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Social Jacker Review – Generate Free Leads from Facebook

Social Jacker Review – Generate Free Leads from Facebook

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Now that your blog is all set up and ready to go, we need to add 
content to it However, before you start adding content to it you 
need to do some keyword research so you know what to actually 
write about. 
Yes, you could just write social jacker review about anything you want related to 
your niche, but you might as well do keyword research and write 
about topics and keywords that are getting searched in Google. 
Why? Because even though you aren‟t dependent on Google, 
Google still can drive a good amount of traffic so if you write about 
keywords that are getting searched in Google then you increase 
your chances of getting Google traffic…make sense? 
Don't's Easy!
Now those of you that have done SEO in the past might think 
Keyword Research is hard. The truth is, Keyword research isn‟t hard. 
In fact, instead of thinking of it as “social jacker review”, you should 
start thinking of it as “Keyword Gathering” because really that‟s all 
you are doing, you are gathering a list of keywords, you aren‟t really 
focusing on figuring out the competition or how hard it is to rank that 
social jacker review, you just want to have a big list of keywords to write about.
Using The Google Keyword Planner
So how are you going to gather that massive list of keywords? 
Simple! You will use the Google Keyword Planner.
In order to use this tool, you will need to have an Adwords account. 
If you don‟t already have one, go ahead and sign up for a Google 
Adwords account (it‟s free). Once you get signed up head on over 
to here: 

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