

Xfunnels Review – Build Up Professional Pages for your Business Sites 
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“Won’t people complain that they are getting their items from Amazon?”A You may “rarely” get a customer who will ask this; however, my stock
response is “we also sell on Amazon and we choose them to ship the goods as
they typically arrive with you much quicker”.
Q “will Amazon get upset with me effectively using them to drop-ship the
products to my customers on eBay?”
A Definitely NOT as long as you DO NOT order through your Amazon PRIME
account they will be more than happy to do so.
Q “What is your typical profit per xfunnels review?”A I don’t really have a “typical profit” as it all depends on the demand of the
product and how much I can source it for. A good rule of thumb is to aim for a
minimum of 10% NETT profit.
Q “What happens if my customer doesn’t receive their items?”A Great question! The simple answer is, Amazon use shipping companies who
provide “tracking” information so you’ll be able to see EXACTLY where the
product is. I recommend updating your customers with this tracking
information as soon as you receive xfunnels review. This serves two purposes 1) your
customer can see the item has been dispatched and 2) they KNOW you are
using tracking information which reduces the possibility of “fraud”.
Unfortunately there are some unscrupulous people in the World who will say
they never received the product. However, remember you have “buyer”
protection from Amazon and also “seller” protection from xfunnels review should a
dispute arise.
NOTE: If you are shipping products yourself ALWAYS send the packages
recorded or special delivery so your customer has to sign on delivery. It costs
slightly more than normal postage; however, it is well worth it for the peace of
mind it provides.

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