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SEO Toolkit Review – World’s First 25-in1 SEO Toolkit Is Here

SEO Toolkit Review – World’s First 25-in1 SEO Toolkit Is Here

Official Site:
At the beginning of this seo toolkit review, I mentioned that you do not
always have to have reviews in order to have successful launch.
This is true. I had successful free launches without having a single
review. “Successful,” in my opinion, means having 300-350 free
downloads on the first day (occasionally I had more). For some
people, that might seem low and unsuccessful, but, because I
didn’t have any friends or a platform to help me, I was more than
To continue my launching seo toolkit review, I decided to repeat the
Day Test with my Red Smoothies book. I had planned for a fiveday promo on December 20
th, but when I had great success with
my Superfoods Smoothies book on Sunday December 21
st, I
stopped promoting the book right away and contemplated whether
I should wait for the next Sunday or test some days in between.
NOTE: if you want to do a free promo that lasts more than a day,
don’t schedule it as one five-day promo, because if you stop it
earlier, you will lose the leftover days. For example, if you
schedule a five-day promo and stop it on Day Two, you will lose
three days. Always schedule free promos day after day, and don’t
forget to extend them. Also, if you’re begin a three-day promo,
make sure you inform everyone (people running free promo sites,
people visiting Facebook groups) that your free promo is only for
three days. If you decide to extend it, you can write another email
or post stating that because of the huge positive response you are
receiving, you decided to extend the free promotion.
Ultimately, I decided to test on Wednesday and scheduled Red
Smoothies promotion for Wednesday December 24
th. I sold
fourteen books and hit #4 in my seo toolkit review ! That is spike #2 on the
sales diagram, and here is the picture of the #4 spot:

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