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Crazykala 2.0 Review – Create Professional Graphic Designs

Crazykala 2.0 Review – Create Professional Graphic Designs
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When you think of what comes to mind?
If you said cheap deals, bargains, great prices etc. then you’ve answered
similar to around 80% of the folks we have surveyed.
Next, what comes to mind when you think of
If you said customer service, more expensive than crazykala 2.0 review , speed of delivery,
packaging etc. then again your answers are similar to the folks we asked.
You see, we are programmed to “perceive” various things as being fact. This
plays out in “brand snobbery” and “brand loyalty” time and time again.
It is this “perception” that allows us as “service providers” to bridge the gap
and be rewarded handsomely in return.
So let’s look at a great example of “brand snobbery” and “brand loyalty”…
I’m sure you’ve witnessed this yourself, perhaps you’re also an Apple devotee?
One thing that is for sure, folk who love Apple, REALLY LOVE Apple!
They become raving fans of the brand and products, so much so they are
willing to set up camp outside their local Apple store for hour’s sometimes
even days just to get their hands on the latest greatest Apple release.
And woe betide anyone trying to convince them “It’s only a phone or laptop”…
One thing is for sure, Apple fans truly are passionate about their brand and will
do almost anything to get their hands on the latest releases.
We also see this same passionate crazykala 2.0 review loyalty with car brands, for example in
the USA it’s Ford Vs GMC.
Funny enough that same “rivalry” can also be found in Australia and to some
extent in the United Kingdom.
We also see “brand snobbery” between Audi and BMW and then BMW and

When I owned a Porsche, we had friendly rivalry with the Honda s2000
Either side backed their “brand loyalty” with passion and gusto!

Other non-car related examples are:
McDonalds vs Burger King
Walmart vs Target
No doubt you could come up with many more crazykala 2.0 review.
And of course we have the obvious earlier online example, Amazon vs eBay.
Everyone has their own personal favourite and in many cases, they are
“blinkered” when it comes to alternatives.
A high percentage of people simply ignore other available options and instead
stick to their favourite brands, stores and websites.
Many times these actions are further reinforced by their “circle of influence”,
friends, family, colleagues, peer groups etc. et al.


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