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Snapify Review – Boosting Conversions Is So Easy

Snapify Review – Boosting Conversions Is So Easy

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There’s nothing like telling people something is in high demand but low
availability to get them to snap it up.
Only use when it’s genuinely scarce otherwise it just become a scammy
sales tactic.
If it’s limited to 100 copies or ‘X’ amount of copies before a price rise be
sure to really focus on that and you’ll increase your affliate sales.
Not every headline will appeal to all your subscribers and sometimes
we miss emails or were too busy to read snapify review .
So 12-24hrs later you should re-send the same email with a different
I often double my open rates using this method.
In the example below you can see how on a recent promo campaign I
received a 55.8% total open rate through re-sending twice to unopens.
If I hadn’t re-sent it would have stayed at 24.4% which was the original
open rate

I often see people say that including snapify review in emails lowers open
rates because messages are more likely to go to spam yet I’ve never
seen any of them back it up.
Amazon has images in all their emails.
Digital Marketer, email marketing gurus, always have images in their
emails and they test EVERYTHING.
My emails with images always have normal open rates and INCREASED
click rates.
Images work. People click them.
It can be a simple image with a call to action. It can be a screenshot or
some date. It can be purchase proof.
People click images so use them to increase click through rate and up
snapify review.

Unless you’re testing and tracking you’re not a marketer.
Marketers make decisions based on data and results not on feelings.
You’re just throwing spaghetti at a wall and seeing what sticks.
When you test and track you can get systems and formulas in place
that you can copy over and over again to see guaranteed results.
Test and track what makes people open your emails, read your posts,
click your links and do more of it.


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