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LetMailBox Review – All-In-One ToolBox for Rapid Returns on Any Email Broadcasts

LetMailBox Review – All-In-One ToolBox for Rapid Returns on Any Email Broadcasts

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It’s not just about the money either. Yes, slaving your time away for a
measly four bucks can start to suck the life out of you, especially when you
start getting buyers who demand revisions or are unsatisfied with your
 work. But there’s another way sellers are seen to be “selling their soul” on
Fiverr. I’m talking about video testimonial gigs, sign holding gigs and other
similar gigs.
You’ve all seen it and you’ve seen how popular these gigs are and for
good reason. They sell really well. No, they sell like crazy. Especially video
testimonial and video spokesperson gigs. So what’s the big deal? The
controversy is that you’re being paid $4 to give a spiel on a product or
service you’ve never even tried or heard of. You’re essentially selling your
face and voice on camera to help give somebody’s business or product some
sort of credibility and letmailbox review it otherwise wouldn’t have. I’m not going
to go into the ethics of this or anything like that but I will admit that doing
this gig after a while must really drain the seller.
Still, there are sellers making a killing on Fiverr doing it.
How do we fix this? How do we stop the soul sucking? There are a few
Be expensive: Stop selling yourself short and charge more per gig.
Meaning, instead of writing an entire article for 500 words, charge $5 for
every 100 words or even 50 words. Guarantee your buyers that the’re going
to get quality work and the letmailbox review  they’re paying more is because it will
encourage more quality out of you by giving their gig the amount of time
and attention it deserves. The competition doesn’t care how much you
charge and there will always be someone who will be able to do it cheaper

than you. That’s just how business is. Position yourself as the
quality/premium seller. You will still get sales and you’ll actually be doing
work worthwhile. You will increase your hourly rate like this.
Be selective: Don’t take on every order you get. It’s okay to cancel. If
you do video testimonials, list the kinds of letmailbox review/businesses you will not
make videos for and be firm. Sure you will lose a few orders here and there
but if you think you’re selling your soul, it’ll keep you on Fiverr longer.

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