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Vidoyo Review – Highly Converting Videos On Your Hand

Vidoyo Review – Highly Converting Videos On Your Hand
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“My client was struggling to close his clients in face¬to¬face settings, until I gave him my  threeámagicaláclosingáquestions. The very first time he used these questions, he could see his client hesitate for a few moments... and then he said “Yes!” The deal was closed. Ever since discovering my “three magical closing questions”, his closing rate has gone from about 10% to over 40%. That goes to show the ridiculous importance of asking the right questions. 

Of course, it isn't just about closing. You have to get the rest of the pitch right as well. Let me tell you about how I solved one client's problem...” Here I mentioned my “three magical closing questions” that sealed the deal for his first client, and that took his closing rate from 10% to 40%. In the back of their mind, I want my reader to wonder, “What are these three magical closing questions?” I leave the vidoyo review unanswered! Now, I could choose to reveal them later in my pitch, or I can use this as another reason for them to buy the product, i.e. they only get to find out what they are, by purchasing the product. If I later include a bullet point pitching the “three magical closing questions”, I've primed them to want this particular feature, increasing the chances of clinching the sale!  • vidoyo review. Don't you just hate it when someone tells you a story, but they don't get a chance to finish it? You've invested your time in hearing the story, and if it's interesting, you want to know the outcome. Use this to your advantage. Tell them a story, but leave it  temporarily unresolved. Use the time in¬between to further your case... and then tell them the outcome. We'll get into storytelling in the next chapter. 

Badánewsá/ágoodánews. You saw me use that technique in the section of copy I just wrote a little earlier. I basically said, “I have both GOOD and BAD NEWS for you.” Then I talked about the bad news first, leaving them anticipating the good vidoyo review. • Wrongáthingá/árightáthing. This is similar to the pattern for bad news / good news. I showed you an example of this at the beginning of Chapter 12, where the copy said, “Because you're looking for wealth in the wrong place.” By discussing “the wrong place”, it invites the reader to wonder, “What is the right place?” You could talk about wrong advice they've been given, things they've been doing that don't work etc, in order to build anticipation for the right advice, the right things that really work, and so on. • TheáXáessentials. If I said,  “There are FOUR things you need to understand about the male brain, if you want to win his heart”... the reader is going to have to stick around to find out what all four of them are. This is especially true the more  necessary we make them sound. “There are FOUR KEYS to understanding the male brain. If you even want a CHANCE to win his heart, it's absolutely vital to know all four of these keys. Key #1 is...” By the way, I'd perhaps be sneaky with this. I'd reveal the first three keys fairly early on, and leave them hanging until the end of my sales letter, for the fourth! Or maybe save it for within the product. (How can they stop reading until they know Key #4... you've told them it's vital!) Don't underestimate the importance of building anticipation. It compels your prospects to keep reading. It greases the “slippery slide”. 


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