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ViraSoci Review - The Viral Traffic Software – GlennReview

ViraSoci Review - The Viral Traffic Software – GlennReview

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So our goal is to develop a system that: Allows us to quickly locate a niche, test an offer, 
design a landing page that has great conversion rates, and start making affiliate 
commissions immediately! And not only do we want to do all of that, we want to do virasoci review
Step One – Locate the Niche
Here's our criteria for a good niche. First, it has to have good affiliate products that we 
can promote. Just go to the common channels of affiliate products and see what's out 
there. Check out clickbank, paydotcom, commission junction and so on. 
To make it easier, let's just concentrate on information products That's why I would start 
with clickbank.
Ideally, we want to find a niche that has what I call “reasonable competition”. Too little 
competition scares me, because it means that the niche might not be easy to monetize, or 
that there is not enough people in that niche to market to, or to create additional products 
for. Too much competition means it's too hard to enter into the market and get attention. 
In other words don't go after “weight loss”, but at the same time don't go after “weight 
loss for 86 year old Russian widows”. Here's my quick formula – pick a super 
competitive niche, and then sub niche. A good sub niche for weight loss would be 
“weight loss without exercise” or 'weight loss with herbal supplements” or “weight loss 
without dieting” etc. 
Get it? Find a wide virasoci review, and go one step up. Instead of “How to pick up women” it 
might be “how to approach women”. Picking up women entails approaching them, 
creating attraction and then getting them to go out with you. Approaching them is just the 
first step. That is why it's a sub niche.
If you're new to marketing or have never done this before, I'd start with something that 
you're already reasonably knowledgeable in. Look at your bookshelf. What topics are 
most common on your bookshelf? Now find affiliate products in the same niche that only 
have “reasonable” competition. 
Don't try to make it perfect. I spend less than 3 hour on the virasoci review. I'd love to try to really 
teach you all the nuances of how to do this in a book, but that'd be too hard. Real learning 
comes from experiencing, not from reading. The more you do this, the more intuition 
you'll build up, and the better you'll be at picking the niche. 

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