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This eBook is not just one another “arbitrage underdog 5.0 review” or just a strategy… It is 100%  Working method and I am using it myself, for years. Plus more then five students ranked their websites in just 3 hours to 2 days. No more than it. So you need to fasten your seat belts, because it is going to be a very unique and my own researched strategy. No one else knows it in the whole SEO Market. Now if you rea d my p reviou s eBook “WhiteRank” and read my email newsletters, Then you may have a little idea about it.. But today I am going Deep inside it. And will show you each and every aspect of this strategy to make it work 10x Time more effective.. .. And those who purchased it first time, I want you to read each and every word of this strategy and understand what I am saying, Close down other tabs/applications which distract you from reading. Just Concentrate. I always give one example of GSM arena.. Whenever you search something related to mobile phones, their website always pops up on #1 position.. A few of my SEO fellows did a lot of research, Checked their backlinks, and even some of them tried getting at the same point as GSM arena (with backlinks) but.. They failed…
W h y ? Because backlinks are not only the factor In rankings.. Content is also counted. but… This sounds old.. no? Everyone says the same, content is king and all that shit.. I never seen my website getting ranked on first page because I wrote a good 
arbitrage underdog 5.0 review ?... Unless I make some good amount of backlinks? Or the competition of keyword is near to nothing.. The truth is. When 99% People say “Content is the king” they don’t even have idea what they are talking about. Content is the king un-doubly, but with a fair amount of backlinks they make a full empire. Now… you must be thinking what kind of unrealistic shits I am talking about.. king, empire and all this?
What’s the real DEAL!? Coming back to my GSMarena example.. Why they rank on #1 all the time? Why not techcrunch, Mashable, Techradar, TheNextWeb.. They are leading the Smartphones niche.. no? So what makes GSMarena stands out? That’s the “Timing Factor”
S e a rc h G o o g l e R a n k i n g f actors, Read each of them carefully.. You will not find this word “Timing” anywhere. Because it is my own researched and I myself experimented this 100 times and each and it never disappointed me.
So what is “Timing Factor” ? How can I get my website ranked using it? Timing is the most Working and Effective Ranking factor, with a simple DA 20-30 blog you can beat giants of your niche, If used properly. The only simple way of using timing is: Be Authority in your niche, Break news
First, Reveal things before others do, Be quick when you write about some product
or anything. In other worlds I also call it hijacking.
To make it easy, I’d like to show you a case-study: In this case study, you’ll see how I Spent $20 and made 15+ Sales in 3,4 days?
Sold Around $3000 worth of stuff, Now even more.
…This is because of the only Timing. Recently I was looking for a DSLR camera, and I landed to a page “ Best dslr camera’s of 2014 “ That page/post had very good social shares and comments.. That was November I guess. So I checked the searches of “Best DSLRs of 2014” and the total searches came out like: 10,000 searches/month. Now here I used mind, Rather then targeting 2014 keyword, I chosen “Best DSLRs 2015 “ because at that time there were no competition of 2015 keywords so it was a great opportunity for me. I tapped it. and in 2,3 days my website was on first page, I was not getting traffic in 2014 but.. from the 1st January the traffic start flowing and in 2,3 days I made these sales.
I sp en t $10 on a rt icl e, $5 for socia l media sha res a n d $5 for socia l media b ook ma rk s b ot h t hrou g h fiverr.
Ar ti cle: $10
S o ci a l M e d i a S ha r e s: $5
S o ci a l M e d i a B o o k m a r k s: $5
T o t a l Ex p e nd i t u r e: $20
Total time: 20 minutes (Publishing, Linking affiliates, On page SEO) and that’s it.
What’s in for you? In this case study you can see how I tapped an upcoming keyword, This is beyond Tools and keyword research tools. It’s just your mind. For example, Samsung S5 is these days most popular smartphone, but what you can predict for future? Samsung S6? Yes. There will be Samsung S6 in the future but at that time there will be a lot of competition, the right time is to rank it now, there is no competition. Once you rank it, you’ll get hell a lot of traffic once S6 release.
Now I will guide you step by step, How to do this in your business.
1. Finding niche and keywords
2. Analyzing Keywords
3. Publishing/on-Page SEO
4. Off page SEO
5. How to stick 1st page forever (So starting with #1 point )
1. Finding niche and keywords. You don’t need to find any special niche for this, You can choose “Any” topic/niche which has product flow, Like smartphones, Laptops, Solar panels, Watches, Movies, Songs or any high selling brand.
