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Postly Review – Discover the Gurus’ Ultimate Affiliate Tricks

Postly Review – Discover the Gurus’ Ultimate Affiliate Tricks

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Let's do an example. Let's say you're selling a course on how to get rich by investing in
the stock market.
You'd first start talking about how you were fed out with your current postly review
and how earning money the way you did in the past wasn't cutting it for you anymore.
Then, you talk about finding better solutions, and how you struggled and failed and were
made a fool of. Highlight one very specific example that demonstrates this.
Perhaps you became so broke finding the solution that you almost stole money from your
brother-in-law! Explain that, to really show your lowest point. That will help create more
impact when you talk about how you finally succeeded.
After talking about your lowest point, then start building up on how you begin making
progress, and were first introduced to the solution you found. Explain your “path of
success” on how you first started getting results, and how those results improved over
time to the point they are at now, where you now have the “ultimate” solution. Then
explain why you have decided to share that solution with postly review.
It really is that simple.
Once you have fleshed your story out like that, it becomes really easy to sit down and
write your copy, because you now how it's going to flow.
In most cases, you should write with the journey plot. There is no better story that sells
than this one, and it's the first one you should always consider when sitting down to write
your copy.
A second story that is also good for using in sales letters is what I call the “Accident”
plot. In this case, it's perfect to use if, by accident, you or the person you're writing copy
for “stumbled” on the solution.
This is a good plot because it appeals to the “average joe” in the market. The idea is to
get them to think that if you, an average Joe just like them, can do postly review by accident, then
they will be able to do it
on purpose.
Plus, it's a great way to build in proof that your stuff works.
Here's an example. Let's say one day you were out on the golf course. The day before you
had suffered a leg injury, so you couldn't tee off the way you normally did. So you had to
modify your stance, and you thought you were at a huge disadvantage because of this.
But when you stepped up to the first tee, you launched your drive 235 yards, dead center
on the fairway. You thought you had just gotten lucky. But you did it again and again
throughout the day, and shot one of the best rounds of your life.
You still weren't sure if it was a fluke or not. So you showed a couple of your country
club buddies, and they, too, were instantly able to improve their driving ability.

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