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This is covert gawkr review!
I know what you’re thinking “Why does income stream 3 start at the
beginning of the Trio Profit Machine!?”
It’s because you make money from income stream 3, after you’ve made
money from streams 1 and 2, because stream 3 makes you money in the
long term.
So you make money right away from streams 1 and 2 and then stream 3
allows you to make money over and over again from the same people who
opted into your list at the start of your Trio Profit Machine.
People need to enter their email address in order to receive the free gift
you are giving away.
When they enter their email, they get subscribed to your email list.
Now i’m sure you’ve heard of ‘The Money is In The List’.. Rite?
Well if not, let me explain.
The more people you have on your email list, the more money you can and
WILL make.
As your list grows, so does your income.
You can email your list any time promoting an affiliate product, and make
money when someone buys!
Remember the income screenshots I showed you above?
That’s from me emailing my list of subscribers!
You can literally make money any time you want to by emailing your list
and promoting an affiliate offer.
It’s the closest thing to pushing a button and making money!
Let’s go back to our example.
1 00 people subscribed to our email list and we made $75 INSTANTLY from
streams 1 and 2.
Now those 1 00 people are on our 
covert gawkr review.
Let’s now imagine that every day we have an additional 1 00 people joining
our list and going through the same TPM.
Actually let's go back to keeping numbers LOW.
Let’s say that you get just 25 people joining your list every day (just to keep
numbers low).
In one month from now (30 days) you would have an email list of 750
Let’s pretend that you didn’t even have income stream 1 and 2 making you
money from those 25 people every day and you just waited till you had 750
subscribers at the end of the month.
You can then email those people every day promoting affiliate offers to
BUT with the TPM you won’t need to wait 30 days.
You can start making money on day 1 because of how it works, as you
should have seen by now.
Here’s how to implement the LFI (List follow up Income) stream to
maximise its power and make the most profit possible.
Before you even activate your TPM, you should have a set of pre written
follow up emails in your email autoresponer, which will get fired off to your
subscribers every day on complete autopilot.
If you use a service such as Aweber , they allow you to pre load your
autoresponder with emails and determine when they should be sent.
I usually load up at least 1 0 emails into my autoresponder with my TPMs.
Choose what to promote to your list in your follow up emails
Ideally, you should promote the same product from your one time offer, or
as in step 1 or Step 2 to keep it congruent and have more chance of
making sales.
The reason for this is because only 5 out of the 1 00 who saw the offers,
actually bought them. By following up with them via email, we can
‘convince’ more people to BUY what we’re promoting.
They say that it takes a person an average of 7 exposures to something
before they make the decision to buy.
Now, in our example, 5 out of the 1 00 people bought the OTO (one time
offer) and 5 bought the affiliate offer on the download page.
Now we can keep promoting the same offers to the people who didn’t buy,
and have more chance of them buying and making us money.
How to write emails to load into your autoresponder.
There are several ways to do this.
The most obvious would be to write them yourself. If you know about the
products you are promoting, you simply write 2 ­ 3 short paragraphs
explaining the benefits of the product you are promoting, include at least 2
links to it, and that's it!
If you don’t know how to write promotional emails, we go over this in our
coaching which if you haven't yet signed up to you can get in contact with
me by emailing me at the support email in the members area.
Writing promotional email copy is an art but you will get the hang of it after
a while.
If you can’t write it yourself, most of the time, you can find email
promotional copy on the affiliate page of the product you are promoting.
For the product i’m promoting ‘Tube Traffic Tornado’ they have provided
email copy for you to use. OR if you decide to promote Trio Profit Machine,
then we also provide email copy for you to use!
You can find the email copy for Trio Profit Machine here:
Trio Profit Machine converts like crazy and you’ll make easy instant paypal
commissions by promoting this!
Ok , so those are the 3 Income streams laid out in detail.
Now we’re going to go over the steps of how to set up your OWN 
covert gawkr review.
Remember, if you don’t want to do it yourself, you can simply use our ready
made Trio Profit Machines which are proven to make money.
Alternativley you can join our Fast Track VIP coaching to have me
personally work with you to help you put your system together to see
results FAST.
To find out more about out Fast Track VIP coaching, simply go to
If you didn’t take advantage of the one time offer where we provided you
the 5 ready made Trio Profit Machines, then you can get them for a second
chance here:
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