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Alterzon Review - The ‘All-in-one’ Affiliate Marketing Solution

Alterzon Review - The ‘All-in-one’ Affiliate Marketing Solution

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Once you receive applications, reply back to those applicants who provide adequate 
experience and ask to speak to them via Skype (they mainly use Skype chat to 
communicate). If you are happy with their application and responses to you during your chat, 
offer them a job! Have them start as soon as they're available. 
A couple of additional tips for outsourcing this process: 
• Pay your Virtual Assitant (VA) through PayPal. 
• Use a website called TimeDoctorto track your Virtual Assistant's work. 
• You can pay your VA through TimeDoctor weekly. 
Once you've hired your VA, take the following bullet list below and send this to your VA. 
Please work on the following: 
• Look up popular products on Amazon. 
• Find the item(s) cheaper by searching Google's shopping page. 
• List the item on Amazon with at least $10 profit after Amazon's fees. The source where 
you find the product from should not charge tax and should offer free shipping to 
minimize costs. 
• Document the name of the listing and the cheaper alterzon review  source on a spreadsheet. 
• Repeat.
==========And that's basically it! Have your VA list products on your spreadsheet, go onto Amazon and 
list these items and wait for sales to start trickling in. Process orders and collect the profits. 
Whether you choose to process the orders or have your VA do it is up to you, but I 
recommend you do this first to learn the ins and outs of the complete process. 
Here are some additional tips and tricks: 
1. You can list an unlimited amount of items on Amazon with no upfront fees. You can 
reduce Amazon selling fees by getting a pro account for $40 a month however this is 
only necessary for large volumes of items. To start, I recommend just paying the small 
additonal fee while you learn the process. You can get the pro account if/when you 
decide to scale up to 100+ item listings sold per month. 
2. You don't have to be the lowest price on Amazon.I've had over 5000 products 
listed before, and only about 100 of them were the lowest price. I've sold tons of 
products that were on the 3rd and fourth page for each product listing.  DO NOT 
3. With that being said, don't be intimidated by the lowest price on the item page. List 
items for sale at a price that you can gain a decent profit ($10+) utilzing the method in 
the main course video (“calculate fees” button will tell you how much money you'll get 
from a sale after fees). 
4. Amazon has a method of mass uploading products via excel spreadsheet. This is 
something you can outsource to your Virtual Assistant. Have your VA go to the 
following link for more information: 
5. You can dropship from any retailer. Utilize Google's shopping feature to search for 
items at a cheaper price and then use Amazon's listing feature to make sure you'lll be 
profitable after their fees. 
6. Request payment daily from Amazon. If you don't have money to cover the cost of your
orders, dont worry! You can request a cash request directly into your bank account 
daily from amazon. This will usually takes 3-4 days. After you get your money, go 
online and order your customers product from the lowest priced retailer.

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