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Playtraffic Review – Get unlimited video traffic with this brilliant tool

Playtraffic Review – Get unlimited video traffic with this brilliant tool!
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2. Enter just the kind of product you’re searching for – not the size information or 
room information  
3. Go through the results and decide if you can tell from the thumbnail image or not 
whether the product fits the kind of size you’re after. If you’re looking for only large 
products and you can tell by the thumbnail image that the product is smaller than 
other products on the page, skip that playtraffic review . For any that look like they’re an ideal 
fit for the size you’re after, open the product page and look for the dimensions. Fill 
out the spreadsheet for that product. If you can’t find the dimensions on Amazon 
you’re going to have to do some searching: 
a. See if you can find the manufacturer’s website and locate the dimension 
b. Contact the manufacturer and ask them for the dimension information 
c. Google the product by name including brand and see if you can find the 
dimensions on another retailer’s site 
d. See if you can locate the product manual online and see if the dimension 
information is in the manual 
4. Continue working through the product results until you have playtraffic review on at 
least 20 products  
I know – yuck – after a while looking for that dimension information can be boring work. 
However, I’d rather do this kind of work than clean a toilet, do laundry, or scrub my tile 
grout any day!  
Remember, too, you’re saving all those future site visitors of yours from having to do this 
work and they’re going to be very appreciative of the time and playtraffic review you’ve put into this 

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