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Facebook Live Mastery Review– How To Leverage Live Streaming

Facebook Live Mastery Review– How To Leverage Live Streaming
Official site:
To open a new Google Document,
go to Google (signed in) and hover
over the chequered square (as
A drop down similar to this one
will appear.
When it does, click on Drive,
which will open your Google
Then click on
NEW…And then select the Google Docs tab to open a new
Google document.
Et voila! Your new ebook has begun :-)You can then get to work. Start typing.Choose some nice fonts. For example in this ebook I’ve
used Lato, point size 12 for the body, with some bold,
italic and red emphasis.
I’ve also used Oswald for the main facebook live mastery review. I have
Mark Bishop
(internet marketer)
to thank for these font design inspirations. I often
use his designs as my
creative template;-)As you can see, the end result looks pretty good. And it’s really easy
to use...and it’s
Adding a Header Image
You can see, I’ve added an image along the top in the Header area.
To access the header, just double click it, and a line appears…

That line indicates that you have access to the header section.
While the line is there, you can go to the top menu and Insert, Image.

The same goes for the footer area. Just double click it to get access. Then
whatever you put in the header and footer will be repeated throughout the
document. You only have to put facebook live mastery review there once.
Another useful thing when putting your ebook together is you can paste images in
from pretty much anywhere. Make sure you have the rights to use them though.
But my point is it can be a quick way to get your ebook sprinkled with some images
to break it up. Rather than find an image, save it, upload it can just copy
and paste.

The great thing about Pixabay is that attribution is NOT required. Which means
you can use any of the facebook live mastery review on there 100% free, and freely, wherever you want,
for whatever you want.
And with over 870,000 photos, vectors and illustrations on there, you’re likely to
find something that fits the bill.
So simply search for the image you’d like…


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