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GeoCraft v2 Review – why should you buy it?

GeoCraft v2 Review – why should you buy it?

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For confirmation you want to be seeing a new IP (assigned by CloudFlare) and that there are 2 identical IP Addresses. One last thing to do is hit “Refresh The Cache” button at the bottom of the page, that forces open DNS to refresh all their servers just to make sure and the site is on the CloudFlare across their whole Network of servers. 

With your DNS records now at CloudFlare you need to make sure your security is top notch and a username and password simply doesn't cut it these days, so now we will look at how to lockdown your CloudFlare account from would be attackers... 2-Factor Authentication Two factor authentication ensures that only you can ever login to your CloudFlare account, even if someone else discovers your password. 

Why is 2 factor authentication so important? Using just your email and the geocraft v2 review to login is fairly normal for most websites and services, but you need to understand that if someone gets to know your login password, by whatever the means (e.g. a fishing scam/attack, a Keylogger on your PC, hacking another site with the same password etc.) 

they can take control of all your sites on geocraft v2 review , redirect all your traffic and potentially steal your domains . So why leave your business (or your clients business) open to this possibility? 2 Factor Authentication makes it practically impossible for anyone else to get into your CloudFlare account. 

Login to your CloudFlare account and then click on the link with your account email in the top right hand corner, then scroll down to “My Settings" and on the Account Tab scroll down the page to find "Two-Factor Authentication". CloudFlare use the “Authy” app on your mobile phone, so that whenever you want to logon you will need a security token generated by the Authy app on your mobile phone, AS WELL AS your regular login email and password. 

In other words no one else can get access to your geocraft v2 review without having both your regular login info AND your mobile phone. To set it up you first need to add the Authy app to your mobile, which you can do by searching in the app store or going to: Once it’s installed on your phone simply click on “Configure” button and then “Next Step”. 


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