What you need to check is: 1. Do they have product flow? By product flow I mean do they consistently release new products every month week or year? 2. How many people target their keywords? Now once you select your niche, its time to go in-depth. Check the product line.. For example if you selected Microsoft, and they have good product flow.. Its time
t o check w ha t p rodu ct is comin g n ex t mon t h or n ex t yea r? Now w e k n ow M icrosoft is rel ea sin g a b row ser “ S p a rt a n “ . . I t ’ s t he k eyw ord, it s u p comin g , n o on e ha s p ost ed a b ou t it , it s you r t ime to tap it. Now I guess its released, but a month before its release I published an article about Spartan, and now I am on 1 st page. J Anyways, after finding niche and keywords you need to analyze them.
2. Analyzing Keywords Now when you are using “
arbitrage underdog 5.0 review ” technique/factor in your blog/website.. You don’t need to worry how much competition is there; you can nail “Any” keyword you want. Here analyzing keyword means checking is it worth your time or not? First step is to go to Google adwords, and check how many searches are there? Now since the product is not released yet, you cant check the searches of the same product .. but rather you need to check the previous product’s searches. For example, My keyword best dslr camera’s 2014 had 10,000 monthly searches in 2014.. now I know in 2015, the searches would be almost same for 2015 too.. or maybe a bit more. Another example: You are going to write about Samsung galaxy s5 but don’t know its searches? Check how many searches Samsung galaxy S4 had? Almost same searches S5 would be having.. Once you check searches, its time to analyze/predict how much revenue you can make out of it? If that’s a product keyword, then how many sales can you generate? All this you can do easily but the result of all calculations should be in Yes or No. Either its worth doing or not. If Not, then skip it, and look for another product or if Yes.. Then keep reading.
3. Content & On Page SEO Now first you need to decide that is this going to be a niche website or a blog post. I prefer blog post, because once you make a good blog, you can post unlimited articles on it and they rank in no time. So in this section you’ll learn what kind of content gets ranked.. First of all, don’t compromise on content, Always publish well-written articles
w it h n o g ra mma t ica l mist a k es. Hire someon e if you ca n ’ t do it you rsel f. To ra nk your w eb sit e for highly competitive keywords using Timing Technique, All you need to write is a 2000-2500 words article. That’s it. For normal competition: 1500-1700 words for low competition: 1000 – 1200 words Now how to optimize that article for better rankings… (This is for only Blog
1. Title: Your title must contain your keyword with some other words Example: My keyword is “Dslr 2015” so the title should be like “ Best dslrs of 2015 for beginners “
2. Headings. Put your keyword in only one heading i.e H2 Keep other natural, keyword free.
3. Images Use keyword in ALT text of your image(s)
4. Permalink Now you don’t need to write your title in permalink like But rather write direct keywords:
5. Keyword density keyword density should be below 2%.
6. Do some internal links.. and the same on page ranking factors you read in my previous ebook Whiterank. Now how to do on page SEO for a full-fledged niche website targeting Timings related keyword? ( I ts on ly f or f u ll web s i te) Here you need the same structure as white rank. 1. 7 Pillar Pages. (1000-1200 words) 2. 5-7 Informative Articles (500-800 words)
I f you rea d w hit era n k , Y ou ma y ha ve idea a b ou t p il l a r p a g es a n d in forma t ive a rt icl es. . b u t st il l l et me ex p l a in a g a in :
Pi l l a r Pa ges: These are the actual “Pillars” of your website, with their power your website gets ranked. These pages are directly related to your product.
Inf o r m a t i ve Ar t i cl es: They are just informative articles, they have no SEO touch, they are keyword free. They are just for information for your users. That’s it. Internal linking of website:
S a m e a s w hi t er a nk.. Now you are done with on page. I’ve shown you two ways of targeting these kind of keywords, one is a blog post and second is a full niche website.
It s t i m e f o r t he o f f p a ge S EO .
4. Off page SEO Now don’t think I’m going to ask you buy PBN links or high priced backlinks to rank these keywords, I will show you the cheapest and the most effective way to rank them, and keep them stick to page one after it. First of all you need some social media shares, I use fiverr.

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