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Nearly everyone knows that one of the most critical elements of a safe and successful rocket launch are the weather conditions - or the environment.
Because no matter how powerful and sophisticated the rocket and its ecom rocket review are, bad environmental conditions (such as strong winds, rain, etc.) can greatly impact the safety and performance of the launch. It's the same with when you launch your day - your environment (surroundings) plays a major role in its level of success.
Try to launch in a bad environment and you won't get NEAR the results you can get when you launch in great environment. This is because your surroundings affect your health, emotions, thinking, and stress levels. If your environment is dark, stuffy, cluttered, and uninspiring, it will have a negative effect on you, including your ability to launch your day effectively. Unlike NASA, who has little to no control over the environmental conditions during a launch, you have virtual TOTAL control over yours. So, how do you create the ideal launch environment - one that contributes to your success? Well, be sure to keep your surroundings:
ñ Bright - Open up your blinds and curtains to let the sun shine in!
If you're in an area where little sunlight comes in, look into replacing any incandescent light bulbs (these are the most
common type of light bulb) with full spectrum bulbs, which can provide a much healthier light, similar to that found in natural light. To find full spectrum light bulbs, just do a Google search for full spectrum light bulbs.
ñ Fresh - Once again, open your windows when you can, to allow a flow of fresh air into your environment. Lack of clean, fresh air can affect your mood and your thinking in negative ways. The fresher it is, the better. To help improve the quality of the air in your environment, you might think about using some potted plants,
such as philodendron, or spider plants. For a list of the more common and easier to maintain houseplants, do a Google search for popular ecom rocket review.
ñ Uplifting - Your surroundings should inspire you. One of the best ways of doing this is to place items in your environment that mean something to you emotionally. This could include pictures of your loved ones, pictures of you having a great time on vacation, souvenirs you've picked up through the years, gifts that have
special meaning, things that are fun, and even elements of nature (flowers, plants, rocks, shells, etc.).
ñ Clean & Organized - A successful launch requires that you eliminate as many energy-draining obstacles as you can from your environment. This includes anything that puts a drag on your ability to think clearly - things such as clutter, disorganization, and anything else that contributes to stressful surroundings. Keep your
launch area (office, living room, or wherever) clean, organized (put, and keep things in their place), and clutter-free (get rid of stuff you don't need or use). In addition to consistently keeping it this way, schedule a measly 30 minutes a month to do whatever you need to fix any issues you've let slide (it happens). It is THAT important!
ñ Atmospheric - While not totally necessary, any way you can incorporate pleasant sounds or smells into your environment, the better the overall launch experience will be. For sounds, consider getting a small tabletop water fountain, or using some ambient audio that contains sounds of nature (waterfall, beach, etc.). For
smells, try using some essential oils (sweet orange, lavender, etc.). I know this sounds a bit 'out there', but then again, we are talking about ecom rocket review your day into the stratosphere anyway, right? Give it a try, you may be pleasantly surprised at how much improves your experience.
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