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BleuPage Ultimate Review – An incredible way to find and post content on multiple social media accounts

BleuPage Ultimate Review – An incredible way to find and post content on multiple social media accounts

Official site:
There are a lot of companies out there, and I have tested out just 
about every company you can think of and I will say that Aweber is 
by far the best at getting the emails to the inbox and keeping them 
out of the spam folder (which is obviously important).
A lot will argue that GetResponse is just as good as Aweber, but from 
my testing that is simply not true. Each time I send out an email via 
Aweber the opens and clicks are always much higher than what 
they are when I send out with bleupage ultimate review
Whatever company you choose to go with is up to you, but I highly 
recommend Aweber over any other company.
You can sign up to Aweber for $1.00 by heading over to 
Creating Your list
Now that you have an account with an autoresponder company, it 
is time to create your list. This is very easy to do with Aweber.
Once you log onto your Aweber account, just click on the link at the 
top that says “Create and Manage Lists”.
From there just click the green button that says “Create A List”
On the next page it will ask you some very basic information. Go 
ahead and fill out that information and click the blue “Next Step” 
On the next page you will enter your bleupage ultimate review name and then briefly 
describe your list.
Once you do that click on the blue “Next Step” button.
On the next page, don‟t worry about filling anything out. Just click 
on the blue button that says “Approve Message and Create List”. 
Make Sure The List is On Single Opt-in
By default your list will be on what‟s called “Double Opt-in”. This 
means that in order for them to be added to your list, they have to 
enter their email address and then go to that email address to 
confirm they want to be on your list.
We want to change this to “Single Opt-in”, that way they are 
automatically added to your list without having to confirm their 
email address.
Doing this in Aweber is very simple. All you need to do is click on “List 
Options” up at the top.
And then click on “Step 3 Confirmed Opt-in”:

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