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Hello and welcome to traffic xtractor review ! First off, I’d like to thank you for purchasing this wso. We’re about to embark on what could be a life-changing journey into the incredible world of list building and email marketing.
Before we do, I’d like to say a few words that will help keep you on track and see this all the way through until
you get the results you been looking for. If you’re in the Internet marketing world, more than likely you know what it’s like to be overwhelmed by all the various money making methods and schemes out there. There’s Facebook, eBay, Amazon, Clickbank, Youtube, Offline Marketing, SEO, eBooks, Videos, Reports, Seminars, and so much more that your head can explode from all the different options. If you’re trying to make money it can be difficult to keep from jumping from one project to the next because each new thing holds so much promise and looks so good. What often ends up happening is that many people spend months or even years spinning their wheels in going absolutely nowhere in their business. When it’s all said and done they’ve spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on products all teaching them how to make money, but they can’t show that they made more than a few bucks on the Internet.So how can you keep this from happening to you? Well,
the answer is simple. It’s called laser beam focus. If you can focus all of your attention, effort, and actions on one project and one moneymaking method until you see traffic xtractor review then you’ll make far more money than you would if you were to jump from project to project. Think about it like this, would you rather start one project every month for six months, or would you rather devote six months to one project? It takes time to get traction online and to begin seeing results, so if you’re going from one thing to the next, then you’re not giving yourself
enough time to make any meaningful impact. So before you get started with this WSO, promise yourself that you will make it your top priority to focus on making money with list building and never give up until you begin seeing results. If you do this I promise you’ll make a ton of money! So let’s get started
Part 1. How List Building Works
List building is a simple and unique way of making money on the Internet. At its core, with list building you build
a list of people interested in buying products and services. You then recommend products and services to this list of people, and when they buy, you make money. This sounds pretty simple, but it has a lot of moving parts, and it takes some skill in order to pull it off. List building is unique in its approach to making money.
Most businesses create their product or service first and then go find the customers next. With list building, you
take the opposite approach. First, you go find the customers, then you find or create the products and services
that they will buy. By taking this reverse approach to marketing you’ll find that it’s much easier and much quicker to make money.
On the Internet, at its most basic level, in order to begin building a list you need what is called a funnel. A funnel
is a simple Internet marketing set up that takes online traffic and converts it into actual people on a list that you
can market to. Your funnel will consist of three things; a squeeze page, a free bribe offer, and follow-up email
2. The Squeeze Page
The traffic xtractor review, also known as a lead capture page, is the primary webpage for your list building efforts. The squeeze page’s only job is to convert traffic into people joining your email list, and these people are called leads.a good squeeze page has a big bold benefit rich attention grabbing headline. Also it has a video or corresponding body copy that explains to the prospect what they are going to get for subscribing to the list. Finally it has a form where the user can input their contact details in order to join the list. Besides the direct response copywriting techniques needed to create a good headline and body copy or video you need to have a good free bribe offer in order to get a lot of people on your list.
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