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I guarantee you a couple of those sites would be gold for curating content for my site.You could also do this for popular YouTube channels and Podcasts for your niche! HomeworkCreate your list of fancontact review, websites, youtube channels, and podcasts that you will sourcecontent from. Try to get the URL and the RSS feed if possible. If you can’t get the RSSfeed that is ok.
As the tool we use in the next step will find it. Before moving on makesure you have a very complete list of sites you will curate content from. Now lets get everything set up. Choosing a domainWhen it comes to choosing a domain name you want to keep it somewhat generic.What do I mean?I often see people build a blog around something specific such as a certain product orproduct name.
Then 2 years later that product is no longer relevant and their domainname does not seem relevant anymore either.Choose a domain name that represents your niche and has something in it that is brandspecific. Be creative with it and come up with something you can use for years to come.You are building this for the long­term value right? :) Get your site online Goal:? Get a domain, Get Hosting, Install WordPress, WordPress Setup, SetupWordPress Plugins.Now you want to go through the process of getting a domain, setup hosting, installWordPress, and various other tasks to get your site up and running.
We will show youthe steps using Godaddy but the process will be similar regardless of your host.So now I will walk you through all the steps that you need to take in order to get yourfirst website up and running.There are essentially only three things that you need to get your website started.
Thesethree things are? fancontact review? Hosting? Content Management System Domain Name First and foremost you need a domain name. Your domain name is essentially yourplace on the web. For example Website HostingOnce you have your domain name you need somewhere to host it. Think of yourdomain name as your address and your hosting your home on the web. Your hostingaccount will contain all the files that make up your website.
Content Management SystemWordPress? Its free!? Its amazing? Easy to use? Manage your website anywhere that has an internet connection? No HTML or CSS coding skills required? Themes for designing your website? Completely customizable? A lot of users = great support? Unlimited functionality available with plug­ins? search engines like WordPress? It is what we use on all our sitesTo get WordPress go here.
Usually you can install it directly from your host but if notthat link will take you to the download page. Lets Get StartedTo start things you must have chosen your domain name and a hosting provider. Forthis tutorial we will be walking you through the setup process using GoDaddy.
Setting Up Your Hosting AccountGodaddy actually provides great instructions for setting up your websites. However, asa beginner it is hard to understand what steps you need to take in order to geteverything up and running. For that reason we will lay out the steps in order you need to Adding Domain Names To Your Hosting AccountDepending on your setup you may also need to add your domain name to your fancontact review. If this is your first website this step was probably taken care of when you setupyour hosting account.
However, if you are setting up another website you will need totake these steps to set it up.The instructions below can be found online here. Installing WordPress to your hosting accountAs we mentioned earlier we advise you to use WordPress as your content managementsystem.The instructions below can be found online here. Make sure to make note of your admin name and password.
Getting Started With WordPressThis is a quick introduction to WordPress.GoDaddy support says it may take up to 24 hours to complete the installation ofWordPress but it usually lasts no longer than 30 minutes. When the setup is completeyou will be notified by email. Within that email it will also contain the link that you needto login to your WordPress Dashboard.
You can always get to your dashboard by visiting­admin ifyou ever lose the email. Your WordPress Dashboard is where you edit, add content,and manage your website. Logging into WordPressTo log into your website go to­admin. You will be presentedwith the following screen: Enter your WordPress username and password that you setup when installingWordPress.
Enter your details and choose login. After logging in you will see yourWordPress Dashboard. We wont go into details as there is already a lot of freely available content on the web about WordPress. Site Structure/setupNow you want to layout your site structure to be optimized for both visitors and SEO.You want to establish your structure in an organized manner that flows from main blogtopic to categories, to blog posts within those categories.
We want to funnel our sitestructure for best results.One of the first things you need to do when creating your blog is establish categories tomake sure you keep your blog content relevant and targeted. Anytime you write contentit should fit within those categories that you establish. It doesn’t matter whether you’rewriting a new blog post or a complete series.Anything you write should fit into your overall content strategy and business goals.
Sowhen you choose your categories it is very important that they make sense for your blogand fall in line with the objective of your business. Creating clear concise categories willallow you to stay on topic and create meaningful content for your audience. Blog Silo StructureWhile SEO won't be our main traffic strategy it is alway good to optimize your site forSEO as it will generate traffic for you.
Your categories will be the foundation of yourblogs SEO strategy. It is time to set up a nice silo structure for our blog that will be bothgood for visitors of your site and the search engines.This type of structure will give your blog organization and improve your sitesfunctionality, both of which are important in the search engines eyes.
The silo structurewill format your website in a way that the search engines understand.So lets look at an example silo structure.Example niche: Learn How To Play The Guitar Each one of the items in the secondary level would be your blog categories. So yourblog home page would be focused on learning guitar and would link to your categoriesthat are more in­depth guitar teachings.
You would then support your blog categorieswith more in­depth posts related to those categories. So lets expand this. Now we are getting somewhere. We have a nice structure to our site that is all aboutlearning to play the guitar. It is also very organized so that users and search enginescan easily find content that is related. Some people may only be interested in learningrhythm guitar.
They can go directly to that category which will have a number of postsrelated to learning rhythm guitar. With this layout the search engines will know exactlywhat your site is about. 
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