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InstaPro Post Review – One Suite For All Your Instagram Tasks

InstaPro Post Review – One Suite For All Your Instagram Tasks

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3) Your Web Page Editor OptimizePress is a WordPress plugin and theme for creating landing pages and membership sites, without having to know how to code, or design your own pages. For the past two years, OptimisePress has revolutionised the way we sell our products online, and become a household name in Internet Marketing. OptimizePress 2.0 is finally launching, and boy, what a game changer it’s going to be.

Even if you’ve never heard of OptimizePress before (unlikely), I’m still willing to bet that you’ve been on a website that uses it. It’s used in the majority of product launches, squeeze pages, and membership sites I’ve come across in the past couple of years. OptimizePress 2.0 is not an update, it’s a completely new product, and it’s been built from the ground up.

4) Your Click Management Software “Quality Click Control” has been the industry leader for years when it comes to click tracking, instapro post review, and conversion tracking. QCC was originally developed as a simple rotator software program with a few features to start and stop the traffic at a specific date and time. Over the years they kept developing and adding new features bringing stats to the next level.

They were the first to develop GEO Targeting which has blown up and has allowed marketers to target specific countries. This has changed the game in the traffic selling industry giving traffic providers the ability to just send traffic from top tier countries. After thousands of copies sold of their self-hosted instapro post review, they have now jumped into the SaaS model allowing them to bring you more features since they are able to control the server environment and use specific modules a shared server environment usually does not allow.

They are devoted to keep developing and bring you the greatest value possible and beyond! 10 Outstanding Features: a) BOT Protection QCC now brings you the most Advanced BOT Protection you can find in the market today. Identifying and protecting you from fake traffic. So if you are either buying or selling traffic, they got you covered.

b) Compatible On All Devices You can use QCC on the go with your smartphone and see the heartbeat of your business running without being stuck to a desktop computer in an office. c) Funnel Depth An industry first feature that allows you to see how far into a website / sales funnel your traffic is going. Allowing you to see where you have possible disconnects. d) Easy Duplication Easily duplicate any link or any click tracking / rotator campaign.

Saving you tons of time creating your duplicate campaigns when tracking traffic from multiple sources. e) Multi-User Logins Now have multiple logins for your staff to be able to access your account and restrict each of them to only certain capabilities. f) Multiple Link Rotation Modes Multiple link rotation dependant on your needs. Random, Split testing, Spillover, and many more.

g) GEO Targeting Limit what countries you want to allow to see your links and redirect the rest to another URL. h) Graphics Needless to tell you that seeing is believing! With their awesome graphics, it’s easy to see where you are going and how you are progressing! i) Charts “Quality Click Control” makes sure you get the most out of their software.

Their pie charts are another way to monitor your instapro post review and the quality of clicks that enter your funnel! This tool is priceless if you ask me! j) Video Tutorials “Quality Click Control” has integrated many videos within their software to guide you through the simple process of creating your click trackers and click rotators. Each video is step-by-step, helping the most “Newbie” marketer reach their traffic generating goals! Below are some examples of video tutorials that you’ll find in the “members area”: 5) Auto-Responder When it comes to auto-responder, I want “nothing but the best”! Aweber is an email marketing software and autoresponder tool that is easy to configure and use.

What makes AWeber so popular is the fact that it is highly affordable and with the price tag is around $19 per month, you might think that I am out of my mind. At least, I would definitely have something under my sleeves right? When you sign-up for AWeber (click here to sign-up for FREE for the first month as a trial), you are not only paying for their services but as well as the rich email marketing features.

And, I believe ‘rich’ could be a very understatement of the day! Here are a complete list of what AWeber is offering to all its members: 1. Ability to create custom professional email newsletters within minutes 2. Multiple ready-made signup forms available to use instantly 3. Segmenting subscribers to different categories for easier management 4.

Automatically deliver sequence messages to new subscribers according to date and time of your choice (auto-responder) 5. Over 600 beautiful HTML email templates to create great looking emails 6. Ability to perform split tesing in anyway possible (title, names, color, Call-To-Action etc) 7.

RSS to email ability – Automatically create emails from your newest blog posts 8. Email analytics to track on number of clicks, opens and delete 9. Easy to integrate to popular WordPress mailing list plugins such as OptinSkin and Hybrid Connect 10. Extremely high email delivery rate thanks to the Anti-Spam policy 11. 24/7 customer support through phone and email 12.

A wide variety of free training and guides for bloggers to build more subscribers 13. Free access to live webinars for mailing list building strategies I got to admit this; When I first saw the features, I was like “Okay, this sounds like the right email marketing solution for me” but I wasn’t sure if I should get it.

As you can see, there are many benefits of using Aweber but the most important reason of all is mainly because of their deliverability! As you must know, the more people get your e-mails in their INBOX, not in their “Spam Folder”, the more chances you have of being seen, read and clicked on! P.S. 1. The 4 most important things you’ll need to know and do when you are using an auto-responder! Watch These 4 Videos: How To Create A Campaign How To Create An Opt-In Form How To Add Follow-Up Swipes How To Broadcast P.S.2.

These 5 easy-to-use tools are all you ever need to grow your business on auto-pilot, get free leads and sell traffic from your e-mail list! It’s time you stop looking for the “magic Button Push Button Softwares”… They don’t exist! Believe this… If they did, we’d all be millionaires, retired on our private island! If you’re a “down-to-earth” person, I’m sure you understand that fairy tales are for kids and that any online business requires a business start-up cost.

The difference between an online and offline business is the start-up costs. If you were to open a pizzeria, you would need to invest 100’s of 1000’s of dollars just to get started and chances are within 1 year you would be closed down! With an online business, you can get started under $200 and it’s 100% SCALABLE when it’s done the right way! – No Brainer! So when people tell me that internet marketing is expensive, I find it very funny… Because all I see is that they fell for the “Shiny Objects”, rather than build a REAL, LONG-LASTING business! – Shame on them for believing in such fairy tales! But it’s never too late to do things the right way! Once you have your tools… All you need is a proven money-making method that allows you to… Rake-in daily profits through PayPal… As you realize by now, you don’t need a gazillion “shiny objects” to make money online… Afterall, to make money online you only need: ? 5 Basic Tools ? 1 Money-Making Method ? The desire to succeed The rest is real simple as you are about to see… 

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