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Secretly Review – Unleash a Powerful Source of Traffic

Secretly Review – Unleash a Powerful Source of Traffic

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Make bullet points before writing your review 

One thing that has helped me tremendously in everything that I write is making an 
outline. Before I create a product, write a secretly review , write a review I outline it.  

This makes things super easy because you are not staring at a blank screen trying to 
come up with ideas. When you outline things you can get a big picture overview of 
everything you want to cover and review it before you start writing to make sure you've 
laid out everything that you want to cover in your review.  

In the upcoming steps we will be laying out a review format. This review format will be a 
great way to start your outline and get some good bullet points of what you're going to 
cover in your secretly review.   

So when you're ready to start writing your review you can pull up that list put it in a Word 
document or in your WordPress post and then fill in bullet points underneath of it as to 
what you will cover in your review. 

This will be really helpful when you actually write the review. 

Choosing The Right Keywords And Title 

One great way to title your product reviews is simply using the product name and/or  
product creator and the term secretly review

Something like this: 

(Product name + Review) or (Product Name by Product Creator + Review)  

So if you were reviewing this product you would simply name it   

Affiliate Commission Authority Review   


Affiliate Commission Authority by William Fletcher Review 

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