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ShopMozo Review - Set up your own Amazon Store in 1 click

ShopMozo Review - Set up your own Amazon Store in 1 click
Official site:
I put the Facebook like widget on the sidebar as well. This widget
shows how many people have liked my page and it also makes it
easy for people to like your page with just one click.
Remember, one of your big goals is to get as many Facebook
followers as possible.
This way you will get an instant surge of traffic and Ad clicks to your
new content when you share it on your Facebook page.
Below the Facebook widget I will have a list of the most recent
and/or most popular posts on the site.
This way, people can easily read more of your content.
It is also important to add shopmozo review, Contact Us and About us pages to
your site.
Congratulations! You now have a site that can earn you a ton of
All that’s left to do is to keep adding new shopmozo review each day and
getting traffic to that content.
Traffic GettingWhen it comes to traffic you have a few choices. 
You can pay for your traffic, get free traffic or do both like me.
Let’s start with Paid traffic.
I love paid traffic because it allows you to quickly get large amounts
of traffic to your site and start earning money from day 1.

Like I mentioned in the beginning of this course, Outbrain and
Taboola have their related content widgets installed on thousands of
high quality websites such as CNN, Yahoo, Seattle Times, GolfWRX
and a ton more.
I bet you have seen these widgets on a lot of sites that you frequent.
Us as advertisers can then have our content appear in those widgets
and pay a fee every time someone clicks on our content.
Since our content is awesome and interesting, people click on them
like crazy.

I have discovered a way to pay as little as 3 cents per click for my
Make sure to upload at least 2 different titles for your article and
make the titles as catchy as possible.
Do the same thing with the shopmozo review. Upload at least 2 catchy images
for your article.
You can do this from within Outbrain’s interface. I also suggest you
watch their training videos on how to do these things in your
Now, start your bid at around 11 – 14 cents per click and run it for a
few hours to a day.
Set your daily budget to $10.
After you’ve reached your daily budget, look at your ctr for your
article. If your CTR is above 0.4% then you are doing great and you
should drop your bid to $0.07.
Then run your content again for another day until you’ve spent your
$10 budget.


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