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PixelMate Review – Create any Gorgeous Animated Graphics in Few Clicks

PixelMate Review – Create any Gorgeous Animated Graphics in Few Clicks

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When you research like this you will NEVER be stuck for product ideas and if
you set aside dedicated “research time” you will be able to discover at least 50
GOOD products that you can sell within 15 to 30 minutes.
The main benefit of this exercise is you are uncovering POPULAR products that
sell on Amazon which is a GREAT indication that people are probably actively
searching for these products on OTHER sites etc!
Here is the “seed” keyword 
There are thousands more and you’ll soon discover your own successful “seed”
words that you can drill into to create those “long tail” phrases buyers are
using right now on Amazon.

So far we have used the inbuilt “search pixelmate review” within Amazon to uncover
potential profits that have GREAT ratings and feedback (above 4 stars), now I
want to show you how to use eBay’s built in search function so you can once
again drill down into BUYERS key phrases and find products that you may wish
to sell.
The steps are similar to Amazon as we will start with a seed keyword and then
drill down once again.
NOTE: For best results it is recommended you are logged into your eBay
account. If you do not have one, please take the time to set one up now and
then return to this section.
Once again I will lay out the steps first and then show you some screen shots
so you can see the results I am seeing.
Step 1 – Choose a “pixelmate review” keyword, this is your “seed” keyword!Step 2 – Enter the “keyword” in eBay search bar with a “space” after the word.Step 3 – Make a note of the TOP three “keyword results”. Ignore the results
that say “in” i.e. dog cage “in” Dog Supplies
Step 4 – Take the TOP “keyword” and enter this in the eBay search bar again
leaving a “space” after the word.
Step 5 – “Click” on the TOP resultStep 6 – “scroll” down and on the Left Hand Side of the eBay results page look
for the “check” box that says
“Buy pixelmate review Now”. It is in the “format” section. Check
that box.
Step 7 – These results are the TOP selling results for that search term and will
highlight what is HOT on eBay now.
Step 8 – Select the “products” that are priced over your local Amazon
minimum price for FREE delivery. Enter these in your Google Doc or MS Word
or other Word Processing document as we did before

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